Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Triumphant Return!

So apparently I decided during the month of December to take some time off from some things. I don't really remember making this decision, but my actions reflected it pretty clearly. With Christmas shopping, wrapping, baking, and all the things that all Americans were crazy busy with that month, something had to go on the back burner. I couldn't really choose exercise, what with a marathon coming up in just 3 short months. I couldn't really choose grocery shopping and cooking healthy meals either, because that could lead to me not fitting into my pants, and I am way to lazy and cheap to go buy new ones. I was tempted to just stop showing up to work, because that would have freed up a ton of time, but apparently that's "frowned upon"- you can't take a leave of absence for a month to wrap Christmas gifts???

After - but still before I got a ton of other gifts that needed wrapping

Grad school was also a non - negotiable and our broomball team was counting on me! (They need a certain number of girls to be allowed to play, they weren't exactly counting on my amazing ball handling skills). So, since something had to go, it seems that option was all the other little tasks I normally do - returning library books, going to the bank, getting gas before my car running on fumes, cleaning the house, and writing in this blog. Which is a bit sad because I totally failed on documenting training for marathon #1, and now I'm 2 weeks in to training for marathon #2 without a single post about it! Luckily new years is right around the corner, which means that you get to just make some resolutions, do whatever the hell you want until Jan 1st because whatever grand ideas you have (eating healthy, being responsible, etc) don't take effect until then! Then, on January 1st, all those bad decisions don't count because you made a NEW YEARS RESOLUTION, so it all changes completely! I love our system :). One of my several new years resolutions is to post at least three times a week (and one of those posts will be about all my resolutions) so if you are on of my two readers (Hi Vince & Erin!) and I don't, feel free to harass me nonstop about it. This is kind of long so I feel like I am going to do a few different posts about the holidays to break it up a bit.

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  1. HAHAHAH, I am with you!! My goal is to post more!! I am coming out with truthful tuesday which will make me post atleast 1 time a week & go over my weeks workout!!! & agreed, I have not worked out in a week & I don't mind!! Saturday morning I have boot camp at 12:30 & it will be back on track!! Can't wait to read about your training! It will help me when I start to train for mine!!!


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