Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lots of excuses for not blogging

Last weekend was a glorious weekend. I slept a lot, laid low, and only interacted with a very few of my closest friends. Friday night, Eric and I ordered Thai food and watched the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics. The winter Olympics get a lot of crap, but have you seen curling? It's weirdly fascinating. I'm watching it right now.

Saturday, I actually ran! And more shockingly - outside! I met Lily downtown and we did just under five miles. I felt surprisingly good. We also met an out of town runner and hung out with her while we showed her our usual route. One step closer to undoing Baltimore's scary "The Wire" reputation.

I intended to write a post Monday night, but was unable to. It was 24 degrees out when I got to work that day, and I arrived to find I had no heat in my classroom. So that was a pretty fun day. I mean, who needs heat to learn or be productive, right? Let's not spoil those kids.

I got home around 6, and it took until 8 or so to regain feeling in my hands. Unfortunately, that's about the time my brain shuts down for the evening. I do often flirt with disaster and blog that late, but this time I was fairly sure coherent thoughts were beyond my realm of abilities.

Just before I left for work Tuesday morning, I got an email saying my heat was back on. I don't think there's ever been a time in my life when I realized how grateful I was for something I had previously taken for granted. I spent all day Tuesday feeling the type of overwhelming joy that's usually reserved for the last day of school, or the day before Christmas break, or how I would imagine it would feel to get a raise.

On Tuesday, we celebrated Valentines Day, due to scheduling conflicts for Friday. I'm not super into Valentines Day as a romantic holiday, which is weird, because I really like candy and the color pink. I guess it just feels a little forced to me? At least between spouses. I have a great tradition of celebrating in an over the top, cheesy romantic way with my girl friends. Last year, it was ice skating, and TWO Nicholas Sparks movies.

But despite all that, we had a great Valentines Day date. There's a place exactly a mile away from us (along my main running route) that has really good burgers, and they're only $4 on Tuesdays. Somehow, we've never gone. We finally made it a priority, and stuffed our faces with burgers and curly fries.

The part I really wanted to share was dessert. Beer battered, deep fried oreos with whipped cream.

Clearly, I knew it would be delicious, but I was unprepared for just how incredible it was. We were even able to share it, which is unheard of in my life. I used to be an oreo purist, but it turns out, they can be improved.

We have a huge blizzard coming. Again. That's in no way a complaint. School has already been canceled for tomorrow. I've been teaching so long, I remember a time when you had to actually watch TV to get information on the closings. Sometimes I had to wait with baited breath until they scrolled through the entire alphabet for the verdict.

Now? The superintendent just tweets it. I love the future.

I'm looking forward to a day filled with sleeping and Olympics tomorrow. I'll throw some grad work in there in between naps.

If you could participate in a winter Olympic sport, which would you choose? Cross country skiing seems to require more endurance than skill, which could be my best bet. But now my dream is to be an Olympic curler (curl-ist?).


  1. Biathlon. Seems like you would have to be a badass to do that.

  2. Have you suddenly given up drinking? hmm...

    1. Have you forgotten about the second letter of AA? Geez, way to be supportive.

    2. I am focusing on meditation and healthy eating to avoid a fate like Kara's. The healthy eating began after this post.

    3. I'm an enabler and an alcoholic myself.

  3. I always wanted to be a figure skater, but not going to happen, I think I would like the cross country skiing. and no heat all day at school! poor everyone, we really are spoiled aren't we!

  4. I wish our school system used twitter. Instead we get these automated calls that come at like 4am. At least last night they called before I went to bed. I appreciated that. It's the small things.

  5. I have yet to watch any of the olympics other than the highlights on Good Morning America. Then again, I"m usually asleep by 8, so there's that.

    Your school is so high tech. I still watch for closings on TV...not that I have kids or it matters to me. I just like to be up-to-date.

  6. Our school system mostly uses email, though I think they are slowly figuring out that Twitter is much better. It is for ME at least.

    I have always thought I'd make an excellent curler because it seems the least dangerous winter sport available. However over the last few days I've decided snowboarding might be more my style. Except for the falling and breaking bones part.

  7. I hope your snow day was all you ever hoped it would be! If I were in the Winter Olympics I'd be a sprint racer in speed skating because it's closest to my sprint swimmer roots.


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