Thursday, February 11, 2016

Goodbye, Second Tri

Um, I'm almost in the third trimester. 27 weeks tomorrow (Friday). HOW did that happen so fast? The first trimester seems like it lasts years and then the second tri just flies. At least in my two experiences.


I finally took a bump picture this week. The last one was at 15 weeks. With Dalton, I took them weekly, religiously. This kid is already suffering from classic second kid problems.

Eric took this before my friend Lily's bridal shower. I felt like all the pictures from the shower made me look like a hippopotamus, so I'm posting this one that is flattering.

The well known "I'm pregnant not fat" pose.

I wouldn't say the second trimester has been the burst of energy everyone talks about. Maybe that's only with the first baby. I haven't felt crushing exhaustion like at the beginning, but I've been pretty tired. Maybe that's just life as an adult though.

When I don't cook dinner fast enough, he takes matters into his own hands. 

My main concern has been not being able to play/do things with Dalton, but luckily so far I've been fine. Sure, taking him to the grocery store by myself has me wishing I could lay down on the floor and nap halfway through the trip, but overall, I can still pick him up, sit with him in my lap, and chase him pretty easily.

I'm eating ALL the things and doing...not all the exercise. Last week I did actually exceed my goal of 3 workouts and did 4. This's not going great. Although I did have some sort of stupid respiratory bug and was hacking up a lung for like 3 days. When I have run, the hip pain is crazy. I never really had that last time so it's annoying. I really need to just accept that I need to mix in other types of exercise for the next 13 weeks and give up on running, but it's my favorite. First world pains. I'm attempting a date with Steven Avery on the treadmill bright and early tomorrow, so we'll see.

I did the glucose test this past weekend.

Everyone's favorite way to spend a Saturday morning. Instead of breakfast and coffee, you chug this nasty sugar water (you get 5 minutes or less), sit in a lab for an hour (at least in my case, I had to go get the drink at the lab and then the receptionist made me sit in front of her and watched me drink it), and get blood drawn. Despite my horrific needle phobia, and also my fear of not being allowed to drink coffee in the morning, it wasn't bad at all. Now I just have to wait to see if I pass. Although ultrasounds are much more fun, since you get to see the baby, this test is so much less nerve wracking. It checks to see if you have gestational diabetes, so the worst case scenario (to my understanding) is that you have to be on a special diet for the rest of your pregnancy. Ultrasounds check to see if the baby is healthy, which is obviously much scarier.

The main pregnancy news is that I talked to my doctor and I am "officially" going to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). Of course, nothing we decide is official, since the baby is the one actually calling the shots. But if the baby is in position and everything looks healthy, she was optimistic about it for me. She even said I could get induced if I go past my due date (not that I'm dying to get induced, but this would be opposed to just having another c-section). I kept trying to talk myself in to just scheduling another c-section, since it made sense - having control over the birth, being able to plan ahead of child care, etc. It just didn't feel right though, so I'm going with my gut. If I end up having another one, that's fine, but I want to at least give myself the option to try to avoid surgery. Fingers crossed! I requested to join a VBAC group on Facebook, so I feel like that will most likely seal the deal.

Just because it's adorable.

I still really have no clue what sex the baby is. I've started to picture the baby as a boy, but it's hard to say if that's an actual feeling or just because that's been my only experience with having a baby. It's weird to me because I had such a strong, positive feeling that Dalton was a boy from 8 weeks on, and even had two separate dreams that the ultrasound tech said boy the night before we found out. Maybe I'll have a dream about this baby the night before he or she is born? I can only hope I'll be getting a full night of sleep before that happens.

Two trimesters down, one to go. I can't wait/I'm terrified and not ready.

Any other moms feel like the second tri flew by?


  1. When I was pregnant with Anna I had a dream that I pulled her out, saw she was a girl and put her back in. True story! LOL I didn't know she was a girl but I wanted a girl badly!

  2. Yay! This VBAC-Momma is so glad that you're giving it a try. And your attitude about it seems perfect!
    Hope the final trimester treats you well!

  3. Ok, you look adorable and that photo of you and Dalton is the absolute sweetest!


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