Saturday, July 24, 2010


Again, fail. Blog not updated since Wednesday. It's Saturday and I have lots of crazy exercise to review! So let's just pretend it's Friday and I'll write two separate blog posts.

Tempo Run Thursday!
I often think tempo run is my favorite part of the training plan. I like the challenge of trying to maintain a certain pace and sometimes I feel like I have to hold back on Monday's easy run so I like really feeling like I'm racing (almost). This Thursday was a little rough however. The temperature was already in the 80s when I left for my run at 6am. The tempo run increased this week from 4 miles to 5 miles at tempo (with a half mile warm up and cooldown). I felt like it was a serious struggle to get up and down the hills. However, I was excited when I got home because I assumed I had gone slower than I wanted to, but that was not the case!

According to McMillan and my two mile timed trial at the beginning of marathon training, my tempo speed should be 8:28 to 8:50 (but in my mind I consider anything under 9 tempo pace). My splits were:
9:40<---- not sure what happened here - maybe a really bad hill?
8:38<---- proud of myself for picking it up at the end!

All in all, a good run!

Thursday night - HOT YOGA
I tried Bikram yoga for the first time Thursday. I was a bit nervous about staying in room for the full 90 minutes, and I have never done yoga (well, a few one demand videos and a class at my old gym don't really count) before. The website said the room was heated to 105 degrees. When we got there, it was actually 114! It was seriously intense and I had to sit/lie down many times because I felt lightheaded, dizzy, nauseous, or some combination. I could only do the extreme beginner version of most poses and I thought it was really odd how you were supposed to keep your knees locked, unlike aerobics classes, where they are always on you NOT to lock them. But I stayed in the room, which is apparently the goal for beginners! The amount you sweat is unreal. I had brought 4 water bottles from my freezer and pretty much killed three of them by the end. Although it's tough you do feel AMAZING afterwards. However, since it took place during dinner time, I was the hungriest girl ever when I finally sat down to dinner after returning home and showering - not until 10:15! An hour past my normal bedtime.

Somehow I convinced myself to go again Friday so Darcy and I headed to a 4pm class. I was a little nervous since we were supposed to meet friends for dinner afterwards and after the previous class I could barely function to make it off the couch and into bed. Plus Thursdays class was so rough that I was getting really anxious about doing it again. The second time seemed to fly by though, unlike Thursday where the class felt like it took a year. I took a lot less breaks and those I did were not because I thought I was going to die or pass out. And we felt energized for dinner after instead of exhausted. I think the late time for Thursday's class contributed to my struggle. We may go again Sunday morning - but that depends how much fun we have tonight!

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