Thursday, July 15, 2010

Delicious food

I am seriously going to write a blog documenting marathon training. Every day. Starting now.

Food brought to my school this week for breakfast by students:
A plate of chicken wings covered with tin foil
A tin of herring

Food brought for lunch:
A family sized bag of cool ranch doritos, two juice boxes, and a package of oreos

Today's workout:

Tempo run - 5 miles
1/2 mile warm up
4 miles ranging between 8:52 and 9:07
1/2 mile cool down

According to my two mile timed trial and McMillan, my tempo run is supposed to be 8:20-8:50. FAIL. BUT it was hot and hilly and I went to bed too late due to my husband walking in the door as I was about to turn off the light and my crazy plan of chatting about our days.

Really excited to go to the farmer's market with my sister and use my new basket when she gets home! Then - it's not raining ... soo...pool?

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