Sunday, June 19, 2016


Today, I woke up in a pool of milk, and my first thought was...BATTLE OF THE BASTARDS. SO EXCITED. (Now that it's over...omg my heart is still pounding. I can barely even function. Unbelievable.) After that,I remembered it was my birthday. Like that wasn't a gift enough (THANK YOU HBO), I then pumped what I think is an all time record high amount (spoiler: the bottles were still not filled). Happy birthday to me!

I feel like there's a lot of pressure (from myself) to think of something extra special to do on my birthday to make sure it's somehow different from every other day. I was trying to think of something to do, but then I realized that all I really wanted was to spend time with my family. And that made me realize that I'm pretty lucky to get to do that "special" activity every single day.

Like most people, I was really apprehensive about leaving my 20s and hitting the big 3-0. My 20s were so much fun, but my 30s have truly been phenomenal so far. When I turned 30, I desperately wanted to have a baby and we were really hoping it would happen soon. I was 26 weeks pregnant on my 31st birthday and couldn't have been more thrilled about it.

31, still in the awkward pregnant or fat? stage.
Last year was the first birthday I celebrated as a mother, and it was wonderful.

I didn't think things could get better, but I NEVER would have predicted that I'd be ringing in 33 years with not one, but two absolutely beautiful, amazing children, and of course, a wonderful husband and father.
Started the morning with iced coffee on the porch and some baby stink eye.
Ignore my face, thought we were taking a selfie
These boys are my world.

I also got to enjoy some time with my girls this weekend. Saturday, I went to my friend Rachael's baby shower. I just love celebrating mothers to be - they have no idea how glorious and fun their life is about to become!

The only picture I got was Royce in his fancy suit, but trust me the expectant mother was gorgeous.
As soon as I pulled up outside my house, my friends were arriving for my birthday girl's night! Eric made us watermelon sangria and pizza on the grill (and cleaned up, score), and my BFF Casi made blueberry goat cheese pie. Sounds weird, tasted great.

On my actual birthday, we hung out at home in the morning then brought the boys to the playground. After that, Eric took Dalton grocery shopping for dinner ingredients then home for a nap while Royce and I met Casi at a coffee shop downtown to finally try the famous nitro iced coffee.
It did not disappoint. 
I considered leaving Royce at home and having a totally kids free outing, but I really didn't want to. I've kind of left him before, also for coffee, shocking, but that was just one time to run to the local Starbucks which is like a mile and a half from our house. Logistically, we had a bottle ready and everything, but the thought of being away from Royce for several hours just made me feel anxious and unsettled and like I wouldn't enjoy myself as much because I would just be too eager to return to him. Not because I was concerned about him or anything, but because he was a part of me for 9 months and I've kept him in close proximity to me in the 6 weeks since his birth and I'm not ready to change that yet. I'll have to spend plenty of time away from him in his life, no need to rush it. Especially on my birthday.

When I got home, Dalton was just waking up and Royce actually stayed asleep in his car seat once in the house (a rarity), so I got to enjoy some one on one time with this cool dude.

We played with his water table, took some walks, and just engaged in general shenanigans while Eric grilled us up a delicious birthday/Father's Day dinner.

Burger, sweet potato, corn on the cob, and leftover sangria, enjoyed on our patio. 

I meant to make a cake, but the weekend was too busy with having fun, so I just ate some Wegmans bulk bin chocolate after Dalton went to bed. Good enough. 

What was your best birthday? Mine was probably 23, the year of the Ms. New Booty (long story). 27 was also good, when my sister and I convinced everyone we were twins.

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  1. I had some pretty epic birthdays in my 20s. ANd I loved my 20s too, but I was definitely ready for the 30-decade to start and get the family started. Life has been pretty phenomenal since having a baby.


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