Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Attempting a personality change

I'm not generally one to notice things like this, but some astute readers have noticed that this running blog is missing something. Like...running. Especially considering I have that big 100 miler coming up.

Well, things haven't exactly gone as planned. Everything started out great. Just kidding, I typed that, then remembered the whole PHUNT debacle. Well, everything started out, anyway.

I complained of some foot pain after the Stone Mill 50 miler. Since mid January, things haven't felt right on my runs. I've done the usual - cut runs short, take extra rest days, ice, compression, elevation, cross training, etc. But I haven't felt any better. If anything, running has gotten worse.

I really would love to be a "glass half full" type of person. Actually, even being a "glass half empty" type would probably be an improvement over my current personality.

This pretty much sums me up.

I derive great fear from my friends' experiences, and since I'm very popular with many friends, I suffer. My partner in crime for the 100 miler is going through the worst, most horrific injury of all time. Naturally, that makes me even more paranoid than usual.

I'm trying this new approach to life. Usually, when something prevents me from running as I'd like, I think about it and talk about it constantly. I blog about it excessively, with every insignificant detail, ask everyone to diagnose me, and then aggressively pursue Web MD diagnoses on my own. I get hysterical, depressed, and essentially suffer a complete mental breakdown.

This does not bring me happiness.

So I'm trying something new. Not obsessively blogging and talking about my lack of running and accompanying symptoms, banning myself from Web MD, and trying to focus on the positive side of things. Extra free time! Sleeping in on Saturdays! I'm 29% of the way through Dance with Dragons!

In summary, 100 miler training has been put on hold, I'm feeling calm and optimistic about it, and time will tell what happens with running this spring.

Are you a glass half full, glass half empty, or direct TV commercial type of person? As you can see, I'm attempting a complete overhaul. Jury's out on how successful that will be.


  1. I was seriously wondering how you knew the exact percentage of your reading and then I remembered that Kindles are a thing now. I really think these drugs are making me stupider all the time, not just when I'm on them.

    I'm in the "I'll be excited to run a 10K in April" club now. Join me. I'll let you be vice president.

  2. My glass is twice as large as it needs to be. Good luck on Dance With Dragons, Tyrion's story has some great hints in it that I want to discuss badly.

  3. Seriously, I'm gonna take an optimism cue from you! I'm all sorts of cranky and mopey about being sick and I'm sure it's not doing me any favors...other than putting me in a wicked bad mood :) I do find it ironic that just as you banned yourself from WebMD, I began researching stuff on there for the first time ever!

  4. I like to bitch and whine, but I try to be a glass half full person. Banning yourself from WebMD is always a good choice. I have never checked out WebMD and felt good about my newly self-diagnosed condition. And my self-diagnosis has always been wrong. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  5. I was about to comment on how exact your percentage of Dance With Dragons was, but then Kara's comment cleared that up. In case you were wondering, I'm estimating when I tell you. I'm reading a real actual book!

  6. You go girl! Sounds like the new you will be even more awesome than the old you... and thanks for inserting a commercial from my fave ad campaign of all time.

    Don't have your house explode! Get rid of glass half-empty, switch to glass half full...

  7. Sorry you are dealing with stupid foot pain :( I think sleeping in on weekends was what got me through my most recent injury. Just keeping thinking "enjoy it while it lasts!"

  8. My glass is half full because it is full of wine. I am not running as much, mostly do to mental fatigue with life, and I have come to like the extra sleep and time to read. But that isn't the same as being injured, since it's my choice and not being forced on me....Where was I going with this? I give up. Go get some wine for your glass.

  9. WebMD is evil. I had either the flu or food poisoning this weekend and all WebMD told me was that I could DIE from it. Ridiculous.

    I hope your foot feels better soon! The boot of shame is no fun, especially in ice storms like this week.

  10. Is this like when girls hang out a lot together, they get their periods at the same time but in this case you two get injured at the same time? I hope that foot feels better soon. Although, I always love a valid excuse to skip a workout.

  11. Book percentages are the way to go!! Also, to the commenter that said "my glass is half full because it is full of wine" - I like this person. That is my new life motto.

  12. I see this post in a whole new light, now. So did Web MD diagnose you as pregnant??

    1. Oh wait... I reread and you said you banned yourself. Nevermind.


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