Monday, February 25, 2013

New celebrity crushes

We're in full on taper mode for my upcoming marathon (less than two weeks to go!) so running may be a little boring (today was 5 miles at 8:51 after work). Luckily, I have some new celebrity crushes to talk about.

I'm not real hip and with it, I've literally never once been to Perez Hilton, and I'm just generally embarrassingly behind and out of touch with celebrity gossip. Therefore, when I actually branch out and learn who new celebrities are, much less develop crushes on them, it's kind of a big deal. 

Ladies first: my new girl crush is Jennifer Lawrence.

How can you not love this?

I didn't really like her at all, at first. It wasn't really her fault. Once an actor is cast in a really important role (which I define as "they are in a movie or show that I watch over and over"), I really don't appreciate them breaking character to portray other roles or do personal interviews. Example: Tom Hanks is, and will always be, Forrest Gump to me, end of story.

Example 2: I specifically remember my mom taping an interview with Mr. Big for me, and I mean really taping, as in with a VHS cassette. Old school. 

To find this google image, I typed in Mr. Big - I don't know his "real" name.

I had to turn it off when he started referring to conversations with "Sarah Jessica" and not Carrie. Let's not even get started on him discussing Law and Order. You may be picturing me as a teenager with my mom taping things for me, but I know it was when I lived in Baltimore, so I was old enough to have graduated college and have begun my career. 

So I didn't truly dislike Jennifer Lawrence when I first discovered who she was, I just didn't like her being all non-Katniss in interviews and stuff. But I've managed to move past that and now I kind of love her. I saw some cute clips of her on the Today show this morning so I was all excited to watch more interviews tonight. Unfortunately, my joy was short lived when I quickly discovered that her best actress Academy Award wasn't for Hunger Games? I was really busy watching How I Met Your Mother reruns for the 10th time each last night, so this was a total shock. I've heard that's a good movie and all, but from what I understand Peeta isn't even in it, and there's no arena or anything. 

Just go to the bakery and I'm sure Peeta will hook you up. 

My new male crush: Nev Schulman, host of MTVs Catfish, which by the way is my new favorite show. If you've seen it, yes I am aware he has ridiculously excessive body hair, but the crush stands.
This picture made me suddenly realize that he looks just like an old Starbucks coworker that I used to
have a crush on and now I'm kind of freaked out.
I have concocted a detailed plan in which I will end up on the show and meet Nev, but unfortunately I cannot reveal it here, as he is a master internet sleuther (that's the whole premise of the show - he gets to the bottom of internet dating stories where one party is using a false identity, a la Manti Te'o).

That about wraps it up for my celebrity crushes, except that I just want to make it clear that I still love Katy Perry, Jillian Michaels, and The Rock.

Did you watch the Academy Awards? The acceptance speeches make it unbearable for me. And not seeing any of the movies. And not knowing who anyone is.

Who's your celebrity crush?


  1. I can agree with The Rock, I even saw a guy who looked just like him in real life and it was almost enough to stop me in my tracks.

    I have the same problem with David Borenaz not being a vampire, that's why I can't watch Bones and just see him out and about in the daylight like it ain't no thang.

    1. I've managed to move on to Bones, but I still struggle with Alyson Hannigan on HIMYM. Willow would not talk like that!

      Unrelated to Kara's comment, I saw an amazing GIF of Jennifer Lawrence being tackled by her brothers after she won the Oscar. I love that whole family.

  2. Still moderating? YOU CAN'T CENSOR ME!

  3. I'm pretty much in love with Jennifer Lawrence now too, especially after she fell on the stairs and then laughed about it. That's my kind of girl right there! But, I have absolutely no idea what Catfish is or who that guy is. Not quite following that one. Or The Rock. Or Katie Perry. But I do love me some Christian Bale. Not only is he Batman, but more importantly, he was Cowboy in Newsies. How can you not love that?!

  4. I love JLaw too. Obviously, because she is Katniss, Also, because in the interviews after she won the Oscar, she told the press she took a shot. Anyone who takes shots wins points in my book.

    Dave and I just had the discussion the other night about who our ALL TIME favorite celebrity is, and mine is a woman. Sorry I'm not sorry. No man can trump Marisa Miller.

  5. I'm with Kara on David Boreanaz, but I'll take him vampire or no vampire. I'm also obsessed with David Tennant (the 10th doctor from Doctor Who), so I will probably be made fun of.

  6. I freaking love her! I watched a video of a Grammys wrap-up interview with her. I feel like we'd get along famously.

  7. As you know, I'm down with the Nev crush and am happy to play an active role in your setup, just like that one girl, who had pulled in other people. With our web savvy, I bet we can fool him.

  8. Longtime girl crush on Keira Knightly. I originally picked her to star as the heroine of my upcoming blockbuster NY Times best selling novel, but now I've decided that by the time the movie is cast she'll be too old.

    So I am now thinking Taylor Swift for the part. Please let her know...


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