Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Goodbye, summer, goodbye

I suppose it had to happen eventually. This glorious summer has come to an end. And in true school year mom fashion, I started this blog post about two weeks ago. I'm just now getting it wrapped up.

I'm really sad about it. I like my job and all, especially my team, especially ZACH RATAJ, but let's get real: not working is always going to beat working. All summer, I've been doing things like grocery shopping at 10am on Tuesday morning, only wearing clothes with elastic waistbands, napping when the kids nap, and not setting my alarm. Adulting is just hard and it's a real bummer when real life responsibilities eclipse my preferred lifestyle of laziness and play dates.

Sitting in the potty, wearing a tank top, reading? Sure. It's summer. 
I always get at least a medium amount of anxiety going back to school. I hate transitions, and I really hate icebreakers. The beginning of the year always requires icebreakers. I get really worked up about those. They generally include some sort of activity where you have to share something interesting about yourself and I give this way more thought than I should. There's nothing interesting about me. I'm as basic as they come. I live in the suburbs with my two kids. I wear Lularoe. I can't wait until pumpkin spice lattes are back. BASIC.

As though trying to get back in the habit of waking up early and packing lunches wasn't painful enough, HBO apparently conspired with my job to really put me in a dark place. Right as teachers returned to work, the last episode of Game of Thrones season 7 aired. Yes, I know there's another season but rumors are floating that it could be 2019 before it's on. I spent over a year waiting for it, and then there were 7 beautiful weeks and BOOM it's taken from me. 

Last Monday morning I was asked if I was ok and I was like NO I'M NOT OK GAME OF THRONES IS OVER. People who don't watch are all like "oh you need to find another show". No. There is no show that even comes close to being comparable. I don't even like other shows. Go away. 

Clearly, I'm struggling here. On the bright side, the last few weeks of our summer were just as fantastic as the rest. Summer is every teacher's favorite time of year, and I always love it, but I think this summer might have been the best one I've ever had. Last summer was one of the only ones where I didn't work at all, which was nice. It was so much fun, but still a huge transition to life with two kids after Royce was born in May. And while I'm one of the (few?) crazies who absolutely loves the newborn days, and sometimes I want to cry missing those times when my sweet little baby just slept on my chest in the ergo all day, having two toddlers running around is even better. 

It's total chaos, because they are both constantly running in opposite directions, but they are beginning to actually play together and it is the cutest. They have been playing "catch" in the yard each night and I die.

Eric taught Dalton that Royce is a toddler now that he can walk, no longer a baby. So now I have to hear "Royce is a tobler, not a baby" every day and I'm like... go to your room. You're grounded. Shut up. That's hurtful. I've tried to explain that they will both always be my baby but Dalton remains unimpressed. When I hear a mom at the playground tell her child to be careful around the baby and realize she's referring to Royce it's the best validation. But I think Dalton has forced me to face facts that technically speaking, he meets the qualifications for a toddler. 

We took our first family flight last month! We went to visit my family in Rochester.

Seeing my kids with their two cousins is one of my favorite things in this world.

The big boy cousins, enjoying an evening fire.

The main reason for our visit was my nephew's superhero fifth birthday party.

(He wanted the mask like that.)

Other than that, I mainly just buckled down, and worked hard to get through my summer to do list of organizational tasks around the house. 

JK JK JK. Anyone who knows me knows the real joke is that I actually MADE such a list. I did nothing on it. Like, actually nothing. I didn't organize the kids clothes by size, create photobooks for each kids' first year of life, organize the upstairs bathroom...nothing. But I did take a lot of naps. And got to see a lot of friends. 

My friend Emily visited with her son Felix from Manhattan. The kids hated it, of course. 
I got to meet up with my college friends up DC for a girls weekend and we took exactly one awkward selfie.

Ideally, I'd like to post more than once a month, not that anyone cares, but I want to. I plan to do posts soon on kid updates and how marathon training is going!


  1. just popping in to say yes i care about your posting, please continue!! looks like you guys had an amazing summer. what are your thoughts on lularoe? I am strongly anti-MLM but have been eyeing the cassie skirt on ebay. comfy work clothes please.

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