Thursday, May 28, 2015

Random life updates

As a teacher with a June birthday from a cold climate, I thought I couldn't love summer any more. This summer is going to be beyond my wildest dreams though.

When he was an itty bitty newborn, I wanted to freeze time and keep him teeny tiny forever. But I had no idea how much fun things were going to get. 

He has turned in to a standing, crawling, on the move maniac.

I remember when we first got this changing pad (I don't do affiliate links or anything that's just an awesome idea for new parents) and I was like "what are these straps for?". Ha.

Diaper changes now resemble WWE events.

Friday I was ridiculously excited for three whole days with my little man. Of course, then I blinked and I was saying goodbye Tuesday morning, but we had some fun in between.

After Dalton's bedtime, a wild Friday night ensued.

Being an adult is exhausting

On Sunday we went over to our (new!) friends' house for a barbecue. Their son is only a week younger than Dalton. 

As a blogger, I'm naturally socially awkward so making new friends is kind of a big deal for me. I do generally make them on the internet, and this was no exception. My record of internet friends being 100% awesome continues. So much fun, so much cute baby.

This is pretty much my favorite picture of all time so far.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of two or more babies? It general involves trickery, and a minimum of two adults acting like total idiots trying to get smiles while a third takes the picture, and then Eric was on security detail.

We are very, very slowly working on that whole "not living out of boxes" thing. Our walls were looking a little bare, so we drove around on Saturday looking for estate sale signs. We found one, and bought $25 worth of artwork, dusted it off, and problem solved.

Dark picture of our hallway. I just got up from the couch to take it. You're welcome.
Just waiting on my call from HGTV. Full house tour coming. Ha. Yeah right. I would never. But I will give you one if you come over and drink wine with me.

My big upcoming race, the Baltimore Ten Miler, is only 9 days away. Yikes. I pretty much took all of last week off because I finally gave in to my doctor and started a new asthma medication and it resulted in like 6 asthma attacks a day. As soon as I stopped that med, it went away. That was fun.

I did manage to get in long runs the past two weeks. 8.6 miles and then 9.1 miles. The 8 miler was on Baltimore's hilliest route with a really fast friend. Genius planning on my part. I would hate her for her natural talent but she's really nice and fun so I can't. So annoying. I was forced to ask personal questions to trick her into telling a long story to hide the fact that I was dying and couldn't breathe. The next week I was smart enough to at least suggest a flat route. We ended up with a 9:27 pace and that's pretty much my 5k pace these days, so I was pleasantly surprised. I ran before work each day this week and thank god on Saturday my friend has to bring the double stroller and I can only pray that slows her down.

Dalton has supported my training as well. Monday, a (different) friend, Dalton and I went to a (different) hilly path (why I'm actually driving to exercise on all these hills when I finally live in a relatively flat neighborhood is beyond me) for a walk.

It is scenic, though.
 I figured Dalton would pass out in the stroller, like he tends to do. He didn't fall asleep until we'd completed the three mile loop, leaving me no choice but to go around again. This time I ran, and added some distance by getting lost.

I just took this one to text her and be like WHERE AM I. 
I LOVE that Dalton can eat meals with us now. It's so much more fun. He eats like a grown man. The other day he finished his breakfast and then was screaming for mine. I think I'm done making "baby food", because we've just been making him a little portion of whatever we are eating and he's in heaven, other than the fact that we annoy him by pausing his meal to take bites of our own. He even tried (and loved) peanut butter this weekend!

Naturally I couldn't wait to introduce him to the world of desserts. He had a little baby mini homemade strawberry shortcake, because if it has fruit, it's healthy. (There is only 2tbsp of sugar in the whole recipe so I didn't feel like quite so much of a parent fail.)

He nearly dove to the ground trying to get the spoon in his mouth faster.

I'll just leave you with this picture to melt your heart.

Am I the worst mom ever or do other people let kids try dessert (or have their own) at young ages? 


  1. Well, obviously I don't know anything about parenting but I would think that bad moms would withhold dessert. Why would you deprive your child of the joys of dessert?! Therefore, by this logic, you are a fantastic mom.

    As a sidenote, I love the "my running buddy isn't dying but I am so I'm going to ask some questions that require a long story/answer" strategy. I have used this many, many times.

    1. Oh I definitely don't plan on withholding dessert. That would be cruel. I think maybe you just aren't supposed to load babies up on sugar but I'm sure he will be fine!

  2. IS THAT A STUFFED ALPACA??????!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. A llama! It's what we use for frame of reference in his monthly pics. My mom got it for him before he was born bc I <3 llamas.

    2. I thought the same thing. Alpaca are my favorite!

  3. Having a toddler baby is so much more fun than an infant. Let's be honest, infants are sort of potted plants. Leif is hilarious and fun now.

    I give Leif bits of dessert when I have them when he's around. I figure if I don't give them to him now, he might grow up like me and over do desserts because he was never allowed to have them as a child.

  4. We give A desserts (sometimes fruit, sometimes ice cream) but I haven't actually given peanut butter. I haven't intentionally avoided it, I really just forget.

  5. Clara's first big word *might* have been doughnut. She also drinks green smoothies and loves broccoli plus she's incredibly athletic. Balance in all things.

    He's so big and adorable :-)


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