Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My life these days

1. Dalton got his first Christmas gift from our friend Casi. He could not have been less interested. I'm still excited for Christmas morning, though.

2. It had been too long since a good theme party was in our lives. Our friends recently refinished their basement and got a ping pong table and a pilates machine, so we had a PPPP party. Pilates, ping pong, pajamas, pizza. And other foods that began with P. 

He wasn't pleased with the photo timing.

3. The great crib transition 2015. Nope, not to a bed. In case you were under any impression that my intelligence was on the high side, for some reason, Dalton slept in a mini crib up until this past weekend. Most people don't even know those exist, but, they do. I had no idea, we got the crib we registered for as a gift, and I was blissfully ignorant until he was many months old. I would seriously go to friend's houses and be like "their crib looks so much bigger! Must just be how the room is set up.". Can I blame sleep deprivation? Except I wasn't sleep deprived when I was pregnant and we registered for it, received it, and set it up. 

Now it lives on the guest bed.
In our original plan of children 3-4 years apart, this would have been a problem. On the #impulsebaby plan, it's not. We got a normal sized crib, which is now Dalton's. The baby will take the mini crib, and by the time he or she is too big, Dalton will have figured out his crib escape tactics and we will have been forced to provide him with a bed. Plus, now Dalton is psyched about all the room he has for activities and thinks life is awesome. I would show a picture of it but I forgot and he's asleep now.

4. Sick baby

We had big plans to go to the DC zoo Sunday afternoon to see their amazing Christmas lights. Had is the key word there. When I got Dalton up from his nap, he was burning up, and his temperature was 103.3. I know it was probably the hormones, but that's way too close to the "it's time for the ER" level and I was pretty freaked out. We got it down, but it was still 103 Monday morning and Eric took him to the doctor.


Of course, it's a virus. Don't we all hate that? Just give me MEDS to FIX THIS. I stayed home with him today, and his fever was down to 101.8 when he woke up this morning. 

He was not too sick to learn to climb on the couch.

This kid is a TROOPER. He was still laughing and giggling and of course his appetite was only mildly affected. He was extra clingy and cuddly, and I can't say I minded. He's also been sleeping a ton. 

Helping me cook dinner.
5. Blue Apron

I've never lumped myself into the group of "too busy to grocery shop". Don't get me wrong, it's a legitimate group, I'm just saying I'm not a part of it. Too tired? Maybe. But not too busy.

I've seen Blue Apron on a million blogs and on Facebook, and always thought it seemed overpriced and kind of pointless. My friend sent me a 50% off code though, which made it $30 for 3 meals for 2, which didn't seem to be terribly different from grocery shopping. We decided to try it for a week. 

We've made two out of three meals. 

Shrimp Banh Mi

Caramelized Meyer Lemon Spaghetti 

So far, the verdict is: overpriced and kind of pointless. The first dinner was just...fine. Nothing special, nothing crazy delicious. When I told Eric that would have normally cost $20, he almost fell out of his chair, and he's not one to pinch pennies. And at least that was shrimp, which is pricey. The second dinner was delicious, but even at half price, $10 for spaghetti? Normally TWENTY? I think not, especially since many of the pre packaged ingredients were things I normally have on hand anyway - butter, lemon, parmesan, garlic, breadcrumbs. I can get takeout delivered ready to eat for less than $20 a person, and while the meals vary, it's not like straight up spaghetti is such a healthy meal. 

I will say, I would consider making that recipe again, but I would just hit up the grocery story. We probably won't try recipe #3 until this weekend because we're so OMG busy. 

Let's all pray this stupid fever is gone tomorrow. 

Who else has tried one of those subscription meal services? Anyone have a good use for them? I totally get it for actually busy people, like doctors or police officers or single parents, etc, but for someone working typical hours with one kid, in a big city with tons of grocery stores...I don't get it. 


  1. There's no way I'd do blue apron without the discounts, because you're right.

  2. Ahahahah Totally reviewing Blue Apron next month! I asked them to send me veggie meals and I actually learned how to cook some stuff I never would've picked out on my own (like sweet potatoes on pizza?! beet risotto?!)

    1. I mean it was cool because the spaghetti had caramelized lemon which I'd never heard of but it wasn't $20 for a spaghetti dinner for two people cool.

  3. (a) first honest Blue Apron review I've read!

    (b) we're totally spoiling Nora with an advent calendar (we got a Duplo set and separated it into tiny presents), and it's finally clicked for her that presents are amazing. I have high hopes for Christmas!

    1. Lol amazing how that happens when I have to use my hard earned money to pay for it! I'm sure if they sent it to me for free I'd be raving.

  4. Thank you! I keep reading these glowing reviews, and thinking "I don't get it." Did you get pescatarian meals, or is that coincidence? Maybe they charge the same for meat and non-meat meals.

    1. Coincidence - I didn't even realize! They gave me six choices and I chose the 3 that sounded most appealing. The price was the same. Now that I think about it, maybe I should have chosen meat?

  5. I got to try Plated for free and the food was really good but I never ordered and paid for it myself because I felt like it wasn't really worth it.

    I'm okay at making a rough meal plan for the week and buying groceries accordingly. Plus I have a good stock of meals I can just throw together. But I think it might be more useful for people who haven't done a lot of cooking for themselves yet and aren't good at grocery shopping.

  6. I don't have any interest in Blue Apron but I guess that's because I have a hefty list of recipes that involve a) dumping things in a slow cooker in the morning or b) chopping things and stir frying in under 30 minutes. There are also tons of nearby restaurants where I can get a cheaper meal for less effort. I enjoyed reading your review though! Every other one I've seen is a #sponsored post.


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