Sunday, April 19, 2015

That time we had to hire a lawyer

Let's talk about the excitement of this past week (or so).

Friday (April 10): We bought our house! Popping bottles to celebrate!

The weird thing was, after closing, the house was still filled the staging furniture that had been there to help the seller make it look good (it was a flipped house, so it had been vacant for awhile). Since the house had clearly been sold, and was now ours, this was unexpected and confusing. The seller never even showed up to settlement. Now that it's all said and done, I can safely say online that this guy was horrible to us and completely jerked us around throughout the entire process. We hated him so much, although we never even met him or found out his name.

At settlement, the seller's agent texted our agent asking if the furniture could be removed Saturday morning, which we agreed to. Annoying, since we kind of had plans (um MOVING) but whatever.

Saturday: Eric was at the house before and after the time we agreed on. No one showed.

Unrelated adorable baby picture.
Sunday: We hadn't heard anything about the furniture, and were getting pretty irritated that we couldn't move in. Sunday night at 11:30pm, our realtor got a rude email from the other realtor, but it really didn't have any information to solve anything, It was just nasty, blaming us for not waiting around all day for the movers. Our realtor responded on our behalf, basically wanting to know who was liable in case of any damages when the movers did come.

The furniture is clearly nicer than ours. But we wanted to move our crappy stuff in.
Monday: Still no word until evening, when another email showed up from the other agent. It said we would be charged $300 a month for the furniture, and they would be contacting their lawyer.


The email implied that they wanted to get the furniture on Tuesday, but didn't give a time or state that directly. Obviously we had to work on Tuesday, that whole having jobs thing is kind of how we bought the house in the first place.

Tuesday: I spent my entire lunch attempting to stage whisper to a lawyer on the phone, over the sound of my pump, but not so loud that people who were in the meeting taking place outside my pumping closet could hear me. Oh, and eat. So that was fun. He was very helpful but pretty much said that if we needed to hire him, we better be prepared to part with a lot of our hard earned money and not see it again.

We received an email saying movers were coming to get the furniture Wednesday night, and if we didn't let them in to OUR house, we would be charged $7,500 for the furniture, and also that we were liable for anything broken or missing from the items that had been in the house for months before we even set foot in there.

Our response was that we agreed to let the movers in at the time they demanded, but asked that before the movers entered, we received proof of their insurance, and for the fourth time, we requested a document taking financial responsibility for any potential damages the movers might cause. Every time we asked this, the seller's realtor blatantly ignored us.

All this so this kid could have a yard.
Wednesday: We got no response to our requests. We called lawyers asking if we could just put their stuff on the curb. Every lawyer said no. After work Wednesday, I unhappily left a message for the lawyer I'd spoken to Tuesday telling him we needed to hire him.

But then, Wednesday night, we finally got the phone number for the woman who had done the staging. Up until this point, everything had gone through realtors. We talked to her, she was super nice, and instantly agreed to sign the liability document and come over Thursday to get the furniture.

SO. Turns out it was the seller's SHADY realtor. She had never told the stager that the house had sold, so the stager was never able to get her furniture out. The stager had then informed them that, by contract, they were responsible for replacing the furniture. They tried to backtrack, insisting they had told her, but couldn't produce documentation. Their plan was then to turn us, the new owners, and the stager, against each other, to deflect blame and avoid paying. The whole time, they had been telling her how we were ignoring them, trying to keep the furniture, and saying nothing to us, other than refusing to take liability.

How's that for a story?

Thursday: Finally the weight was off my shoulders, and for the first time since Sunday, I didn't feel nauseous with anxiety. I arrived at work and told my friend how everything worked out and how happy I was.

Less than a minute later, Eric called me. From an ambulance. He'd been hit straight on by someone turning left in an intersection while taking Dalton to daycare, and they were being taken to the ER.

Still cute.
It makes me nauseous and teary eyed again just to type that. I ran down to my teammates classroom (the kids hadn't arrived yet), completely hyperventilating, and tried to tell her what was happening but I couldn't even catch my breath. My teammates are AMAZING, she told me to get out and they handled everything. I drove to the hospital. It took less than 30 minutes but felt like years.

Thank god, all was fine.

We were there a few hours while both my boys got checked out, and they were both given a clean bill of health, other than expecting soreness. We're waiting to hear about the car, but the air bag went off so it's likely totaled. Definitely not an ideal time to take on a car payment (both our cars were paid off), but we honestly don't care, we'll work it out. We're just both so thankful that's our biggest problem from the accident. That night, Dalton stayed in our bed pretty much all night. They didn't say we had to monitor him at night (only during the day), but I needed to monitor him at night. And snuggle him. And hear him breathing.

Back in September, before he was born, I registered for a fancy convertible carseat, the Britax Marathon (the next one up that kids use after infancy). I didn't expect it as a gift, I planned to use the registry discount to buy it. I wanted to go home and get it and install it before Dalton even left the hospital, but the doctors and nurses insisted it was fine to take him home in the infant seat after the accident. That was the last time we used it, and we aren't bothering to get another infant seat for this big guy. Now he's in his big boy seat! Eric got a second one from Costco that night, which is currently installed in the rental.

That night, we had our first family dinner in the new house - so much to celebrate!

Friday: Other than Dalton and Uncle Jesse, the most beautiful sight I've ever seen. 

My own washer and dryer.

I've been hoarding quarters and carrying baskets around like a chump for the past five years, and it became a real PITA with a baby.

That was our week. Tonight is our last night in the apartment!


  1. Holy &*(% I hope you have a good stock of wine and/or chocolate in that new house.

  2. Thank goodness that all got resolved! That seriously sucks that they were basically messing with you and the stager. Is there a way to leave feedback on realtors like you can on like trip advisor?

    Thank goodness everyone is ok and you can finally enjoy your new place!! I can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. Holy shit. I was fuming on your behalf through the first part of the post (like buying a house isn't stressful enough without that kind of douchebaggery) and then actually teared up at the end. I don't even want to imagine getting that call. I'm so glad everyone is okay.

  4. What a week! Glad everyone is OK after the accident. Insurance always seems to pay out more than you expect for a totalled car, hopefully that's the case for you guys too. Re: the house, Ugh how frustrating! Here I was annoyed that the sellers of our house ended up needing an extra day or two past closing to get their stuff out due to a delay with the house they were buying. I can't imagine being in limbo that long.

  5. Good God. I'm glad everyone is OK! I am majorly jealous of your washer and dryer. Every few weeks I go to the bank to pick up rolls of quarters and every time someone at the counter says "I guess it must be LAUNDRY DAY, huh?!" and a little part of me dies inside.

  6. Oh, what a week. I'm glad they're okay. Thank God for airbags. My mom was in an accident last month and I'm pretty sure airbags and seatbelts prevented what could have been much, much worse. It's not fun to get that phone call.
    And good grief about the furniture! What is WITH people?

  7. OMFG! Too crazy. Has your hair sprouted a white streak from all this? (Must say pics of Dalton in his teeny hospital gown are priceless.)

  8. Oh my god, I'm so glad Eric and Dalton are okay!! Enjoy some wine in your new house!

  9. Crazy week! So glad your boys are okay, how freaking scary!
    Glad you got the crazy furniture thing worked out, what a horrid thing to do. Why didn't the lady just call the stager to begin with. I don't get how she thought it easier to harass you. Some people are so dumb!

  10. Oh man! I am wishing you a very uneventful week! That is stupid frustrating with the realtor when all it took was one phone call with the stager to get stuff sorted out!

  11. MAN, hearing about the realtor experience brought me back nightmares of our own realtor experience. So glad it worked out for you guys!!
    Then I read about the accident and I started tearing up!! That must have been so scary for you! My husband is a firefighter and I once got a call that he was in the hospital and I was a complete wreck. I can't even imagine with having both your boys injured. Thank goodness they're okay.
    I am so happy it all worked out for you and that is one nice looking washer-dryer set! Can't wait for us to get a new washer dryer, we need one badly!

  12. OMG, what a terrible week! I would have been FURIOUS at that realtor. This is one of the perks of being a lawyer...I can threaten to sue and it's actually NOT an empty threat. That tends to get people moving ;)

    I'm so glad everything worked out ok, that Dalton and Eric are fine, and that you are now in your house!! So excited for you guys!

  13. #$(&#Q&@ I can only imagine how annoyed you must have been. Our realtor was darling but our seller's realtor was a twit.

    Also babies in hospital gowns...just, no. Never. :( Glad everyone's ok!

  14. Oh my gosh- how scary that call must have been to receive- I'm so glad everyone was ok!

    I'm sorry you went through such hell in your first days as home owners. In the 2 years we were house hunting, we went through a large number of realtors until we eventually decided to stop working with them altogether (which ended up being the best thing ever- I'm pretty sure we'll never have one on our behalf again, but we also have an excellent attorney!).

    I'm glad everything worked out- enjoy that new house and your sweet boy!


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