Thursday, November 6, 2014

Don't call it a comeback because I never left

Yesterday I started a post on how hard it is to get stuff done with a new baby. Dalton woke up so I abandoned ship and intended to get back to it later (which is how I write all my posts these days). I thought I had saved it as a draft, but then I got a comment on it from Kara like six hours later, so apparently I published it, half done, without a title, and drifting off mid thought. I was going to take it down and finish it later, but upon reflection, it really illustrated my point about half assing everything in life but the baby better than I ever could have planned.

If anyone reading out there is leftover from the old days when I discussed other things, I did things this week unrelated to mothering! Granted, I will have to talk about the baby to fully explain them, but that's kind of life now.

1. I saw a movie!

I read Gone Girl at some point in my life that I can't remember, and loved it. I knew I would want to see the movie, but I figured I could wait until it was on out video, or whatever I'm supposed to call it to avoid dating myself now that videos are antiques. But then everyone and their mom started seeing it and raving about it.

 I'm having really, really bad anxiety over leaving Dalton to go to work. Like... it's bad. I would ask for words of wisdom from those who have been there but hormones are involved so logic is no help. Having taken child psychology as a college freshmen, I prescribed myself the cure of "seeing a movie" so I would have a little time away from him doing something fun and realize the world didn't end. The movie was a great choice because I was so into it that the time flew by. I thought the casting was dead on, and I love me some NPH.

While at the theater, I picked up this bad boy.

It's called Mockingjay, movie theater people.
2. I ran!


I never ever thought I would be one of those people who came home from the doctor's office after getting cleared for exercise and immediately put my sneakers on. But then pretty much everything I have said, thought, done and written since beginning this wild ride into parenthood is a surprise to me. I like running more than I realized and that's exactly what I did.

I got a salted caramel mocha on my way home - in retrospect not the best running fuel.

Eric had to leave right when I got home, so I ran until Dalton woke up. I was hoping to get a mile in, and he woke up right when I hit that point - such a considerate guy! Later on, when he went back to sleep, I ran another mile! Both miles I ran straight through, start to finish, and the last time that happened was so long ago I don't remember it. They were also both somewhere in the 10:xx pace, which was also a distant memory. I did some walking for a warm up and cool down to bring the total to 3 miles.

Make that 3.00 miles

I know that might not sound like much but I'm thrilled with it. It felt better than I expected, although I had extremely low expectations. WAY better than pregnant running, that's for sure.

It did not.

3. We voted.

I thought having my neighbor ask when I was due while I was wearing Dalton was the dumbest comment I could get. But then while Eric wore him to the polls, he got asked "Is that a baby?!". So I stand corrected.

What the hell else would it be? I can't even think of a sarcastic response.

We tried to take a family photo with our "I voted" stickers. It wasn't a huge success.

Prime and blurry baby


Best of the bunch, but still not a framer

4. This much anticipated, glorious purchase.

Love her.
I decided at some point, probably last year but I'm not sure, that Black Friday and Christmas are usually less than a month apart, and that's just not enough time for me. Even blasting Christmas music at every opportunity, which I do, it's just not enough. So I'm starting November 1st now and extending through New Year's Eve. It's a controversial decision that many disapprove of (my husband is quite a dissenter) but it's right for me and I won't compromise. So far, I'm still waiting until after Thanksgiving to put the tree up, but no promises for the future.

Christmas music - love or hate, and if you love it, when do you bust it out for the year?



  1. I need to bust out the Christmas music. Leif needs to learn how important it is from a young age.

  2. Yes! This means I can listen to Christmas music? I am so on board with that. Patrick has a rule that we can't put up the tree until after Thanksgiving, but it's so hard to cram everything into 3 weeks...just not enough time. I am loading up the Christmas pandora station right now :)

    PS - why is your baby so dang adorable??

  3. I realized that the PS could be taken as a not nice comment and I wanted to say that I meant it super nicely...he's obviously adorable because you and Eric are super attractive and make cute babies!

  4. I am a little jealous of your treadmill... I'm glad your uterus didn't fall out. I actually ran as soon as I got back from my 6-week check up also. I got home, told my husband that I got cleared and just needed him to let me know when I could try my first run. He said, 'how about right now?' and I couldn't get my sneakers on quick enough! That seems like forever ago at this point though.
    I like Christmas music but I have a hard time finding any that I love enough to start it earlier than Thanksgiving. I do enjoy some Neal Diamond Christmas albums though. They remind me of going out of town to shop on Black Friday with my family every year.

  5. I want a treadmill for Christmas! I'd never get off it. I'm impressed with your 10:xx mile. My first run was like 12:xx with walk breaks. But I had to run OUTSIDE like a commoner.

  6. I got distracted by Eric's shirt-- did he go to Bowling Green for school?! My parents both grew up in BG and all of my family lives there AND my grandpa was the dean of the school back in the day. No one has ever heard of it so I always get caught off guard when I see it!

  7. Oh, and all Christmas, all the time. I may or may not have busted out my first made-for-TV Christmas movie last night.

  8. I loooove Christmas music*! And Idina Menzel!!!

    *With the strong exception of the 12 days of Christmas. I used to work at a mall that had this life-size 12 days of Christmas... thing. Anyway, it played on repeat and life-size puppets depicting the various gifts would move around. It was in front of my store one fateful holiday season and all of us that worked there wanted to set it on fire.


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