Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I'm attempting a post-partum race!

Way, way back in the day, I used to use this blog to document athletic endeavors. I ran marathon after marathon, and even did things like 50 mile races and half ironman triathlons (well, just one of those). Obviously, things have changed just a bit in my life, and I no longer have any inclination to spend hours upon hours devoted to training each week.

However, I am still interested in staying in shape, losing the baby weight, and, to be really cliche, to have "me" time. That love of running - it's still there. Now, I consider a 2 mile run to be a sufficient workout for the day. The old me would have thought that was a waste of time, not worth dirtying running clothes. That version of me doesn't exist anymore, and any exercise I can get in for the day, a ten minute video, a walk with the stroller, it all counts.

Even parachute time at Gymboree.

Around the time Royce was born, something amazing happened. While the main reason I dropped off the running train over the past few years was that I was busy being pregnant and having babies, that wasn't the only thing. My running buddies, Lily and Jackie, both moved out of state for work. These girls got me through a half ironman, ultra marathons, and even the completely, utterly insane mistake I made called the GORUCK challenge.

We once swam, biked, and ran 70.3 miles. HOW. 

When they left, so did a lot of my motivation. THEY ARE BOTH BACK!!!

Makeovers and facials - once in awhile we hang out and do non sweaty activities.

Here's how it went down. The very first weekend I ran with Jackie after she returned to Baltimore, she was training for a marathon. I intended to run 3-4 miles with her. Four miles would have been the most I had ran since having Royce. The first leg of her run was 3.5 miles out and back (for a total of 7, for those of you fellow non-mathematicians like me). I figured I'd just hold on as long as I could. Somehow, I made it the whole 7 miles, and what's more, I didn't feel like I wanted to keel over at the end. This was a HILLY route too, Loch Raven reservoir, known  throughout Baltimore for being frighteningly steep.

I was really surprised I was able to hang on for 7 miles, so I began toying with the idea of running the Baltimore Half Marathon, on October 15. It was about two months away at the time. I decided if I could do 8 the following weekend, I could probably "train" in time and make it through the race. The next weekend, Lily was kind enough to join me for 8 miles, I survived, and signed up for the race that night. Training was officially "on".

Side note - I also signed up for the Baltimore Half Marathon last year, but then downgraded to the 5k since I was 8 weeks pregnant and had annoying nonstop nausea when the race rolled around. This year - it's ON. I hope.

Much like my intense running days, my days of following a training plan are over as well, or at least on hiatus. I decided I would keep adding one mile to my long run each week until I hit ten, which I did. Now I'm "tapering", or whatever, so I ran 7 this past weekend. As for the rest of the week, my goal has been at least 3 other runs, of at least two miles each, and I've been successful with that. I'm also getting in one non running workout each week. My current favorite is a Barre 3 video. It destroys me. SO. TOUGH.

I've had a few people ask if I'll be pumping and running since a picture of a woman doing that during a half marathon went viral this week. Um, no. I'll just pump or nurse before and after the race, and during the race, I'll just focus on, I don't know, maybe running?

While I'm excited for the race, I'm also really doubting my sanity, since training comes at the expense of sleep, and I'm no longer a spring chicken. I'm TIRED.

This guy...sleeps like a baby.

On Sunday, after a fun morning of attending a Wegmans grand opening and then big truck day at the zoo, I had great intentions of grocery shopping and catching up on housework during naptime.

The funny part about this picture is that I caught it while Dalton was yelling "NO".

Which would have worked out great, since the boys took an extra long nap, AT THE SAME TIME. This never happens. I accomplished one thing during that nap, and that was also taking a nap. It was absolutely glorious. Until I woke up Monday morning, it was pouring rain, and I had a sink full of dishes, no clean clothes, no clean bottles, and no food. So...I guess it's safe to say I'm still attempting to figure out the whole work/motherhood/half marathon training balance. I'll work on that. If I can stay awake.


  1. I just have to say that we do Gymboree to and my kiddo loves it. Parachute time is his jam and I feel like somedays being at Gymboree is a workout in itself. Good luck on your half! I'll actually be in Baltimore and Washington DC next week (sans child!)

    1. Dalton and Royce both loved it! We tried the free class this past weekend and were considering signing up but every single class except one is during the work day so it's not worth the money. Lame. Enjoy your trip!!

  2. I was reading your post, but I got distracted by those cute babies in the stroller!


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