Friday, April 1, 2016

Whatever cool points I ever had are gone

Ok so, I try not to swear on here, but sometimes, it's just necessary, so here's your warning.

I'm officially a soccer mom and I freaking love this thing. I thought I was pretty familiar with minivans, since I grew up with one and learned to drive on it, but they have come a long way. I can just push a button and the doors or truck open right up for me. There's SO MUCH ROOM. It's not the reason we bought it, but in my standard transmission honda civic, we were rapidly getting to the point where the place I needed to sit to reach the pedals was not where I needed to sit to accommodate my belly. Now my belly has plenty of space, and not having to wrestle a toddler into a sedan 8 months pregnant is glorious. He's so amazed by the newness of it that right now he doesn't even fight me at all getting in the car seat.

I bought my civic in 2005, right after I graduated from college and got my first real job (which is still my current job). Do you have any idea how many cool things have been invented for cars since 2005? I have satellite radio, navigation, blue tooth, a billion cupholders, and we can even get a DVD player installed that has two separate screens for the two kids. That being said, I'm actually really sad to say goodbye to my civic. 11 years is a long relationship!

Here we are on the last day of spring break. Womp womp. Let's take a look at how I used my time.

Freezer meals made: 0
Closets/drawers cleaned out: 0 
Junk items moved out of baby's room: 0
Naps taken: 3 
Vans bought: 1
"Dates" with Eric: 2
Books read: 2.5
Fun things with Dalton: all of them

Overall, a success. It's been an amazing week of living the sweet life, being a lady who lunches. Monday, Eric and I brought Dalton to daycare and went to test drive vans. We even went out to lunch and shopped for discount Easter candy at Target! That's a date, right?

Eric has been raving about the new movie theater near us that has the fancy pants reserved seating, bar, and restaurant where they bring you food to your seat. We actually have an awesome babysitter that lives a mile away and is amazing with Dalton, and we really need to take advantage of her before she leaves for college/going out is a mess of pumping confusion and not even worth it. We saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Sequels are always a gamble, but we were legitimately cracking up the whole time and John Stamos even has a cameo! Prior to this week, we've only done 3 "dates" away from Dalton, so this was kind of a big deal.

Then we took selfie stick selfies.

Of course, I've used the majority of my time off to hang out with Dalton. My mom group is all teachers/SAHMs, so we had a zoo date.

These cuties - I can't even! All born within two weeks of each other. 

Dalton very hesitantly brushed a goat. 
After going home for naptime (which didn't happen in our house), we met up that night. Apparently a sushi place downtown has "Toddler Tuesdays". They set up this baby jail and toys and have deals on kids meals.

He looks kind of pathetic in this picture but I swear he LOVED IT. 
Wednesday, just two of us had lunch at "Play Cafe", which is similar in that it has kids items and all the table are near this giant play area. As the name indicates, it's like that all the time and is just overall very kid friendly. Dalton is generally very clingy and stays close to me in new situations, so I was really impressed that he ran right over to the play areas both times and had fun playing on his own - I even used the bathroom and he didn't even notice! 

I ordered a 16oz avocado, blueberry, coconut milk, lime, and mint smoothie for us to share, forgetting that I hate smoothies. No worries, Dalton took care of the entire thing, plus shared both my lunch and his little buddy's lunch.

He couldn't get enough. 

Thursday, we went to baby story hour at the library while Eric finished up our major spring break project (and when I say "our", that basically only refers to the fact that technically my paycheck goes into the joint checking account that bought it). 

Babies need a lot of stuff. We need more room. Hence, shed. 
I didn't totally neglect my second child this spring break. Tuesday, I flipped out because I hadn't felt the baby move all day at the zoo, and this baby is ALWAYS on the move. I called my OB and she sent me to the hospital for a non-stress test (basically measures the heart beat for an extended period) and an ultrasound. The baby is fine, just teaming up with his/her brother by apparently napping all day while he decided not to nap all day. Siblings unite! The ultrasound showed that everything is in place for a VBAC, the baby is growing as it should be, and the baby has hair! 34 weeks today - I cannot wait to meet this little one in about 6 weeks (and not more). It's now April, and I can say I'm due next month!

Because I'm giant and tired and my husband was busy building a shed, we decided it was time to treat yo self. To getting our house cleaned. We had a cleaning lady come over to give us an estimate for a few cleanings after the baby was born. Then she was there and I was just like...I'm enormous and tired and bending down hurts and this house is a freaking mess. Can you start tomorrow? She did and now our house is SO CLEAN and the new van is SO CLEAN and it's literally the only time my vehicle and home will both be spotless and I love it so much. I want all my friends to stop by unexpectedly and then I'll pretend I just live like this normally.

Have you ever used a cleaning service? It was my first time, and it was kind of awkward since we were home for part of it, but I don't even care because everything is so clean and shiny.

Does your city have all these restaurants with baby jails so you can chill with your friends and ignore your kid? I didn't even know this was a thing, and it's awesome.


  1. Your new van is beautiful! Congrats! I used a cleaning person when I lived in NYC. Then I was a cleaning person when I lived in Arizona! From both sides of that fence, I agree it's better if the homeowners aren't home...

  2. That was my Mother's Day gift last year and I have told Flemming that is all I ever want for Mother's Day is amazing!!!

  3. I am pretty sure if I won the lottery one of the first things I would do is hire a regular cleaning person. Coming home to a clean house w/o having to clean it myself in the struggle hours of late night/early morning is pretty much the best thing ever. Right now the best we can do is 1x biweekly which, with a toddler in the house and two working parents, means the house is back to disaster level by about day 2 post-cleaning (but oh man those few clean days are GLORIOUS). Semi-related note, my MIL pays for someone to come and watch my BIL's toddler and clean his house every week (the nicest woman ever who has worked for my MIL for decades) and he constantly complains about inane BS like "sometimes she doesn't even use a real mop and uses a swiffer wet..." I'm sorry, but if someone else was paying for someone to clean my house EVERY WEEK, i wouldn't care if they used my favorite article of clothing soaked in cleaning fluid to clean those floors, I would just be so happy to not do it/pay for it myself. End rant. Dalton continues to be super adorable, not that you don't already know that.

  4. Haha we recently bought a new house and I am so desperate to keep it shiny and new (bc it's literally brand new) that I'm trying to convince Will that we need a cleaning lady. Even just once a month to do those awful things like blinds and baseboards. Because let's face it: I don't do them. Ever.

  5. A cleaning person is on my list of things to get when I'm rich. Probably never, but you know, that lottery could happen. :)

  6. Keep up your good spirit dear!

  7. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! You guys have a beautiful family. I think minivans are the best option for parents because they provide so much room, as well as space for a growing family. My wife is a SAHM as well, and meets weekly with her mom group to give our toddler some one on one baby time with his friends, and give herself a chance to talk like an actual adult.

    Domingo @ Viva Ford


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