Monday, May 2, 2016


I'm ready. Today is 38 weeks and 3 days and I want this baby out of my body. (But also thinking HOW did I get so far along and sad that it's almost over - I vacillate.) I really never got to that point with Dalton, until I was actually in early labor but didn't realize it. I truly can't complain, I've had it pretty good. Yesterday, I felt like crap, and kept getting in and out of the bath because it was the only way I felt comfortable, which is what I did in labor with Dalton. But, I woke up still pregnant, so, not the case this time.  Today, I actually felt pretty good, which is both enjoyable and annoying, because feeling good does not bring babies into this world. I'm more just ready to MEET THIS CHILD and I'm tired of waiting to snuggle this little baby. Not to mention, find out the sex.

Last time I was struggling with the crippling fear of impending labor, delivery, and worst of all, motherhood, so I was content to put all that off a bit. Now, while I know labor is going to suck, I guess I can't really complain since I could have just skipped it and scheduled a c-section. On the bright side, I now realize motherhood is awesome, so I am beyond excited to welcome a newborn. NOW.

On the other hand, I'm in no hurry for my one on one time with this precious baby to end.

I'm really focused on doing ALL THE THINGS with him right now and just soaking in our fun times together.

Train museum
These two little boys...I can't even with their cuteness. 

Baby bump photobomb
Indoor playground
Crafting - how are ALL his little friends so freaking cute??
Just going for a rainy walk as soon as we wake up - this kid LOVES to be outside!
Al fresco dinner date - first Popsicle!
My amazing girlfriends threw me a sprinkle (baby shower for a second baby) this weekend! I was so excited (it wasn't a surprise, they told me about it).

Absolutely love these ladies!

I didn't think we would have a shower or sprinkle or anything with kids so close together, it didn't really occur to me. We are certainly well stocked with baby stuff! Not knowing the sex means no buying clothes, and we have a good stash of cloth diapers. (Although who knows if we really have enough, I guess time will tell.) But it was wonderful having a bunch of friends together to celebrate the new baby's arrival. They did everything and even though it was at our house, I didn't have to lift a finger and just got to enjoy the party. I can't get over how lucky I am to have such great friends!

And of course, eating delicious food. 

It seemed like yesterday we were attending our baby shower for Dalton? Insane. This time we had 7 toddlers running around our house and it was hilarious. I seriously love this age so much. I'm so mad I didn't think to get a group photo (I was trying this thing called enjoying the moment). 

When you try to take a family picture with a toddler...

Ok, first of all, this cake is adorable. Second of all, the inside is super cool. 

Third of all, my sister surprised me with my own snapchat tag? Who even knew you could do that?!

I DID A NURSERY PROJECT! After the sprinkle, I got crazy motivated to get stuff done around the house, which is super unlike me. I didn't even take a nap, and this was on a Saturday. I went on a last minute shopping trip to get some "essentials", like frames for some prints we've been meaning to hang for like 6 months, and a husband pillow (the kind where you sit up with the arms) to nurse in bed. I washed and put away a bunch of baby stuff, although it's mainly just swaddles and towels for now. The only clothes are a few gender neutral sleepers and onesies. I have bins of hand me downs in the basement for either sex, although if Mother Nature doesn't get the memo that it's spring, I'm going to have to get some new stuff anyway!

The project I did was to replace all the handles on Eric's ugly old dresser from his bachelor pad days. While I would still probably consider this dresser an eyesore, it does hold clothes, so we are using it, and I think it's an improvement.

Before - ugly 80s gold and half of them are missing anyway.

After - better lighting, more organization, and silver handles (although they look gold here?)

The changing pad is hasn't arrived yet from Babies R Us, which is irrationally annoying me because Dalton's room is right down the hall and fully equipped for diaper changes. The important thing to remember is that this project is EXTREMELY unlike me. Normally, my thought process would be "well, do the ugly handles open the drawers?". Since the answer was yes, that meant there was no work necessary, and it was time for a nap. BUT, I did the project anyway, purely for aesthetics. Pat on the back for me. Also, I got to use the drill, which was fun. 

I thought all that unnecessary project nonsense was what people refer to as "nesting" and maybe it was time for the baby to arrive, but, no, it's been over 48 hours and still pregnant. 

The end of pregnancy seems kind of like TTC (trying to conceive) to me. While TTC, I constantly over analyzed every single little feeling, sure it meant I was pregnant. I'm tired/achy/headachy/more hungry/less hungry/nauseous/lightheaded etc etc...PREGNANT. Except usually...not. Those were just symptoms of being a human adult. Now I'm in the same boat. My back hurts/I'm more tired/less tired/more hungry/less hungry/nauseous/more insomnia/less insomnia/actually cleaning, etc, etc, I must be going into labor! Except...not. 

By the way, a long time ago when I first announced this pregnancy, a commenter asked me about TTC this time, and I completely meant to post about it. But, I did not, because I'm forgetful. Her question was, since it took us a year to conceive Dalton, was this similar or different? SO different! This time, I got pregnant immediately, which was unexpected, hence the somewhat small age gap between the two kids (19 months). But we are super excited about them being BFF and there's no going back now anyway! And to be quite honest, I found TTC to really suck and be extremely stressful, so this experience was absolutely fantastic and I'm very grateful for it. 

So, that was a lot, but I had to get it all out there. Just in case I go into labor. 

Are you team blue or team pink? Because the sex of my baby should be very important to you and first and foremost on your mind.


  1. I vote team pink with no logical reason to back that up! Dalton is looking adorable (as always!)- he'll be the cutest bug brother. Hang in there- you're almost done!

  2. Love the dress you wore at your shower! (Or sprinkle, I guess, but to be honest that term was not in my vocabulary and I had no idea what it meant so thanks for the definition.) They did a great job on the cake, too! I have a feeling it's a boy... count me in for team blue.

  3. I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing at the term sprinkle! I've never heard that before! Regardless, I'm glad you had a great on and I'm looking forward to "meeting" your new little person-- boy or girl!

  4. I never heard of a sprinkle either. What a great term. I am on team pink but promise to be equally excited for you either way...

  5. I'm thinking it's another boy! I LOVE your sprinkle dress! it looks awesome on you and despite the fact that you are feeling crummy, you are totally glowing and look great.

  6. Just to be a creepy stalker, your pregnancy story is so similar to mine. Two years and fertility specialist to get pregnant with #1. Got pregnant the first month I stopped birth control with #2. 20 months apart. We wanted #2, but were shocked how easy it was. Good luck. At 4 and 2, they fight like cats and dogs, but love each other so much.


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