Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Some nasty food pictures, for your viewng pleasure

The weather actually allowed me to work a full day today and I'm exhausted. It's possible that's also because I'm apparently suffering from insomnia now. Although I enjoy reading Dance with Dragons at 3am, overall, I'm not a fan. I googled cures and it's all things I'm doing like...exercise. Limit caffeine close to bedtime. Don't pay your bills in bed (wtf?).

It's not all bad. It did lead me to the wonderful discovery of this website. If you are obsessed with Game of Thrones and have absolutely no memory, I highly recommend it.

This week, I did two Jillian Michaels workouts (in honor of her 40th birthday yesterday, btw I'm a major fan girl). 30 Day Shred, Level 1 Monday, Level 2 Tuesday. So embarrassing how much a 25 minute workout kicks my ass.

This morning I ran on the treadmill and watched Game of Thrones (when I find something I like, I stick with it). The temperature was in the 50s today, which leads me to believe that someday I will see sidewalks again, and maybe even run outdoors again.

I've made it quite clear that I prefer desserts of the ridiculously rich, decadent, and horrible for you variety (see: fried oreos). But, like most women, occasionally I think to myself, hey, bikini season is around the corner (not to mention my sister's wedding!), maybe I should stop eating huge bowls of ice cream every night like a total lard.

Obviously, just eating dinner and being done with it isn't an option for me, so when this line of thinking occurs I usually venture into the "healthified" dessert category. I had some friends over for dinner a few weeks ago and made chicken fajitas with black rice. I like my rice like I like my men. Good for you and arsenic free.

My friend Casi sent me this recipe for black rice pudding. I used coconut cream for extra fat, which brought back fond memories of that time I thought the whole30 diet was a good idea. The recipe has real sugar and I added real whipped cream instead of fruit, so maybe it wasn't as healthified as I thought.

Like most semi-healthy desserts, it looks positively disgusting.

I'll probably quit teaching when my food photography book takes off.
It was pretty good though, and I'm out of ice cream, so I'll probably keep eating it until it's gone and feel virtuous and holier than thou.

Anyone have any miracle cures for insomnia?

Do you believe in any healthified desserts? I usually judge them until my jeans start getting tight and then I temporarily hop on board. I'd pretend it's just all because I "feel so much better!" when I eat "real foods", but no one likes a liar. I'm just vain.



  1. You're really living up the whole "once you go black" stereotype. Even the rice has to be black. Why do you have to make everything racial?

    OMG, you can't just ASK rice why it's black.

    Is that the perfect dessert to serve while talking during a movie?

    Finally, a dessert to accompany my evening grape Kool Aid nightcap

    I guess I'll stop now.

  2. I once thought the whole30 was a good idea, too. I was wrong.

  3. I heart black rice. I found some at Costco, even my kids will eat it. That does look a little gross though. whip cream makes it all better

  4. If I didn't know that was rice, I probably would have assumed it was crushed oreos. In which case, it looks delicious.

    When I go for a "healthy" dessert, it's usually banana bread.

  5. Your rice pudding looks revolting... my idea of a healthy dessert is plain old vanilla ice cream! Mmmm. Although this week I have branched out to butter pecan. Is 8:30 a.m. to early to eat some?

    I have the worst insomnia and the best solution, but you'll have to email me for details...

  6. I can't discuss dessert right now. It's too painful..

  7. Don't pay your bills in bed? Is that for real??

    I didn't know it was Jillian Michaels' birthday this week! I am currently on day 17 of the 30 Day Shred. I decided to go back through the whole program. The 30 day shred workouts make me sweat more than I do when running a half marathon... (hope that's not TMI)

    I don't believe in healthified desserts. I just believe in smaller portions when bikini season rolls around.

  8. I'm ashamed to admit that I actually really like that whole frozen banana-in-the-food-processor dessert. I have no idea why; I just think it tastes SO GOOD!

    And I don't know about insomnia but I can quasi-sympathize. I'm suffering from some serious jet lag right now and have been up since 3:45 this morning. Here's to hoping I make it through the day and get back on schedule!


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