Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I don't wanna wait

I've enjoyed writing this little blog for awhile now, but of course I'm not in any way a professional, trained, or talented writer. Sometimes it's really hard for me to put things into words. I was randomly texting with my college roommate over the weekend, and I was finally able to nail down how I feel about my nephew, despite spending an entire post on the topic after he was born. I had to take a little stroll down memory lane to get there.

Except minus the romantic thing, obviously.

I should be embarrassed how long I spent browsing Dawnson's Creek images on Pinterest for this.
Clearly we were major Dawson's Creek fans in college. I figured that comparison would resonate with her because she (and I) met her husband during the series finale of the show. If I remember correctly, he wandered into our dorm suite from downstairs, and we were like "Hey there, random guy, why don't you sit down and shut the hell up because we're trying to watch here". Back then (this may shock my younger readers), we didn't have luxuries like "DVR" or "Hulu", and if you considered yourself a fan of a show, you had to actually commit to watching every episode in real time or you were completely screwed. Both your dating and social life had to take a backseat (although in college no social event begins until well after prime time television).

I'm forced to discuss amazing 90s TV because running and I are fighting this week. First of all, this happened. These pictures were taken of my back (where the waistband of my tights hit) Monday night. 

Usually chafing is a one and done for me - I suffer through one horrible shower and then it's all good. I don't know why this is still all red and, as Eric said, looks like someone slashed me with a knife.

The next problem is hardly worth whining about, since a good chunk of the country is dealing with the same or worse, but I'll go ahead and do it anyway. This weather is a joke.

Monday, I had ZERO motivation to run, but I forced myself to do 7 miles. Why? Because based on the forecast, it would be the only time all week that I'd be running in double digit temperatures.

someecards.com - I miss hating the summer heat

Tuesday, I woke up to this.

I swear, it was the same 2.5 hours earlier when the alarm went off to run and I was like "oh hell no". I planned ahead and everything and had pretty much every piece of winter running gear I own set out, but I hadn't anticipated how warm and wonderful my bed would feel.

It was actually almost exactly the same when I finally ran at almost 6pm. I only had to do 5 miles, and even that was a mental challenge, even with tons of gear.

I had to break out the face mask for the first time, which in my head I call my Baklava, because it makes me laugh think of delicious pastry and gets my mind off the fact that I'm about to stupidly run when it's practically Antarctica instead. (It's really called a balaclava.) These are the types of pathetic head games Mother Nature is forcing me to play.

There's no point in bitching about the cold anymore, so what 90s show were you committed to enough to watch in real time? Believe it or not, I've never seen Beverly Hills 90210. Eric nearly left me when I revealed that.


  1. You should really be watching "Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23". If you loved Dawson's Creek, you will laugh your ass off at that show.

    I had no urge to run outside at all today. I'm stuck on the treadmill again this week because it's too cold for my stroller cargo!

    1. I second watching Don't Trust the B. That shit is hilarious. In other horrifying news, they changed the DC theme song on Netflix. It's lame.

  2. I really wish I watched Dawson's Creek now just so I could understand that reference!

  3. How does the face mask work? Do you get all sweaty and humid from it? I guess that is a necessary evil in this weather. I sat out of running outside today and actually hit the treadmill for the first time in ages. I just couldn't force myself to bundle up again, and I wanted to put in some mileage in my thin Fivefingers. I think a lot of us are feeling this pain! Isit spring yet?

    1. Pretty much you get sweaty and disgusting under it, mainly since mine is a cheap piece of crap, but I would imagine that ones that are made by actual running companies, not Walmart, would be different. My main reason for considering the treadmill tomorrow is that is was so hard to wipe my nose under the mask!

  4. Do you not have access to a treadmill? This morning it was 21*, but the "feel like" temp was SIX. SIX DEGREES. Absolutely am not running outside this week. Ridiculous. Was last winter this cold?

    TGIF...when we were kids, all the neighborhood kids got together to watch TGIF. And we watched a ton of Friends in college. And Greys. I was obsessed with the early season of Greys, but now we're into the 2000's.

  5. I totally gave up the thought of running outside - it was a whole 1* this morning and the feels like was basically, "don't go outside". Yet, I didn't get a snow day out of the deal, which is why I decided to go into education in the first place!
    I did watch 90210 (I can't believe I still remember that zip code when I struggle to remember my old one?!) but I wasn't able to get too into some of those dramas then. I never missed a Law & Order and fell over myself for Alias. Thankfully, I can now catch up on Buffy and next, Dawson's!

  6. I'm such a wuss this winter, not sure what happened. I cannot get out there! My show was Felicity and yes, used to sit around the dorm room and watch. But, we also had VCRs and would record it too! :)

  7. How in the world can I remember what I watched in the 90s? Let me check my VCR tapes. I'm getting old. ;-)

    I love my treadmill but I miss running in the snow and cold. Before I had a built in babysitter (aka the oldest) and would rarely miss going outside. Now I have the hubby but rarely push the jogger if it's in the 30s. So I'm getting old and lazy.

  8. It's 60 degrees here. Don't hate me. You should move. We have lots of schools here.

    1. 80 degrees, here, last week...

      Enough beaches for all of us to run on, too!

  9. I never watched Dawson's Creek, but I was obsessed with Felicity and Gilmore Girls.

    I need one of those face masks...or not, I'll just stick to the treadmill for now. This weather terrifies me.

  10. The "I Miss Hating the Summer Hate" has to be the best one of those e-cards ever.

    I watched Dawon's Creek, 90210 and Gilmore Girls.

  11. i love the title of this most more than anything! in college every wednesday was D&D night (i feel like i mentioned this before?!) -- dinner and dawson. of course, dinner was mac & cheese washed down with beer. i loved pacey.

    another favorite - felicity!!!

    i ran 10 miles on monday since it was so "warm".

  12. Haha, the days of no DVR. I remember the night of the Friends finale. There wasn't a girl to be found in the halls of our dorm. Everyone was glued to the tv!


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