Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I fail at confessing

Remember that time yesterday when I decided to do a confession post because I am doing a race this weekend that I've kept "secret" because I said I wasn't signing up for any more races right now? Then I wrote the whole post, published it, and didn't realize until much later that I never even mentioned the race at all.
However, I also taught an entire science lesson on organisms yesterday and didn't once mistakenly say "orgasm" so in my book Tuesday is still being recorded as a win.
The running store where I work part time is putting on a 20 mile race this weekend, perfectly timed out for people training for fall marathons. Which isn't me, but our store puts on fabulous races, it's completely flat for the first 19 miles, and has a sweet North Face shirt, so....why wouldn't I do it? Other than the fact that I've done exactly one double digit run in the past month or so?
I also talked all about my beloved Yonanas machine yesterday. I'm so obsessed with it that I forgot that it's not exactly a common household appliance. So if you didn't know, a Yonanas turns frozen bananas into soft serve ice cream consistency. No, I'm not going to say "it's just like ice cream!". Get real. But it feels like ice cream, it's cold, it's sweet, and if you're looking for a middle ground between enjoying ice cream every night and not seeing a new and frightening digit in the tens place on the scale*, it's your man.
*Speaking hypothetically, and not from experience, of course.

Today I did something very brave, and I expect everyone to applaud my heroism. Actually, before I even did this thing I was up at 4:50am and ran 8 miles, so let's all applaud that first, even though it was at a pathetic 9:58 pace. But after that, I went to work.....wearing the same dress that just recently prompted someone to accuse me of being pregnant. That's right, I got back on the horse and wore it again.
I wanted to post a picture but Eric wasn't home when I got home to take it, and it's essential that I'm in pajamas within 1.5 minutes of walking in my front door. I would normally have done a timer selfie, being a considerate blogger and all, but as far as we know our camera is still somewhere in Grand Turk so that's no longer possible. However, I did take a picture of the Yonanas machine.

A gorgeous iPhone picture taken while waiting for my dinner to heat up. You're welcome.
Any funny slip of the tongue stories to share? On our cruise, during the super serious safety briefing the cruise director said "In your rooms, there is no stroking allowed" (instead of no smoking) and just about all 4,500 people busted out laughing.
PS Fairly sure that I jinxed myself and I'll say "orgasm" tomorrow.


  1. Does that Yoanas machine have any....alternative uses? Does it come in white too but you requested the black model?

  2. I was in a really important meeting where HR was present (thankfully not for me) and was reading the "success measures". I said, "Your sex-sess measures are". I HAD to hold it together but I haven't fought a lip-twitch/laugh like that in a while!

  3. I was in a really important meeting where HR was present (thankfully not for me) and was reading the "success measures". I said, "Your sex-sess measures are". I HAD to hold it together but I haven't fought a lip-twitch/laugh like that in a while!

  4. I can't think of any good slip of the tongue stories.

    I found a bunch of recipes for banana "ice cream" the other day. I should find it and send it to you. They looked really good.

  5. I can't think of any either....I am impressed that you didn't say orgasm though!

    Any goals for the 20mi race?

  6. Surely your iphone camera has a time for selfies?

  7. Okay, I am so focused on the banana ice cream right now. Ironically, it is the one way my daughter will eat bananas. She will beg for banana freeze and I am currently using a standard blender. Hmmm....something for a wish list?

    Now that 20 mile race is GENIUS! I may have to convince our organization to host one. Let's know that half marathon we do in February along with a 5K and a 10K? Why not move it to August and do a 20 miler instead? I need to work on my delivery..... And maybe not push my luck since I just had them change the courses this year....

  8. No mention of who got you the Yonanas I see... jk jk :)

  9. If you're feeling slow for the 20 miler, just say you're running a 10 min/mile pace group for the store.

    Any accusations while wearing the dress today? You should have flaunted the dress for the person who said it last time. No excuses for no pictures, you have an iphone!


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