Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lindsey's in the slammer!

I don't follow celebrity gossip that much but for some reason I am super excited about the fact that Lindsey finally had to go to jail. Maybe because she's a redhead and we share a name I like to stalk her a bit?

Last night was partner 800s at the track. Luckily my partner, who had been on vacation, was finally back! Basically what we did was, I ran 400 on my own, I ran 400 with Katharine (my partner), then she ran 400 alone while I rested. Repeat 7 times. It ended up being about 4.5 - 5 miles total, plus they were speed intervals so it was a tough workout. I really like doing speedwork on the track though. Since I had never done it, I thought it might be boring, but I love how all the different intervals breaks things up, so it flies by. Plus having a coach and teammates pushing you and giving you goals results in me working much harder then when it's just me and the road at 6am and nobody really knows what I'm doing. These speed runs in 90 degree heat are crazy though! I brought two water bottles and killed them both before I made it home.

I thought my legs might be sore this morning. They actually have been sore after the other two track workouts I've done - which means they must be making a difference, I don't remember the last time I was sore after a 4 mile run! Today they felt fine though, although I am feeling Monday's SELF tear out card workout in my shoulders a bit. Staying out late at trivia last night = sleeping in (until the late hour of 6:45) and hitting the gym in the afternoon. I was thinking of a swim + strength training (I usually try to get this in on Wednesdays) but when my new issue of SELF came in the mail swimming was all over. I enjoyed it for 30 minutes on the elliptical. I normally do an interval workout by increasing either the tension or the incline every few minutes but today I made the amazing discovery that the machine has an option called "hill incline" where it does all that for you so I can just ignore my watch and zone out with my magazine! Ingenious. Only took me 11 years of consistent gym attendance to figure that out. After my hill incline workout I did a random hodgepodge of strength training that I have put together from physical therapy, JM DVDs, and magazine ideas. My heart rate stays pretty high if I move through it quickly and I am shaky afterward so I consider it a good workout. Still, I hate strength training. I just try to tell myself it's helping me become a better runner in the long run.

Last night a bunch of friends from school showed up at trivia unexpectedly. We ended up skipping trivia and just getting a table to catch up on gossip. So much fun! I love my coworkers....we just need to eliminate the whole "work" part of our relationship. And tonight I wasted 40 minutes driving to tutoring because I never check my messages and apparently I had got one saying it was canceled. I guess I learned my lesson.

Off to eat dinner and maybe watch some DVR'd Glee!

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