Thursday, January 24, 2013

New treadmill PDR

Today's surprise bonus post is being brought to you by: SNOW!

iPhone photo through the window is the best I can do - no way I'm going out there before I have to.
You know how, every single morning, the alarm goes off and you feel like you would be willing to cut off a limb for 5 more minutes of sleep? I know that's not just me. This morning I woke up, saw a little snow, crossed my fingers like crazy, checked Facebook, saw like five statuses saying we had a delay, then because I'm a psycho went and checked the TV, confirmed, and experienced the unmitigated joy of knowing I could go back to sleep for two whole hours. Other than a full snow day, there is no better way to wake up.

We finally got a two hour delay today, which coincided perfectly with my rest day. This is our first time missing school due to snow in TWO YEARS. This may not sound like a lot, but Maryland teachers count on snow breaks. One of the best reasons to live here is that they won't hesitate to delay or close schools over less than an inch.

Eric saved this post by taking pictures when he left for work!
Soooo much dangerous snow
Right now Mother Nature and I are BFF, but yesterday that wasn't exactly the case. Wednesday my training plan called for 9 miles with 6 X 400 intervals (aka I needed to run fast for a few portions). After my freezing 5 mile  run Tuesday night, I did the only logical thing and spent the rest of the evening agonizing over whether to attempt the great outdoors again, this time for nearly twice the distance, or to face my nemesis, the treadmill, for my longest indoor run yet (previous was 8 miles as part of an icy 14 mile long run while trying to train for a marathon on a weekend in Rochester).

Tuesday night I was frantically looking up treadmills on trying to figure out if they provided overnight delivery.

The treadmill sounds like the obvious choice, but it wasn't as easy as it sounds. I go to the YMCA, which is across the street, which meant that to use the treadmill I'd still have to face the single digit temperatures, and one could argue that would defeat the whole point of avoiding them. Then there's the crushing boredom of running in place for over an hour to consider. The YMCA doesn't have wireless, which meant I wouldn't even be able to watch Netflix on my phone and my only option would be auditory entertainment. 

I knew my idol Jillian Michaels would encourage me to push past all these obstacles, and so I did. I got to the Y at 5:30, and entertained myself with podcasts for an hour and 19 minutes (8:48 pace), and did my 6X400 intervals at 7.8, I don't know what pace that is. Also, FYI, in the interest of honestly, I don't put the 1% incline that's recommended on when I run on the treadmill. I use it like twice a year, so if the belt makes it easier to run those two times and my pace isn't accurate, well, so be it. 

If you aren't already jealous of my career, yesterday I got to jump rope (the really long kind where two people hold it and you have to jump in while they are already swinging it) in front of about 250 people, including my boss. I hadn't jumped rope in about 20+ years, and I was wearing knee high boots and a sweater, but I still earned this.

Pretty sure it was just for participation, but I'll take it.

What's your temperature minimum and maximum for running outside? Minimum - I can do single digits, but any sort of ice gets me indoors, which was another problem Tuesday night. Maximum - I can usually handle the heat until it gets above 90.

If you don't run, when is the last time you jumped rope? That type required really high jumps and it was much harder than I remembered!

Last question does everyone always put an incline on the treadmill?


  1. Nice job getting your speedwork in. I will pretty much go out in any temp. I get nervous on packed snow and ice but have a pair of Yaktrax. Living in Cleveland, I used these all winter. Today is my rest day so I hope I don't have to dig them out, but I will!

  2. I agree on the ice but this winter I've been indoors more than usual. I am one of the peeople that always puts the treadmill at an incline but I don't think ot makes much difference either

  3. I'm with you on the weather situations. I do run but they make us jump rope in bootcamp class sometimes, no fancy footwork though. I have no choice but to run on the treadmill half the time but I always but it on 1.5% incline unless I'm doing hills then higher.

  4. I used to be awesome at double dutch jump rope when I was in girl scouts. I could do tricks!

    I usually have an incline of 2% on the treadmill, but it's awful, so I usually downgrade part way through the run if it's a long run.

    I can't believe that snow is a 2 hour delay. We'd have to get like 4 inches for even close to a delay. Not that it makes any difference for me.

  5. As we discussed, I am moving to Baltimore when Harrison is school aged so that he will be saved from blizzard conditions and still get time off of school. There was a school bus that crashed into a ditch yesterday in Webster, and it was like the only scene the Today show pictured when reporting on the winter storm. Byee Rochester

  6. I usually use an incline 0.5 or 1%. But sometimes, when I'm feeling lazy, I don't use one.

    I haven't been running outside at all this week. It's partly the cold, but wind is huge factor for me. Cold + sunny is >>>> cold + dark + windy.

  7. I haven't done that type of jump roping (jumping rope?) in a really long time. I used to love it! Enjoy that ribbon, and accompanying memories. After childbirth, jumping like that makes you feel like your uterus is going to fall into your shoes...aaannnnd sometimes you'll pee your pants. (or so I've heard)

  8. I generally loathe the treadmill, and the one I have at home is crap and permanently locked at 10% I will run in almost any weather outdoors. This week though, my lungs hurt, and I've been a pansy. Single digits just doesn't work with asthma and a cold.

    I think I would trip and fall if I tried to jump rope at the moment.

  9. I ran 10 miles on the treadmill about a month ago. It was rough, but thankfully I had my own personal tv, music and a magazine to keep me from getting too bored. I've been running on the treadmill a lot because I don't really like to run in the dark.
    I can't believe that amount of snow causes a two hour delay. I wish it would snow here because winter seems more bearable with it.

  10. I am a pansy and if it's under 25 degrees I would rather run on a treadmill. I also hate winds and such. The treadmill I have at home at not a very good one and only goes up in increments of .5 so I'm either going too fast or too slow and it sucks. I also end up yelling at my kids at some point so I will just stick to the Y treadmills for now. Except last night some guy kept trying to talk to me that was on the treadmill next to me and I kept having to take my earbuds out saying "HUH" every time. Then, he got off of his treadmill at exactly the same time that I did so I was scared I was going to be murdered in the parking lot. Well, here I am today so obviously that didn't happen.

  11. You think Maryland is bad for calling off school for a tiny bit of snow, try living in NC. It just flurries here and people freak out! Congratulations on your delay. Maybe next time it will be a full day off!

  12. I think that the treadmill become one of my good friends during the winter months because trying to run on ice covered sidewalks is not fun! But you have to find ways to mix it up like routines and programs. If you have a good treadmill you can program it and it can keep track of your progress which help you to keep going.

  13. i''l go outside in any temp but if there's a lot of ice my yaktrak can't handle, i'll resort to the TM. i have no max temp!

  14. I will go outside in any temp, but I really hate cold rain (like 33 and pouring). I don't go outside for runs if it's too cold and windy because it's too cold for the stroller cargo, but babies are weak.

    I haven't jumped rope since I used to teach a boot camp kick boxing class. It really works up a sweat trying to not die.

  15. RG3 ran the other night in about 19 degrees, it wasn't too bad once we got going. I couldn't force myself out there by myself last night so opted for the boring elliptical...luckily I had the idea to watch an entire episode of Game of Thrones while on there and the hour flow by!

  16. I do try to remember to 1% it when I am on the treadmill. I am not sure how cold I would go I have done 20ish before but it was at a race, my problem other than that is the people who live near me are complete tool boxes and I think they aim for runners so I try to stay off the roads as much as I can and I refuse to DRIVE somewhere when it is super cold out just to run unless it is a race. I have a treadmill in my basement with a large TV, DVD and roku so I have no excuse to skip that.

  17. Hi! I just found your blog and I think it's awesome! I also live in Maryland...and I don't usually run outside if it's less than 30 degrees...I know...I'm a wimp! But I love the Maryland heat and have no problem running in the crazy hot/humid weather.


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