Sunday, April 17, 2016

Our first night away from our first baby

I feel like the last few weeks of pregnancy have been filled with "ok, we can have the baby now that X is checked off the list" moments, both times. We knocked out a big one this weekend. First night away from our first baby.

Leaving this face - it's not easy.

As I'm sure I've said numerous times, I've been pretty hysterically anxious over leaving him to go to the hospital, maybe because that's easier to focus on than the actual fact of raising two children? He had never been put to bed by anyone except us, and never woken up to anyone except us. Now I can rest easier, because he's officially spent a full 24 hour period with his grandpa (my stepfather) and had a fantastic time.

Eric and I hopped in the minivan with 3 of our besties and headed to Delaware for my running buddy Lily's wedding!
You can't tell here but my hair and makeup were ON POINT. I followed a Pinterest tutorial!

Fun times - on the expressway, we were happily jamming out to 90s on 9 and chatting, when the van started making a terrible noise, like it had to try too hard. We pulled over, Eric pushed some buttons and did some things, and it stopped and we kept driving. But then it started doing it again, and his opinion was that this was a real problem. He dropped us off at the ceremony, while crying tears of regret that he would miss the full Catholic mass in store for us. But God was still smiling at us, because:
  • The van was still under the 30 day full warranty
  • There was a Carmax (where we bought it) just a few miles from the church
  • The car completely shut down and stopped turning on in the parking lot of the Carmax
Tell me that is not the most perfect chain of events if your car has to break down while full of passengers on the way to an out of state wedding. Carmax gave Eric a loaner van. We had originally been approaching any and all acquaintances following the ceremony to beg for a ride back to the hotel, but he was able to let us know he could pick us up before we got to the point where I was going to pretend to be in labor to hustle a ride. 

All was well, and we made it to the reception with time to spare. Everything about it was adorable and amazing, and I wish I had a good picture of the bride because she looked stunning. 

Instead, here's this (Sweet Caroline, if you can't tell). 
It was pretty sweet partying with all our  buddies like old times, and naturally I was partying pretty hard. Back in our mid-20s, we always used to pack like 8 people into hotel rooms after weddings to save money. Eric was shocked Saturday morning when I told him that we had all gotten our own rooms and it would be just the two of us. Adulthood, sometimes we try it. 

When we realized we hadn't done the photobooth on the way to the end of the night shuttle.
You know what really makes you a hero in the eyes of your friends? Buying a bunch of snacks before a wedding and then inviting everyone to your hotel room. 


Sure, there was an actual afterparty, at a bar, but we went the "eat Cheeze-It's and chips as fast as you can in a hotel room and then all go directly to bed by midnight" option. 

Also known as the "partying in your mid-30s as parents" option.

Another important event from last week - my stepfather, Vince, came down for the whole week to hang out with Dalton so he would feel comfortable for the overnight! Grandfather award, right there. And it worked like a charm. He even cooked us dinner, on HIS birthday. Oh, and he also painted the whole nursery while he was here. NBD.

Don't freak out, I sent a picture to my friend and she thought it was blue and I was making a baby sex announcement. Nope, turquoise. I had this whole yellow plan and then I fell in love with turquoise at Home Depot. I love it even more on the walls. In Eric's mind, painting the nursery is a step towards baby-readiness. In my mind, I wasn't concerned since the baby will hopefully sleep in our room first (we have the rock and play AND the snuggle nest ready) and their vision is limited to boob to face distance anyway. But I get it, it's my job to create the baby, he's kind of left out, so focusing on the nursery gives him purpose. It also lets me ignore that room and take more naps, so, win win. Now the room is still full of crap but SO PRETTY.

I'd also like to report several firsts for us.

1. First stomach flu. I won't go into detail, but Dalton had it, then I had it. Do not recommend.

But those little parted sleepy lips...
2. First night of grilling on the patio this year!

Finally, some beautiful, warm weather!

3. First time at Cracker Barrel. This happened the morning after the wedding, and it was all I hoped for and more.

That pregnancy weight isn't going to gain itself.

4. First time attempting maternity photos.

I wasn't super into them for whatever reason, but then I had a sudden freak out that this could be my last pregnancy (but I'm in denial about that) and it's now or never. So, here I am, pregnant, recorded for posterity and blogging purposes.

If you're coming to my sprinkle, pretend you never saw this dress, thx.

We were supposed to do them before the wedding, because why get dressed up twice? That ended up being a disaster so we tried some today. My top priority was to get the cheesiest of all cheesy photos - the heart over the belly.

It was actually just supposed to be the two of us, but Dalton ran over. Adorbs. 

I also wanted some family photos, even though obviously our fourth member has not yet made his or her appearance. We don't have any professional, non iPhone photos of Dalton since he was four months old, so Vince was kind enough to also take care of that for us. I knew he wouldn't really be cooperative with any Pinterest perfect visions I might have, because he's a toddler. But we got two that I absolutely love, because I feel like they just so perfectly capture his personality at this age. 

Guess who insisted on this chair? Not an adult. 

Started out with Eric holding Dalton, but Dalton is a man of strong opinions. His hand placement is classic Dalton.
Now that we're back from the wedding, I plan to pack my hospital bag, and we have our car seat check on Wednesday. Let's all cross our fingers the van is fixed by then, since we have to pick it back up from Delaware. Can I just share how happy it makes me that I don't feel the need to agonize over stupid blog lists of "what to bring to the hospital" this time? I'm throwing a lotion, toothbrush, chapstick and nursing tank in there and calling it a day. And, of course, the adorable boy and girl outfits I picked out! I'm getting anxious to find out what the sex the baby is, to say the least.

Opinions on maternity photos? They can be cheesy, but I have loved my pregnant belly both times and I'm happy now I have a nice picture of it.

Anything else I need to bring to the hospital? Cell phone and charger will be added at the last minute, obvi.

Favorite wedding song? For me, it's a toss up between Don't Stop Believing and Living on a Prayer.

I need to get all the questions in because who knows when I'll get around to another blog post.


  1. I don't really know the answers to your questions, but I love the dresses and the color you chose for the nursery! What ended up being wrong with the van? I have heard so much about Utz but never had a chance to buy/try them.

    1. Come on, I know you could answer the third one because your wedding music was awesome! Apparently Carmax service centers are closed on weekends so we won't know about the van until later today, but Eric thinks it was the alternator. Utz are pretty good, you should come visit and we can have some! 😉

  2. I was too lazy to do maternity photos. Can lazy count for an opinion? And I had both kids at home, so I didn't have to pack. I don't even have a favorite wedding song! I feel like I'm striking out here. But I detest the chicken dance and the macarena, if I can throw out least favs.

  3. I didn't do maternity photos, but I think it's nice to have for sure!

    I would just add nail clippers for the baby to that list. My daughter was born with freakishly long claw like fingernails that were scratching everything in sight until they were tamed.

    Living on a Prayer hands down! :)


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