Monday, September 1, 2014

My pledge to you

It's September! Not usually my favorite month by a long shot, but this year it's looking pretty good. This month we have a reasonably good chance of finally meeting our son! According to the pregnancy bible, What to Expect When You're Expecting, approximately 50% of pregnancies go on past the due date, most often first time mothers. I've always accepted he could likely have an October birthday, instead. But I can say for sure that the month of his due date has arrived!

Tomorrow also brings me to 37 weeks pregnant, which my doctor said is full term. So while I'd prefer he still in a few more weeks and finish all that brain development and everything, delivering prematurely is no longer a worry. Obviously that doesn't mean I'm set for a life of everything coming up roses as a parent, but it's still nice to have one scary thing off the table.

In honor of this exciting month, I finally added a Twitter and Instagram widget to my blog, in case you want to follow me and see brand new baby pictures and possibly labor updates. I'm still now quite satisfied with how they look, but I played with it until I got bored and moved on to another activity. The downside is that now I feel pressure to tweet out amusing sentiments. Don't hold your breath for that.

My sister and I recently discussed the disturbing, not really new trend of women posting TMI information involving their cervix on social media, often under the guise of "I need to inform my friends and family,". No, actually you don't.

First of all, if your female friends are anything like pre-pregnant me, and your male friends are anything like every man ever, they don't even know what terms like "effacement" and "station" even mean. I'm not going to explain because I assume if you don't know, you don't care. All people actually want is to know when the baby is here with a picture or two AFTER he or she has been cleaned off. Possibly also the name. We came up with ours before we even got married, and have had it under wraps. We also came up with the fetus's (what's the possessive of fetus?) nickname, L'4eous, years and years ago.

Second of all, EW. The internet just does not need to know anything about parts of your body a bathing suit covers. I've shared what goes on behind closed doors at the doctor's office with exactly two people, my mom and my close friend who is due two weeks after me, both by request. (Assuming it goes without saying that I share with my baby daddy.) I guess if I'm wrong, which is rare but not unheard of, and someone else out there really wants that information, you can text me. If you don't have my number, we aren't close enough to discuss intimate details.

One caveat - I do have full intentions of blogging the birth story, so I'll probably have to at least allude to that information to do so successfully. But I'll put a warning up at the top of the post if I remember, or if not you can just use common sense and assume.

I've already posted my birth plan, but I'll repost a slightly adapted version to refresh everyone's memory.

1. Have a healthy baby
2. Stay healthy myself
3. Epidural asap

If I got to choose, I would definitely prefer to go into labor on my own and avoid scary abdominal surgery. I don't get to choose though, so if an induction or a C-section is the path to bringing a healthy baby home, then that's cool with me.

I'm definitely a lot less anxious about labor and delivery than I expected at this point. I'm also swinging a lot more often toward the excited rather than the nervous side of the "I'm about to be a parent" spectrum. I attribute these happy shifts to a combination of two things. One is the school year starting, and the day to day stress and anxiety that comes with it taking over my brain. The other is a healthy dose of ignorance being bliss.

I'm curious if second(+) time moms feel more confident, since they've already produced a kid and kept it alive, or if without that lovely cushion of ignorant bliss it's a lot more scary. Feel free to share.

I see a lot of pictures on social media of pregnant women using their bellies as a table, and I thought that was going to be a cool little benefit. My baby is having none of that. I've only tried to rest my kindle on there so far, but he always kicks it and makes it hard to read. There's no way food or drink would survive, which seem to be the most popular choices. I might be losing it and assigning personality traits/desires based on random movements. What can I say, I'm really eager to get to know this kid.

I'm helping interview for my long term sub this week. It's basically like finding a daycare. Except with the daycare providers we looked at they all had their own kids and had like 25 years of daycare under their belt so I actually felt they were way more qualified than me to watch a baby. This is the opposite. I've taught most of these kids for 3-4 years now and probably won't feel that anyone will be good enough to care for them in my absence. I pity the applicants.

Complaining about the weather is really high on the list of things that no one wants to hear or read about, ever, but in my current situation I reserve the right to complain.

The forecast for the work week. Keep in mind it's generally 10 degrees hotter in my classroom than outside.
I prepared by refusing to expose myself to the outside world for the past two days. My feet are almost down to normal size.

What's your biggest social media annoyance at the moment?

I'm not against birth plans, since I've never actually given birth and can't judge (yet), but if any labor and delivery nurses, midwives, or OBs read here, I would really love to hear your honest thoughts about laboring women bringing in like 3 page typed documents.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Non laboriuos labor day. Hopefully.

I like my labor day weekends as non-laborious as possible. I'm really taking a big jinx risk typing this the day before actual labor day, so hopefully the baby doesn't decide to take me up on the challenge and turn my labor day into a REAL labor day. It's still just a tad too early.

Coming home from work on the Friday starting a three day weekend is one of the best feelings there is. Even better, I had a package waiting for me. My good friend from college, Nikki, made L'4yeous this amazing blanket and hat. She started it when I first told her I was pregnant!

So talented I can't even deal.
Finally figured out how to turn off the time stamp on our camera.
Friday night we just took it easy and hung out and watched part of Jurassic Park on TV, but I couldn't even stay awake for all of it and was dead to the world by 10pm.

Saturday I had some particularly relaxing plans. Two other generous friends gave me a gift card for a prenatal massage for my birthday in June. Although I was tempted to use it immediately, especially with the many, many hours we spent in the car in July, I held out and waited for when I would truly need it: after the first week of school. It was so wonderful and well worth the wait.

Creepy after rub down picture. They let me cuddle up with a body pillow and this table was shockingly comfortable.
After that, I went to another one of my happy places: Wegmans. The only way to do Saturday afternoon grocery shopping and have it be enjoyable rather than stressful.

I returned to find that my husband had spent the time I was gone cleaning and everything was spic and span. I've been a little lazy with that lately (nesting.... not happening around here) so it's almost like I didn't recognize the place.

Another thing I've been slacking on is pool time. Even though it hasn't been THAT hot this summer, I'm always like "yeah I could cover myself in sunscreen and walk to the pool.... or just lay here and read on the couch in the air conditioning". I just get really bored in the pool by myself, so I usually just sit and read and get really hot. I used to read IN the pool, but with the kindle I refuse to chance it. Then I drive by the pool to go somewhere and it looks so beautiful and I regret my life choices. So I finally adjusted my priorities and made it happen.

Bonus - strangers got to enjoy the sight of my large ghost white belly.
I'm obsessed with the Timehop app. It shows you everything you've ever posted on social media on that date, so every morning I get to take a little walk down memory lane. Here's what happened 5 years ago Friday.

Turns out a lot can change in 5 years. Like the fact that I realized that it's not necessary to include the length of a run down to the hundredth place. There's definitely no way I could run 7 miles now, in fact, that morning I literally made it one minute running before abandoning ship and doing the elliptical. I do have a vague memory of a time, not that long ago, when 7 miles was a normal weekday run.

Later on Friday, my fellow knocked up friend sent me this article about a woman who ran 9 miles to the hospital to deliver her baby (via planned C-section, but still). Which sounds like the result of some sort of horrible emergency situation, right? No, she just decided it sounded like fun. She also did a full ironman while pregnant. Personally I find that to be 110% psychotic, but to each their own I guess.

I also finally checked out the new TV series, Outlander.
I was really into the books a few years ago, but somehow petered out and never finished the third one (and there's like, 8). So maybe I wasn't really into them, but I did love the first one. When I found out it was a show, I started to reread the third and now I'm determined to finish the series even if it takes me two years like Game of Thrones (or more). I liked the first episode of the show a lot too.

What's the biggest change in your life in the past five years?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Technology conspires against us all

Now that we live in the digital age, using a "chalkboard" to teach is tantamount to kicking puppies, or at least I believe that's an appropriate comparison for people who don't hate all members of the animal kingdom. These days all your instructional material will be presented via smartboard and laptop, which in my opinion is infinitely better.

However, as we all know, technology comes to life after hours like in Toy Story and conspires against us humans. Despite the fact that yesterday afternoon, I tested out all my lessons with my smartboard and laptop, I arrived this morning to find that neither one of them would turn on. As a backup plan, I tried to print some stuff off, but none of the printers in the building would work either. So that was a nice, fun, calm way to start off the year.

 Despite all that, I had a pretty good first day in fifth grade. I'm not going to elaborate on that though, because good things are boring and I can't get into it for privacy reasons anyway. Instead, I'll focus on the complaints I have. The obvious problem was that it was hotter than the depths of hell and I was seriously 100% soaked in sweat before the bell even rang. If you know me, you know that I drink water like a 300 pound man marooned in a desert constantly, but when you're sweating that much, staying hydrated is an uphill battle. That brought on Braxton Hicks all day, and my legs and feet were throbbing the same way they do the day after a marathon all evening. I was also really spoiled last week because I didn't have to get to work until 9am, so returning to a 7:30 arrival was a rude awakening. Literally.

All in all, about par for the course for 9 months pregnant and temperatures over 90 degrees. Only five weeks and two days more, at the most. Totally not counting. I just want someone to explain why I wasn't allowed to do 90 minutes of hot yoga with my sister last spring (not Bikram, just 85-90 degrees in the room) but being on my feet for 8 hours + in the same temperature is just fine.

#proof. The temperature at dismissal.

That concludes my session on whining like a little bitch, because overall my baby is healthy and I enjoyed seeing my kids again so everything is really A-ok. Also my husband rubbed my sore feet and legs and they feel much better now. I did have a slightly different perspective this year. We always send home a billion emergency type forms on the first day for the parents to fill out, and I never really thought twice about it, it's just policy. This year I felt really bad about it and was like "god, I don't want to fill out all this crap after a long day of work, why are we punishing all the parents for sending their kids to school?".

I "ran" this morning and I set an important goal for myself to complete during pregnancy. I think I can finish Buffy, season 4. I "save" this show and only allow myself to watch it on the treadmill, for motivation and all. I began when I got the treadmill almost a year and a half ago, so it's been quite a journey (and re-watching seasons 1-3 of Game of Thrones on the treadmill set me back). I only have two episodes left, so I think can reach season 5 before baby. Aim for the moon, even if you miss you'll be among the stars.

This kind of looks like she's clutching her uterus so I felt it was appropriate.

How has technology conspired to screw you the most? I feel confident everyone has a story.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The children are coming!

This happened.

And now I've officially gone from "need to stay pregnant, need more time!" to "it's been fun, bring on the baby". Like a light switch the second the car seats were in (we have an upcoming appointment at the hospital to get them checked).

I'm grateful not to be at the "GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME" phase just yet, though.

In non baby news, it's time. The kids start tomorrow.

Seriously not loving that.

We had back to school night last night, so I got to see a lot of students, which helped to focus on the excitement part rather than the intense anxiety part. I'm moving up with the same group of students, per my request, again this year - I had them in third grade, fourth grade, and starting tomorrow, fifth grade. I'm pretty happy about that. Hopefully my sub doesn't let things run wild while I'm on maternity leave.

Tomorrow is the start of my tenth year of teaching, which I'm having a lot of trouble getting my head around. That's a third of my life. Or a third of the way to retirement, depending on how you want to look at it. Either way seems to signify that I'm no longer a crazy young gal.

Other fun numbers (just kidding, numbers aren't that fun, I don't even teach math and couldn't be more thrilled about that): today I am 36 weeks pregnant. Which means tomorrow I can officially complain that I am 9 months pregnant and teaching with no air conditioning in this lovely forecast.

Yeah. Should be as comfortable as it sounds. You won't hear me whining or preaching about how I'm 9.5 months pregnant or pregnancy is actually ten months, though. First of all, its not ten months, especially if you only count the time you actually know about the fetus. Second of all, we get it. It's a long time. Adding the .5 doesn't impress anyone.

In the interest of focusing on the positive, you know how those bones on your ankle make it tough to shave that area, ladies? Well, good news, if your ankles and feet get swollen enough, those bones no longer stick out, and shaving your ankles is a piece of cake. Side note - I'm a psycho and have to shave my legs every single day even in the dead of winter. I HATE how they feel otherwise and it drives me crazy if I skip it.

We met a pediatrician today and loved her and signed right up, which was really the last thing on my list. So we're "ready". Much like setting up my classroom, which I've been doing for the past week and a half, there really is no "ready" because you can always think of more things to do to get even more "ready". Still, the car seats being installed means the hospital will, in fact, let us leave with a baby.

My plan is to continue teaching until the last possible second so that I can spend every second of my maternity leave with my kid, so let's all cross our fingers for that. If you want, you can also cross your fingers for some crazy super fast exciting yet all positive and no danger delivery story, especially since I'm going on two field trips in September. I'm not gunning for that outcome but it would make for a good blog recap, and I'm always willing to take one for the team.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

My push present will be no more cankles (hopefully)

Well, it's been officially confirmed, I have cankles. My husband is a wise man and would just dodge that question with various versions of "you look beautiful!" but luckily I have people at work that I can count on to tell me the truth. My doctor was all impressed at my last visit that I had no swelling. It's amazing what a life of leisure where you sit in air conditioning and put your feet up 90% of your day will do. But now I've rejoined my fellow working suckers who failed to be born/marry rich, and as I expected, my ankles grow to ten times their normal size. It's good because I've missed out on a lot of classic pregnancy symptoms, and this one is painless and essentially not problematic (unless there's something I don't know), so I'm cool with it. This weekend, I had my first time thinking "I could be pregnant for another six weeks. Wow, that's a long time." As opposed to "IT'S NOT ENOUGH TIME WE NEED TO GET READY". So that's a change.

Saturday was Eric's birthday, and also marked exactly one month before the due date. That means it was time to pack the hospital bag. I've been putting it off since it seems to me like that's giving the universe permission to bring on labor.

I had a Braxton Hicks contraction the other night (par for the course, been having them for like 3 months now) and Eric was like I'M GETTING THE HOSPITAL BAG. Aka the empty suitcase in the closet that we previously decided to bring. But since I have at least two friends that had their kids five weeks early, and that's like.... now, I thought maybe it's time to fill that bad boy up.

This actually took so much longer than I thought it would.

As usual, every time I go on Pinterest for anything except a recipe, it screws me. A while ago, I foolishly pinned a bunch of "what to bring to the hospital" type things. The hospital bag post is another popular pregnancy HLB one. Maybe I've just been spoiled by living in a really urban area for nearly a decade now, but I don't understand why people pack like they're heading off on an excursion with the peace corps to a remote location with no western luxuries. I keep thinking I'm missing something, because I just assumed that if I was truly desperate for my own shampoo, or something, I could just send Eric on the 10-15 minute drive home and he could get it (after the baby is born, obviously). Or, at least Target. Fathers must leave, since other people having babies have older children and pets and jobs that they can't take off from and other responsibilities.

Furthermore, and I hate to even say this because I don't want to jinx myself, but, fingers crossed, if everything goes relatively smoothly, I'll basically be in the hospital 1-1.5 days after delivery. That's not very long. The only things I truly can't live without for a day are coffee and chapstick, and there's a Starbucks around the corner. If I end up with a C-section, that's still just a 3-4 day stay, so also not that long, and, once again, we live like 5 miles away.

My point is that as usual Pinterest took something simple and made it infinitely more complicated with long, drawn out lists separated into like 6 categories. I'm aiming for pajamas, sweatshirt and warm socks, going home clothes for all of us, toiletries, phone charger, camera, and that's about it. I offered my DD services to my friend the other night, little did she know that since she recently delivered at the same hospital, my secret plan was to get my hospital bag list approved. All the many, many pins also have a whole section telling pregnant women how to pack "for dad". I'm a little concerned about why that's necessary, but luckily I married a big boy who was capable of throwing his own change of clothes and toothbrush in the bag.

We never exchanged wedding gifts with each other, because we thought the honeymoon we were about to go on was a pretty sweet gift. We also won't be doing "push presents" because I don't even know why that's a thing, and I've read you are supposed to get the father one  now? I certainly appreciate his support and all, but get real, when it comes to the birth, I'm doing the heavy lifting. Anyway, we're both really looking forward to the natural push present, you know, THE BABY.

Other major accomplishment this weekend include getting my photo count on my phone from 1000+ to under 200. I fully expect it to be back up towards the 1k mark within like 10 days of delivering. I got really obsessive about organizing my pictures on my hard drive and that's why I devoted an entire Saturday afternoon to this task. I stand by my choices.

I also stayed out until the late, late hour of 10pm on Saturday (Eric was working, I didn't ditch him on his birthday). My friends Jackie and Dan recently moved to St. Louis and they were in town for the weekend.

I had this foolish thought that my pregnancy brain was improving but no, that's not the case. When I left, I had a $100 parking ticket on my car. I don't even have a good excuse, I just apparently fail at reading signs. After four years of living in the city and the following five of parking there quite frequently, this is a first for me. So I consoled myself with the Popeyes drive through on the way home. I don't even know me anymore.

We still need to install the car seats and meet with the pediatrician on Tuesday, but other than that, I guess we're about as "ready" as we're going to get.

Did you exchange wedding gifts/push presents?

How many pictures are currently on your phone?  I can't be the only one who hoards them obsessively.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My week of many accomplishments

My fantasy turned reality of the most wonderful, relaxing summer break is over. I'm now knee deep in setting up my classroom. It involves mainly lifting, climbing, cleaning, and sitting on the tile floor for long periods of time. It's normally a great time in August with no AC, and it's just as improved as you might imagine 35 weeks pregnant. My coworkers are amazing and constantly offering to help, but everyone is stressed and crazy busy and I feel like a jerk standing there impotently while other people do my heavy lifting instead of their own jobs. I'm saving it for only the essentials (ex. climbing up a rickety ladder to put away a heavy box of books) and trying to do as much as I can myself, like making 35 light trips to carry books to the closet halfway across the building. Fun times.

Our freezer is now chock full of ready to eat meals, carefully labeled with cooking directions. I spent about 3.5 hours Sunday on that project, plus making lunch for the week. Even though this is the one week teachers can technically enjoy the luxury of going out to lunch. Trying to be responsible, save a few bucks for diapers, you know.

I have no idea how it will work out, but in case anyone wants to SWF me or prepare for a baby or upcoming busy time, here's what I made.

Turkey Tetrazzini - never heard of it before, but it has bacon, cheese, and wine in it, so it sounded like a winner. I omitted the wine because I didn't want to buy a whole bottle to use a cup and then not be able to drink the rest, but then I realized that it's possible that the baby could arrive before the wine goes bad. Mind. Blown.
Stuffed Peppers
"PF Changes" lettuce wraps (just the filling)
My mom's spaghetti sauce

Huh, doesn't seem like a lot written out, but most of the recipes serve 6-8 so hopefully it will feed us for a hot minute.

I originally had this plan of making healthy stuff but recipes loaded with cheese and carbs are just significantly more appealing. The only problem is it backfired and Breyers is on a great sale that ends today and I didn't level any extra room for ice cream.

It's ok though, because this now exists.

I'm addicted to candy corn, and I don't think I've ever seen it this early in the year, much less in this glorious form. Also, my fellow prego friend brought me this amazing caramel corn.

I've complained about the dumb fruits and vegetables that the What to Expect app compares your baby to. It's supposed to update every Tuesday. Apparently, they got wind of my dissatisfaction and just gave up.

No more produce
We finally finished season 2 of Orange is the New Black. The ending was a little contrived, but overall I loved it.

According to the interwebz, this isn't happening until June or July?? Unacceptable. I mean, fine, take a year to film Game of Thrones. They film all over the world, they CGI dragons and giants, there's all sorts of complicated battle scenes, etc. What exactly is the hold up here though?

Not trying to brag, but I received two degrees in one week. I have now completed graduate school AND childbirth class. I think I'm a little more excited about completing childbirth class, since it's really not a given. Two of my friends at our baby shower (a small sample) were childbirth class dropouts (their babies arrived before they could complete the series), so it's kind of a big deal.

No cap and gown here either, but you do get nursing pads and a sample of diaper rash cream!

We did the hospital tour as part of our final class last night. It looked pretty much like it does on TV, but now I have a visual of where I'm getting a giant needle shoved in my spine or possibly getting cut open.

By far the most exciting part of my week so far is that I actually ran yesterday! Granted, it was on the treadmill, extraordinarily slow, and involved a significant amount of time devoted to walk breaks, but there were definite intervals where I was officially running. I had to abandon my last two attempts to run, so it started off my day/week/school year on the right foot. I did a total of 3.25 miles (including my walk breaks, duh).

Now I'm going to attempt to go to kickboxing even though there is a Boy Meets World marathon on. It's a tall order.

What's your least favorite job related task? I seriously hate doing bulletin boards.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

The ice bucket challenge put me over the edge

Since last weekend was action packed and wild, I wanted a low key weekend this time to rest up for the beginning of the school year on Monday. Apparently that meant watching lots of movies, now that I think about it.

We watched Neighbors together (it's about a frat moving in next door to Seth Rogen and his wife and new baby). It wasn't really much to write home about, but if you are looking for a mildly amusing movie with no real plot that you can watch while browsing Instagram and occasionally look up to stare at Zac Efron, this is for you.

I'm on this weird kick of reading memoirs of prison/concentration camp survivors. I got really mad because Eric was watching some dumb movie where a guy had a choice between biting off his own fingers or being killed and I was like THAT IS DISGUSTING, turn it off. And he was like "you are really going to tell me that's crossing the line with the books you read?".  Anyway, in that vein, I've wanted to watch Schindler's List for years now, but I haven't because it's hard to get mentally ready. I finally tackled it this weekend, watching half Friday and half Saturday.

I also plan to finally watch Gone with the Wind, because I like to watch it at least once a year, and had planned to watch it this summer but time got away from me. I could probably watch that movie every day, if I had three hours of time with nothing better to do (actually I did have that, all summer, so I'm not sure how I'm just now watching it, or why I never learned to crochet or wrote that novel). I should have reread the book.

I took another Facebook break. I really enjoyed the break I took in the fall when trying to conceive was making me insane. This time, it was the ice bucket challenge that put me over the edge. Obviously donating to a charity that researches how to stop a debilitating, awful disease is a great thing. So why am I being subjected to all these videos of people who would apparently rather douse themselves in ice water than give like ten bucks? The vast majority don't even mention ALS, or if they do, it's very brief and I feel like it hasn't actually raised awareness that much, other than the fact that there is a disease called ALS that nobody wants to donate money towards. Please, post a video of yourself in a wet tshirt instead and see how many likes you get. Plus, it's August. If we really want to make it a challenge, let's do it in January, and then maybe I'll be slightly more impressed.

I finally saw one too many "look at my boobs oh yeah ALS" videos and immediately de-activated. It's a good time to anyway, because the first week of school turns into a contest of "who can work the hardest" and "who has the cutest most pinteresty classroom" and I seriously don't care that you painted your file cabinets or are leveling books at 9pm. If you were really working so hard, you wouldn't be posting to Facebook.

That's my rant, I realize that these are very minor things especially in contrast to my reading material, but everyone gets annoyed over dumb stuff and I'm happily not annoyed at all anymore because I'm not seeing it. I'll probably be back in a week and get just as annoyed, but feel free to give a sister a shout out if the ice bucket thing finally dies down. In the meantime, I'll briefly enjoy having one less way to waste my time.

I generally just find replacement time wasters, but I did have a few moments of attempting productivity this weekend. I folded and put away baby clothes in the new dresser (and based on this five pound thing, included clothes up to 3 months). I also bought ingredients to make a few Pioneer Woman freezer recipes for some post baby dinners, so that's my exciting Sunday afternoon plan.

I keep saying I'm going to get back on a grown up schedule of going to bed and waking up early, as opposed to my summer schedule of sleeping from around midnight - 9am. That's been a major fail so pretty much I've screwed myself and I'll most likely fall asleep at midnight tonight and then have to be up at 5:15 tomorrow morning. And don't tell me it's practice for the baby, there's no advantage in "practicing" sleep deprivation, I'm not in the army. Last night I couldn't remember where we stored the Wubbanub and couldn't sleep until I got up and found it, because the baby clearly needed it IMMEDIATELY.

Here it is. You can see why it was an essential item for a fetus.

One more thing that happened this weekend, I was officially approved to graduate and now, after four long years of pointless papers written in APA format, I have a master's degree. The ceremony is in December, and as much fun as it sounds to pay for an overpriced cap and gown that I'll wear for three hours of my life and bring a two month old to a long, boring event, I'll be skipping that, so posting on social media is the extent to my celebration. Believe me, not having homework to do after a long, exhausting day at work fills me with more happiness than walking across any stage ever could.

I forgot to even tell Eric until I was writing this post. Clearly a proud and significant time for me.

I'd also like to toot my own horn because I had a solidly decent week of workouts. Two spin classes, two Body Sculpt classes, and two days on the elliptical. Not terrible. I still take a rest day each week. It's likely it's not really necessary to take a rest day from a week that includes modified non impact gym workouts that are mostly under an hour, as opposed to a tough marathon training week, but I'm used to it and I like my rest days.

Thoughts on the ice bucket challenge?

Is your workplace a major contest over arrival/departure times, who's working the hardest, etc? I'm so over it. If I'm actually at work late or early it's because I'm actually busy and I don't have time to police the parking lot to see who's arriving when.