Monday, April 17, 2017

Spring break 2017

Spring break is all about chugging.

In all forms. 
I'm currently imbibing in the wine form, drinking away my sorrows that spring break is pretty much over. Ten straight days with these guys was perfection.

We started strong as soon as school let out. My mom squad came over to our house, toddlers in tow, to let our kids go apeshit and stuff our faces with wine, guacamole, and pie. It was everything I dreamed of. There's no better feeling than hanging with your besties while your kids play happily, knowing you don't have to go to work for the whole. next. week. To top the night off, I turned off my weekday alarm and rejoiced. (Writing that just reminded me to turn it back on and sob.)

The next night, we celebrated as a family with pizza, Light City (a crazy light show downtown) and Rita's.

We didn't quite make it to sunset, but still fun. 
Being old and a mom and well over a decade in to my career and all, my body is conditioned to wake up for work regardless of an alarm clock, so I pretty  much kept the same hours all week. It worked out great because it meant I got some quiet time with my coffee before the kids were up, and I watched the Today show every single day. We normally leave about 7am for work, so sitting down and actually getting to enjoy some Savannah and Matt time brings me pure joy. Combine that with not having to pack lunches and I'm a happy camper. 

Actually, I did pack lunches for several days, but it was to hang out at various playgrounds with friends, so worth it. 

We met up with my friend Kandi - we were pregnant together both times and had our kids within weeks both times!
Did you know Maryland has a huge Wizard of Oz playground?
Carpooling with Dalton's bestie - they were in heaven.

We didn't do anything truly noteworthy - played, hung out with friends, went to the zoo, did some yardwork.

Gotta earn his keep.

He was all about the elephants.
STAHHHP my heart can't take it. 

Dalton had his second dentist visit and he was a ROCK STAR. He let the dentist examine and clean his teeth! Our dentist doesn't push so while it was technically his second, nothing really happened the first time because Dalton was too scared. I asked him if he wanted to sit in my lap, but he hopped right up in the chair by himself. 

I even got some adult time. Since we began using daycare, Eric and I have talked about having a lunch date during one of our breaks - only took us 2.5 years to actually do it! We went out for amazing Mexican food and then went to a lawn store to buy rosebushes because we are basic. I also stayed out super late seeing Beauty and the Beast with my girls - so good. 

We did the unthinkable - traveled (400+ miles each way!) with kids. 

We did a impromptu-ish trip to Ohio to see my inlaws. I was a bit nervous, but it went really well, we got some great family time and I only regretted lifting my travel moratorium a handful of times. We told Dalton it was an adventure, and he was super excited and in heaven staying in a hotel and getting to use the elevator multiple times a day.

They loved the Continental breakfast because who doesn't?

We got a suite, but it turned out to be just a larger room - it had a sitting area, but no doors separating the bedroom and living room like we had thought. It shockingly worked out though and everyone slept! Royce was happy as a clam with his crib halfway in the closet and a sheet draped over the doors. Dalton had never slept in a bed other than his little toddler bed with rails, but he loved his sleepover on the couch bed with Eric. As soon as he woke up, he would yell Daddy! Make it a couch again!

Glad I shoved a chair against it because he was all over the place!

And that left me solo in the king sized bed. Rough times.

Took one for the team there. 
I pretty much dropped the ball on Easter and Passover.

We drove home on Easter, but I have no excuse for Passover. However, this did mean that my Easter dinner was a quesarito - a burrito where the wrapping was a quesadilla. From Sheetz. I died of happiness. I also waited outside the doors for Target to open to get some discount candy this morning and got a few little gifts for the kids.

This gift "for Royce" was a huge hit and they kinda sorta played together with it!

Did you know they make markers that color on your windows and wash off? I DIDN'T.

First peep - huge fan.

I didn't totally fail - I found an egg decorating set I bought last year on clearance and set it up! Dalton threw all the eggs in the various cups immediately and then ate them.

Why decorate when you can EAAAAT?
I would have to say that this spring break was an improvement over the last one where I was hugely pregnant and freaking out about spending the "last" time I had with Dalton as a family of 3. Like probably most moms pregnant with #2, I had silly ideas that something was ending, but of course it wasn't, something even better was beginning. While Royce is still young, my boys are starting to really interact and occasionally kind of play together and it's the best! BRB sobbing about having to leave them for work tomorrow. At least it's only a four day week! 

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