Sunday, September 14, 2014

Part wild animal, part pregnancy stereotype

This weekend, I experienced some things I haven't experienced in quite some time.

First, I did what all women do a week and a half before their due date.

Eric couldn't go and my wedding ring doesn't fit, so naturally wild times ensued.

The bartender is an old friend of ours from when Eric used to work here. Don't ever crush a young girl's dreams telling her she can't meet her Prince Charming/future baby daddy late Friday night at a bar. The bartender made me that fancy Shirley Temple so I could act like I was playing in the big leagues. I thought maybe I'd get some side eye, but it turns out everyone was busy drinking and hanging out with their own friends and didn't care to waste their Saturday night concerning themselves with what random strangers were up to. I could have been out on the town, boozing it up this whole time.

I didn't just hit up the bar in a failed attempt to incite a mommy police riot. Actually, it was my running buddy's boyfriend's birthday.

Remember when I used to spend time outside just running?
 The second big new change was that I felt cold. So cold I had to make hot coffee instead of iced.

I also wore pants for the first time in months.
I'm someone who routinely wears sweatshirts in August and if money was no object I would keep the heat at 80* all winter. Pregnancy hormones or an 72 extra pounds or both kept me super toasty all summer and I honestly don't even remember the last time I felt even slightly chilly, or wore pants or long sleeves. It was wonderful. I'm usually sad to see summer go, but I've never been so happy to say goodbye and greet fall.

Unlike the bar, the rest of the weekend's activities screamed: "I'm super pregnant!".

I organized/put away a ton of diapers and wipes. And enjoyed it.

This will stay organized for approximately 1.5 hours after the baby joins us.

This picture doesn't really do justice. The wipes are stacked more than half my height.

There's still more in the closet, but I felt I'd taken enough pictures.
I had a near meltdown when Wegmans didn't have any mellowcream pumpkins in the bulk section. So I was forced to pick through this assortment to find them all.

This was post search and rescue.

I intended to take a better picture of my pumpkins when I got home but I ate a lot of them.
I also got no side eye while I patiently retrieved all my pumpkins. I was wearing gloves, I'm not an animal.
We got our car seats checked.

Definitely still so far from used to that new title.

You get to practice strapping a baby doll in and everything. It definitely helped my confidence.
I started boiling a pot of quinoa for lunch this week (I do try to eat healthy occasionally, especially for boring meals) then immediately forgot about it and left with my friend to walk to the bagel shop, without my phone. Luckily I remembered before it turned in to a 12 alarm fire (I don't know how many alarms fires go up to).
I'm really ready to be done with this pregnancy brain. It's becoming a danger to society.
I'm trying to patiently wait for the baby to decide to arrive, and being moderately successful. My strategy is to try to focus on fun stuff we're doing in the meantime. It's kind of a challenge, since 5 days a week are filled with work. But if we remain a family of two this weekend, we are going to see the Maze Runner! Totally just as good as bringing new life into the world. No, for real, it's cool though, it's not like I'm overdue so I feel I don't have the right to actually get impatient before that happens.
9 days until the due date. For those less math inclined, that's a single digit number. When people ask, I don't even have to give a date anymore, I can just say a week from Tuesday. It's so close, I can reference it directly.
What public behavior always causes you to give someone the side eye? I would say probably taking a selfie. Even better, multiple tries for a selfie. Also, paying for groceries with a check. It's 2014, get a debit card.


  1. The CVS near me has a display with bags full of pumpkin mellowcremes. Should I send you, like, 12 bags?

  2. The multiple tries selfie is definitely side eye worthy.

    Will the pumpkins last in the hospital bag or will you just dig them out tonight for dessert like I would?

  3. Your apartment building can only have a three alarm fire :)

  4. So, I always GET the side eye when we're out in public with a place that has tons of floral designs and landscaping. Without even thinking, I also start critiquing it and telling Will what type of design I would have done...and heaven help me if I see a weed. I'm almost embarrassing to myself :)


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