Friday, September 11, 2009

90 year old in a 26 year old body

This night officially makes me an old woman trapped in a young woman's body. After we decided to skip happy hour, I came home, immediately made tea, put on PJs, and surrounded myself with the computer, a book, and the tv. I couldn't get the mail because I was too embarrassed to be seen in PJs when it wasn't even 5pm on a Friday night! But this night has been fabulous. So relaxing. Hubby is coaching a football game (which I was considering going to before the rainstorm) so I am all alone with control over the TV. It would be nice if he were here, but I don't mind some alone time either! Especially after listening to kids calling my name non - stop all day. Our population tends to not get the attention they need at home. As a result, they need positive affirmation for EVERY single thing they do. Like writing their name. Sitting. Walking. Breathing. Every single thing needs a "good job" from me. While it's sad when I sit back and think about the reason, in the moment, all I want is 3 SECONDS where someone is not trying to get my attention! I try to get them to raise their hands but at this point in first grade they remember like 1 time in 3 on a really good day. So even though I love my husband, I love spending time with my friends, I love talking to my family, sometimes, especially at the beginning of the school year, I demand silence!! I can't even bring myself to have a basic conversation. Good thing I married a fellow teacher who not only understands but often feels that way himself.

I made an awesome dinner full of carbs for my run tomorrow.

Started with a salad of:
green/red peppers
red onions
soy sauce
asian ginger dressing
and never before tried - toasted sesame seeds! delicious!

The main course was:
whole wheat pasta (or whatever the kind is that looks like white but isn't)
cannellini beans
lemon pepper
fresh mint

all sauteed with a splash of lemon juice and white vinegar, a tsp of olive oil at the end, and more toasted sesame seeds - and some cheesy garlic bread.

Haven't quite figured out the pictures yet! You can see me toasting my sesame seeds, then my garlic bread, my pasta, and my salad. I'll figure out how to order them at some point.

Sooo good and filling! I could eat pasta every night. I'm obviously having some ice cream in a little bit. I have had a serious addiction to cool whip free on my ice cream. With sprinkles. Which has no nutritional value, and is a waste of money. And when I say serious, it's bad - like a whole container of cool whip gone in 2-3 days. How embarrassing to admit. I am trying hard to break it - I've been cool whip free free since Tuesday. Tonight I'm having Breyers Fat Free Vanilla/Fat Free Chocolate Cookies and Cream (I almost always mix two kinds!) topped with Trader Joes Natural salted peanut butter. A big improvement from cool whip and sprinkles.

I hope I can post a successful run in the AM!

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