Saturday, February 26, 2011

The stubbornest runner ever

 So I woke up this morning and headed to Loch Raven reservoir to attempt my second 20 miler. When I woke up I was hacking up a lung like worse than usual and couldn't catch my breath, so bad that I woke Eric up (equivalent to waking up a corpse) and he tried to convince me to stay home.

I pulled up at the same time as Marie, my coach, and as soon as she heard me coughing she told me not to push it, if I only wanted to do one loop (7-9) miles I'd be fine for the race. We decided to attempt three 7 mile loops for a 21 miler, but obviously that gave me the option to stop early if I needed to.

When I started running, the fresh air helped my lungs a lot. I was taking it super slow, so my running buddies, Mike and Brenda, were ahead of me most of the time, which was fine with me. I liked getting some practice running "alone", without music, so I know I can handle it at the marathon. The weather was perfect and the scenery was gorgeous. Running in pretty scenery makes such a difference, the run seemed so much easier than last weekend.

 Um, check out ONE of the hills. Total elevation climbed was 3095 feet.

 The "Loch" with some random runners that I don't know.

The bathroom....luckily I broke out this little gem:

I felt pretty good up until about mile 12. Then I started the coughing again, my inhalor didn't help, and my IT band was bothering me, which has never happened before. We finished the second loop, I took a Gu, and headed out for the third time. I got about a half mile in before I just decided I couldn't handle it and told them I was done. I headed back to my car for a total of 15 miles.

Despite all the assurances that skipping the run entirely was fine, I'm stubborn and really wanted to do the full 21 miles. I was really upset that I couldn't finish and called Eric in tears when I got in the car. He cheered me up by reminding me that 15 miles is still a huge accomplishment, especially with a sinus infection. A year ago I couldn't have done that distance, and he brought up how far I'd come since signing up for my first half marathon. So, I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to finish, but its better to take it a little easier then to risk getting injured, or just prolonging my infection by pushing it too hard. Hopefully Monday morning I'll be feeling more like myself and I can get my training back to normal.

Tonight there's a UFC match so while Eric and Carolyn's husband John go to watch sweaty man rub each other at a bar, we are having a girls night. Sweatpants required. Makeup forbidden. Carolyn, Casi and I are getting Wegmans subs (I know, I'm obsessed), self serve frozen yogurt, and watching a chick flick....any suggestions?

I'm going to try not to get three weeks worth of calories in toppings on my fro-yo, but no promises.


  1. 15 miles is not too bad at all. Way to get out there! I did 10 this morning and have been trying to get my husband to take me out to gelato ever since I got home!

  2. Are we secret running twins? I had a horrible running (attempt) today and didn't make the full 20 either. I'm planning on trying again tomorrow, but I've never done a long run after a semi long run, so we'll see how that goes :)

  3. I would have skipped the run so you are the stubbornist runner ever! Those views are amazing even with the dreary weather.

  4. You have some real grit! I'm also battling something... it's strange, I don't feel sick, but every time I have tried to run this week I just feel heavy and awful. Miserable runs. I may post about it soon...


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