Sunday, August 25, 2013

A peek into an introvert's weekend

I kind of feel like that Buzzfeed article on introverts that I posted last week changed my life a little bit. It's taken me from feeling like a total freak to feeling like I can just throw around a buzzword to explain my behavior. Although to be honest, since I began blogging almost 3 years ago (WOW), I've felt like much less of a freak because as my fellow bloggers know, blogging is where you find your people.
This weekend was characterized by intense introverted behavior and therefore resulted in no events interesting enough to photograph. So instead, I decided to illustrate by recycling old photographs from up to 5 years ago.
Friday was Eric's birthday. We were supposed to have a party and play a Sharknado drinking game and eat crabs. Sounds awesome, right?
Probably would have been just like this.
After four days of us both coming home stressed and overwhelmed about setting up our classrooms, Eric decided to cancel the party about 10pm Thursday night. In addition to having no time to throw a party together, he was like "I just really don't want to come home tomorrow and have people here".
I've long suspected, based on my reading, that Eric is a partial introvert. FYI, Buzzfeed and Wikipedia count as reading, I never claimed to be a psychologist here. We are extreme opposites in social situations. Eric has charisma that would make Oprah jealous and loves being the center of attention. I sit in faculty meetings at a school I've worked in for 8 years silently rehearsing the one sentence I want to share for ten minutes before I get up the courage to raise my hand (which is maybe 50% of the time). I'm completely comfortable with all my coworkers. Individually. Just not when they are all looking at me at the same time.  It's the same thing in grad school and I've had the same 20 people in every single class for 3 years now.
Perfect example: we do not know this woman. We do know that guy photobombing in the back though,
But, according to Wikipedia, the key is that introverts get energy from being alone, and lose energy in groups. It also said that extroverts should be teachers. I feel that would explain why I have an incredibly strong desire not to speak to a single person from the time I arrive home from work until the time I go to bed. Not every night, only like 90% of them.
So instead of partying, Eric stayed at work late, and I got kicked out of work (they had to wax the floors) and came home and ran 7 miles. I was brave enough to wear my Garmin and was actually under a 10:00 mile pace (9:45)!

The birthday boy
I did go get him his favorite wings and put candles in the container and sang to him as he came in the door. My dad was really sad to hear I didn't have pictures of that, but putting candles in Styrofoam is much more of a fire hazard than frosting, and required close monitoring and precise timing.
Here's a picture of him blowing out candles on the snickers cheesecake I made him 3 years ago.
Yes, if you've read between the lines here, that meant there was no cake to put any candles in, by birthday boy request. Going on a cruise is an amazing experience, but, here's a little warning. It's all fun and games when you're in international waters, having butter on everything and your third dessert that night. But when you come home fat the fun and games are over.
Saturday morning I did seek out a little human interaction and reunited with Lily for a morning run at the harbor and it was absolutely wonderful to have company. We did a half marathon at a 10:12 pace. It may have been crazy slow, but I haven't done a run over 7 miles since my 6 hour race an entire month ago, so seeing I still have the ability to knock out a double digit run was a huge confidence booster.
Saturday night I was supposed to meet my BFFs Carolyn and John (Eric had to work) to see an outdoor movie. Here's where even my introverted behavior gets embarrassing. As it got closer, I realized I didn't want to go for several reasons.
1. Driving
2. Being around people
3. Staying up late
4. Having to look presentable, or at least, appropriate for public consumption
5. Leaving the couch
6. It was a horror movie and I'm scared of horror movies and really hate watching them

Not sure I've ever actually stayed up for the late show.

Obviously this led to me canceling. At least it was a bestie so I knew I could just list the above reasons without judgment and not have to come up with some dumb ass excuse.

All alone. My happy place.

I'm pretty sure my Saturday night contained two of the greatest pleasures known to man. Getting in bed early, and not setting an alarm clock because you can stay there as long as you like in the morning. The key is that you get into bed early, but you don't feel that pressure of "OMG I NEED TO FALL ASLEEP ASAP" where you keep looking at the clock like "ok if I fall asleep now I'll get 6 hours. Ok now 5 and a half". You can stay up reading as late as you want, or do what I did and read one sentence about Jon Snow and pass out.
Sleeping is the best. PS no idea who's bed this is. If it's yours, please speak up.
Speaking of Jon Snow, you can thank Kari for this.


Since most commenters are fellow bloggers and therefore fellow crazy introverts, what's your most antisocial reason for canceling plans? And if you are an extrovert - what's that like?


  1. It actually turned out not to be a horror movie! A cool black & white movie set in 1946, more of an old mystery. We ran errands for the house, then had dinner, and left the movie a 1/2 hour early because it got too cold & John had it at home! Finished it this morning though, since we fell asleep last night watching it. I was determined to see my outdoor movie this year though. :)
    Also, I totally know the feeling of the pressure of how much or little sleep I'm going to get. I think that actually keeps me up nights where I think I'm going to run downtown. It causes me not to get to sleep and back out of the run, so annoying. This weekend, I just slept in as late as I wanted- wonderful!

  2. My introverted reasons for canceling plans are very similar (okay, exactly) to yours listed above. Going off of your #4: sometimes I don't want to shower until 7 pm. You can't really tell people that. Also, I run in the evening, or I don't want to spend money or my cat "needs" me!

  3. I am one of those rare socially awkward extroverts. My latest mishap was when I found out two new friends of mine smoked - I looked at them and said "But you don't stink! Smokers stink!" both loudly and animatedly. I don't think they were too impressed.

    I get the introvert thing, I find I too make plans with people and hours before regretting my previous interest in being social. I sometimes come up with a lame excuse, I never actually considered being honest like you did.. It's on my list now!

  4. Photobombing StepfatherAugust 25, 2013 at 12:17 PM

    I'm famous now. No idea where that was though.

  5. Hi - I just found your blog. Admittedly, I'm an introvert. I often cancel plans out of not wanting to drive, not wanting to pay for whatever the thing is, just wanting to stay home and read or watch TV, knowing there will be at least one person in the group that I'd rather not deal with...I've gotten better over the years, but those instincts to stay home are still there!

  6. Ok, creepy...that's my bed.

    Wait a second here....

    Anyway, I'm getting better at the introvert thing. I can fake it alright now but I still think people find my conversation to be odd at times and my comments to be random. I am still shy-ish when people catch me off guard and start talking to me. I had one guy start talking to me yesterday during the half marathon when I was almost puking at 2 miles in (yea..great race it was) and then he found me after the race and started talking to me again. I just never know what to really say. I start stuttering my words and probably spitting because of my insecurities at that moment as my brain races on how to hold a conversation with a stranger.

  7. I usually don't have any earth-shattering reasons for canceling plans beyond just not wanting to pick my lazy ass up off the couch. I will say that I was thrilled when texting was invented and I no longer had to speak to the people with which I was canceling. I was surprised that one wasn't listed in the buzzfeed article!

  8. Replies
    1. I know I sent you that picture of Jon Snow, but I feel like I should thank you for reposting it so I could see it again.

      We were supposed to go out to breakfast with Mike's family this morning and Mike canceled last minute. I was so excited that I didn't have to put pants on. You and I will be best friends forever.

  9. I often turn down plans because it means I would have to put on real pants and make up. That is a lot of work, just to leave my couch, which I probably don't want to do to begin with.

  10. I hear you on the speaking up at work meetings. My heart starts to race and my palms sweat, then when I finally speak up my face turns red.

    I am such a horrible introvert!!!! It drives my husband a little crazy, but we can be at a social event and it is like a button is pushed inside me suddenly I am DONE I need to leave NOW and I can no longer function socially. Game over. thanks for playing.

    I too can go most of the evening after work without talking, also drives my husband nuts. I am comforted just by his presence and he want to TALK! horrors.

  11. My antisocial reason for cancelling plans is usually just to not make plans to begin with! A lesson learned after many years of regrettable plans being made and feeling forced to attend.

  12. I spent the weekend at a bachelorette party/girls weekend trip to Panama City Beach with 7 other girls. It was fun, kind of. After two nights of sleeping on the floor, constantly being surrounded by people and listening to endless chatter I was miserable. And then I felt like a bitch for being so irritated on a fun trip.

    We drove back to Atlanta and then I hopped in my car for the 1.5 hour drive back to my house alone. I drove in silence the whole way because even the radio was too much.


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