Friday, December 3, 2010

My lack of immunity

So I am constantly reading articles at the gym in women's magazines with tips to avoid getting sick, improve your immune system, etc. Usually they include things like exercise regularly, eat lots of vegetables, get enough sleep, keep your stress level down. All things that I ALREADY DO (except for the low stress thing). But they really don't seem to be working because I seem to catch every bug or virus that goes around. Yesterday I woke up feeling fine and went for a five mile run with my friend. When I got back and got ready to take a shower I started feeling a little nauseous. When I couldn't drink my coffee I knew that something was not right. Long story short, I made it through the morning only to have our school social worker take me by the hand to the nurse when the smell of elementary school taco meat hit me as I tried to pick up my class from the cafeteria. It was all highly melodramatic, but I appreciate my coworkers' concern for my well-being. It's nice to be taken care of sometimes. I went home, got directly in bed, did not pass go or collect my $200. I woke up three hours later, took my temperature and was shocked to see it was 100.6 - even when I had swine flu last year I never had a fever! I basically slept on and off until it was time for bed around 8pm and slept until 9:30 the next morning. Highly unlike me! I can NEVER sleep more than 8 hours even when I try to force myself to. Today my fever has been gone so I am feeling much better, but still spent the day in bed. I am really hoping to be well for my big holiday party tomorrow - I'll be wearing an ugly Christmas sweater with a plate of homemade cookies come hell or high water!

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