Monday, July 19, 2010

Slight fail

Ok so I did not blog about my exercise every day. In my defense, though, this was my anniversary weekend so I was celebrating two happy years of marriage with my wonderful husband!

Friday - planned to do a bike/swim before work. Too tired. Slept instead after getting up to check if there was open swim in the afternoon....the extra sleep was much needed and felt like heaven! It was the only day last week that I didn't feel like I had to drag myself through. I planned to do my workout at 3, when open lane swim began, but my husband begged me to relax with him. Who was I to say no on our anniversary weekend? I did get a slight workout cleaning? So Friday turned into my rest day for the week.

Saturday - 9.61 mile HILLY, HOT, HUMID run with the marathon group. We ran up over 2200 feet of elevation. This run was rough but I met some new friends and got through it.

We celebrated our anniversary in Richmond, VA. I tried Ethiopian food for the first time (we both LOVED it) and probably walked at least a few more miles up more hills!

Sunday - attempted to go to the YMCA next to the hotel (hotel guests could go for free) but it was closed until noon, so we ran outside instead. I didn't have my running shoes but did a slow run for about 35 minutes and got to check out the city on foot. Later on at home I did No More Trouble Zones for some strength training.

Monday - Somehow managed to get up and do a 5K before work after staying up WAAAY too late and not sleeping well. I had the worst food hangover from eating my weight in chocolate anniversary cake yesterday, but it was worth it. I am actually a little bit sore from NMTZ and the hills. Might do some ab/core work later on today, or some yoga to loosen up. My real challenge for today is not to go eat all that's left of the cake. Fingers crossed!

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