Sunday, July 26, 2015

Utterly unimportant life updates (see what I did there?)

I was getting just a tad bummed that my blog comments were down (not that they were ever anything to write home about, but I enjoyed them). Nothing brings people out of the woodwork like posting a picture of a giant inflated breast with a horrifying story to go along with it, apparently.

All standing, all the time. (Picture unrelated to previous paragraph for obvious reasons.)

Since that awful day, I've naturally lived in fear of this problem returning. So far, so good, knock on wood. Once things were back to flowing, I had to deal with the resulting issue, which was the fact that it tanked my supply. I didn't really think one day of holding all the milk inside would make so much of a difference, but boobies be crazy. The following morning, when I pumped at work, I was getting jack. I called the lactation consultant yet again, and ended up removing myself from the pump and literally milking myself like an Amish cow (my sister reminded me regular cows get machine milked) into a bottle. Always a good way to start off a work day. Someone remind me how much money I'm saving by not buying formula, please?

The silver lining to all this was bringing lactation cookies back into my life. I hadn't made them in months.

Pretty much the only things I've blogged about this summer are my new niece and my exploding boob. Sometimes blogging is hard.

No blog for you.
Here's some other random things we've been up to.

1. Emptying every item out of every drawer.

All day, every day.

2. Exploring at the expense of his personal safety, on a daily basis.

Yeah, that's blood. Upset him for ten seconds, upset me for much longer. 
3. Baby swim classes - SO MUCH FUN. He went under water for the first time today, and was totally fine with it. He's a little honey badger.

Can you see the pure joy on this kid's face? 

4. Baby music class

We tried a free one and it was fun! But not $120 to sing in a church basement level fun, so we haven't been back.

5. Road trip! To Eric's family reunion, in Ohio. Dalton got to meet a ton of his extended family!

We got tired, he had to take the wheel.

Matching shirts!
6. Biking! Well, once. I hadn't been in two years, because pregnant and winter. I forgot how much I liked it, I should totally do it again before winter. I'm currently watching live Ironman Canada coverage because my friend Rachel will be crossing the finish line soon! Just reading about her training made me tired.

8. A college reunion! A few of my besties from college came to visit from out of state, and brought their babies/toddlers/fetuses, and it was amazing. We are totally going to get into the alumni magazine.

Those who couldn't make it, Facetimed. 
It was pretty much the best thing ever. While I would love to magically make it so we all lived within a mile of each other again, and I wouldn't mind a wild night out at our favorite bars, getting together at this stage of life is even more fun. It still blows my mind that it's been an entire decade since we graduated. #classof2005

9. We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! On our last anniversary, it was crazy trying to imagine what life would be like the following year with a 9 month old, and little did I know it would be better than I ever imagined. 

We watch our wedding video every year. 
10. (Some) exercise. Such as running. With and without strollers.

I've also been into the T25 workout DVDs, but let's get one thing clear. I like the workouts, they are quick and make me want to die, but it ends there. I do not drink Shakeology, and I will never message you on Facebook pretending like I'm interested in talking to you and then sneak in a reference to your fat ass and try to get you to join my beachbody team. To each their own, but I'm pretty devoted to eating, not drinking weird ass shakes instead of meals, especially since I'm (about to be) training for a half marathon and breastfeeding.

11. General summer shenanigans.

11. Napping

These baby naps are KILLING me. I was so excited to get more quality time with Dalton while only working half days (summer school) for four weeks. I pick him up, we get to eat lunch together, and then it's time for his nap. More often than not, he doesn't even wake up until the time I would get home working a normal day! I mean, it's nice to be able to do housework or exercise during that time and not be trying to cram it all in at 9pm or 5am, but why do babies need so much sleep? Not to mention the fact that it's killing me on playdates. Nothing makes a baby sleep like making plans. Nothing. 

12. Girls night out!

My BFFs and I got dressed up and went out for restaurant week. We forgot to take an awesome picture of ourselves, which really upsets me because I was wearing eyeliner for like the fourth time in my life, and put it on myself, for the first time. But here's my beautiful iPhone photo of delicious seafood risotto.

So good, but like four bites worth.

That sums up my wild summer that's much too rapidly coming to an end. Mostly baby updates, naturally, since that's my (wonderful) life now!

What's the most annoying marketing scheme on your Facebook feed right now? Definitely Beachbody for me. Unless I specifically post "I'M TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT", feel free to not message me suggesting that I do just to get my dolla bills. If I did want to, I know how to cook chicken and veggies and actually make it taste good. 

What's the best part of your summer so far?


  1. We just got back from vacation and that was definitely the best part of summer. Traveling with a baby for 10 hours wasn't even that bad.

  2. Ugh, Beachbody for sure. Although I've been getting mauled by people hocking THRIVE lately and it's driving me nuts. I have absolutely no idea what it is, but I know they keep tagging me in photos on FB and I have to untag myself. Tragedy. On the bright side, our wedding is only 40 days away! Total highlight right there :)

  3. I must hang out with more salespeople than the average bear because my social media has been taken over by not only Beachbody, but also (in no particular order) Thrive, Rodan & Fields, Plexus, Advocare, Mary Kay, Young Living Essential Oils, Jamberry...... I could seriously keep going.

    1. I have never heard of some of these and I'm quite thankful for that! I've seen the YL oils. I actually love Mary Kay's not on my Facebook feed but I buy it anyway!

  4. Did they tell you to get that baby floatie? When I was an instructor, they were banned from our pool. If the baby falls face first in the water - with only the floatie on their back like that - they will be completely unable to get up. It basically holds their face underwater. Those things terrify me...

    If you put two of the floatie things on the front and two on the back, it's much safer.

    1. Yes! The instructor hands them out at the beginning of class. Good to know, thank you! Maybe it's ok for this class because the baby is held by one of the parents or the instructor at all times?

  5. Fb feed annoyances: Arbonne, Rodan and fields, and something hair-related (cant remember the name) that was being posted by a friend at least daily so i hid her from my newsfeed.

    Best part of summer so far is...being on maternity leave and being able to take my baby companion to meet friends for breakfast/lunch/coffee throughout the day. Or maybe the more recent development where Lydia is sleeping long enough for me to get enough sleep to begin to feel like a human again.

  6. Looks like a pretty amazing summer so far! I'm totally with you on people hawking stuff on facebook. Everyone wants to sell something.

  7. I have so much to say about this post. LOLed at the Amish cow comment. We are so lucky to have dairy education on hand as cows ourselves. Harrison is straight up FASCINATED by the concept that Dalton went underwater and did not cry. He's asked like 10 times, "but he didn't cry??" We need to make girls night in Baltimore happen sometime when I'm there, please and thank you.


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