Sunday, July 12, 2015

The happiest days are when babies come

I HAVE A NEW NIECE!!!!!!!!!!!

Little baby mini Sloane, born on July 10. 

There is something so incredibly wonderful about meeting a niece or nephew. You hold this perfect precious teeny creature, that you already love so much, because biology. Then as soon as he or she cries it's straight back to mom and you go home and get a nice restful night of sleep.

I remember that as soon as I met my nephew, nearly three years ago, I was so crazy about him, that I was scared of what would happen when I had my own, because it would be out of control. And I was so right.

I'm not right a lot, in fact, I would say my ratio of being wrong vs. being right is something like 80/20. So I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about another important time I was right.


My sister and brother in law didn't find out what they were having. I was 150% positive it was a girl the entire time. I've always had fun making guesses for friends' babies, but this was different. I'd never been so sure except when I was pregnant myself. I called the baby "she" almost exclusively, even though everyone else said "it" or "the baby". One time I casually said to a friend "I'd love to have a daughter someday, but if not, at least I'll have a niece", and it took me a minute to realize that wasn't technically confirmed yet.

I wasn't surprised when I finally heard the official ruling.
My BIL was sure it was a boy, so we had a bet. Now, a devout Cowboys fan, he has to cheer for the Giants (their rival, apparently, idk Eric came up with it and based on the reaction it seemed good) for the first week of football season. Of course, we don't live in the same state as them to enforce this, but if he doesn't, Sloane will grow a penis. God heard our bet and that's how these things work.

So squishy

We planned to visit and meet the baby in three weeks, for my nephew's third birthday. But when I FaceTimed with the family and saw her and everything I was like MUST SNUGGLE THAT BABY. Unfortunately, that plan had some holes. 

1. Sloane was in a hospital, 400 miles away.
2. I have an infant. Infants aren't allowed in hospitals as visitors. 
3. I have an overwhelming addiction to my own child to the point where I refuse to so much run to the grocery store without him if he's awake because I NEED every single second with him. I can't even explain it.
"What's that about you leaving?"

That left me in quite a pickle. I just wear so many hats! Mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, now aunt again...the struggle was real. 

I went with the "aunt" and "sister" hat. I was in no way ready to leave Dalton overnight, but I'll be lucky if I'm ready by the time he leaves for college, and I don't have an adorable little niece born every day.

While pregnant, I was concerned I would be one of those mothers that micromanaged everything her baby daddy did and insisted everything be done my way (I can be a bit particular in general). I think I'm in the clear since I decided late Friday afternoon I was going out of state for the weekend, and the only "directions" I left Eric with were "text me when he drinks milk so I know when to pump". Other than that, I packed a bag, kissed them goodbye at 5am Saturday, and took off.

Why doesn't he look like a little baby anymore??
1. Not driving yet 2. I look naked but I'm really not the cover is just hiding my shorts. 

6 hours of Kesha and audiobook later, I got to the hospital, surprised the hell out of my sister, then stole her baby for the rest of the day. I only gave her back for feedings, and they're lucky they got even that, since I could have just taken over there too. I even changed two meconium diapers (this weird sticky stuff that babies have to get out of their intestines when they're born). I was weirdly fascinated and actually asked to change her. I never got to see it with Dalton, since he jumped the gun and let most of it loose in utero, and then the only time he had a meconium diaper on dry land was while I was still tethered to the bed so Eric dealt with it.

When I was having a breakdown over the thought of leaving Dalton Friday night, I told myself I could drive back Saturday evening so I wouldn't have to be away from him overnight. Deep down, I think I knew I wouldn't really do that. I needed to spend some time with another important little guy in my life. 

Harrison! <3 td="">
We rode the (Greece Ridge, holla) mall carousel, got Abbott's custard, and then he even washed my arms for me in the bath. What a guy!

With rainbow sprinkles

Jumping practice 
Sunday morning, I was back in the car at 5am, and I couldn't get home to see my boys fast enough. All in all, it was really tough for me to be away from Dalton for that long. I hate myself for saying this, because it's disgustingly cliche, but I really did feel incomplete without him. The time with my niece and nephew was worth it though - I just love those two kids so much! I'm pretty sure Eric generally likes having me around, but he was not-so-secretly pretty psyched to get Dalton all to himself (I'm a baby hog, I admit it). Dalton always has a great time with his dad, so I wasn't concerned about anything, I just always feel like I'm missing out when I'm not with him.

I know most people probably just looked at the cute baby pictures and I can't blame you.

Does your husband do things as well as you? (The answer is always no)

Who knows where the title is a quote from?

What's the best thing you've ever been right about?


  1. I'm so jealous! And so glad you hopped in the car and surprised Darcy and Sloane and Harrison. Oh, and Dave, lol. Can't believe Harrision is nearly 3. You're right, Dalton does not look like a little baby anymore, esp. when you contrast him with little Sloane. Isn't she gorgeous? She looks so peaceful...

    Are they home yet? If not, when?

    1. Ha, well, not Dave, I arranged it with him so he knew I was coming. They are home! They were discharged this afternoon!

  2. Mike can get Leif to eat better than I can. Also Leif thinks mikes singing voice is like that of an angel (believe me it's not). Babies are weird. Your family makes seriously cute babies.

  3. You've got some ridiculously adorable kids in your family!

  4. Aw what a fun weekend!!

    Some things P is much better all yard work! Others are definitely in my purview.


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