Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My week of many accomplishments

My fantasy turned reality of the most wonderful, relaxing summer break is over. I'm now knee deep in setting up my classroom. It involves mainly lifting, climbing, cleaning, and sitting on the tile floor for long periods of time. It's normally a great time in August with no AC, and it's just as improved as you might imagine 35 weeks pregnant. My coworkers are amazing and constantly offering to help, but everyone is stressed and crazy busy and I feel like a jerk standing there impotently while other people do my heavy lifting instead of their own jobs. I'm saving it for only the essentials (ex. climbing up a rickety ladder to put away a heavy box of books) and trying to do as much as I can myself, like making 35 light trips to carry books to the closet halfway across the building. Fun times.

Our freezer is now chock full of ready to eat meals, carefully labeled with cooking directions. I spent about 3.5 hours Sunday on that project, plus making lunch for the week. Even though this is the one week teachers can technically enjoy the luxury of going out to lunch. Trying to be responsible, save a few bucks for diapers, you know.

I have no idea how it will work out, but in case anyone wants to SWF me or prepare for a baby or upcoming busy time, here's what I made.

Turkey Tetrazzini - never heard of it before, but it has bacon, cheese, and wine in it, so it sounded like a winner. I omitted the wine because I didn't want to buy a whole bottle to use a cup and then not be able to drink the rest, but then I realized that it's possible that the baby could arrive before the wine goes bad. Mind. Blown.
Stuffed Peppers
"PF Changes" lettuce wraps (just the filling)
My mom's spaghetti sauce

Huh, doesn't seem like a lot written out, but most of the recipes serve 6-8 so hopefully it will feed us for a hot minute.

I originally had this plan of making healthy stuff but recipes loaded with cheese and carbs are just significantly more appealing. The only problem is it backfired and Breyers is on a great sale that ends today and I didn't level any extra room for ice cream.

It's ok though, because this now exists.

I'm addicted to candy corn, and I don't think I've ever seen it this early in the year, much less in this glorious form. Also, my fellow prego friend brought me this amazing caramel corn.

I've complained about the dumb fruits and vegetables that the What to Expect app compares your baby to. It's supposed to update every Tuesday. Apparently, they got wind of my dissatisfaction and just gave up.

No more produce
We finally finished season 2 of Orange is the New Black. The ending was a little contrived, but overall I loved it.

According to the interwebz, this isn't happening until June or July?? Unacceptable. I mean, fine, take a year to film Game of Thrones. They film all over the world, they CGI dragons and giants, there's all sorts of complicated battle scenes, etc. What exactly is the hold up here though?

Not trying to brag, but I received two degrees in one week. I have now completed graduate school AND childbirth class. I think I'm a little more excited about completing childbirth class, since it's really not a given. Two of my friends at our baby shower (a small sample) were childbirth class dropouts (their babies arrived before they could complete the series), so it's kind of a big deal.

No cap and gown here either, but you do get nursing pads and a sample of diaper rash cream!

We did the hospital tour as part of our final class last night. It looked pretty much like it does on TV, but now I have a visual of where I'm getting a giant needle shoved in my spine or possibly getting cut open.

By far the most exciting part of my week so far is that I actually ran yesterday! Granted, it was on the treadmill, extraordinarily slow, and involved a significant amount of time devoted to walk breaks, but there were definite intervals where I was officially running. I had to abandon my last two attempts to run, so it started off my day/week/school year on the right foot. I did a total of 3.25 miles (including my walk breaks, duh).

Now I'm going to attempt to go to kickboxing even though there is a Boy Meets World marathon on. It's a tall order.

What's your least favorite job related task? I seriously hate doing bulletin boards.



  1. I hate FILING. I switched departments (and offices) back in May but remained in charge of a few projects in Old Department that were winding down. I have huge stacks of paperwork for these projects on my desk in my new office that haven't moved because I hate filing so much. On top of that, the binders for these projects are down the hall in my old office and apparently I also hate walking.

  2. Today I got bitched out by a parent for over 15 mins. This is the worst part of my gig. My students are all supposed to be adults so it always surprises me

  3. The epidural needle is actually pretty small. They numb you up first anyway if that makes you feel calmer at all.

    Not having a job makes it hard to answer your question but if we consider raising the kids to be my job, my least favorite task is disciplining them in public. Look if I said "Stop acting up with your balloon or I will take it from you" and then they don't and I take the balloon and stab with a Capri Sun straw that I had in my purse, don't be giving me judgmental looks. I did what I had to do. The balloon had to go.

  4. I hate trying to come up with art projects. I just don't have enough in files yet to lean back on.

  5. Ugh, I hate collections! We have to call our clients when they don't pay their bill, and it's always some song and dance. So embarrassing and frustrating, all at the same time!

  6. Um, I'd have to say "being at work" is my least favorite job related task.

    That Dr. Smiths is the isht! I am probably way to fanatical about it. Our Doc gave us a sample with Kaleena was born, I was amazed at how quickly it worked. Seriously, buy tubes of that stuff now! It is also really amazing for healing nasty chaffing.

  7. I actually really do want to wear the cap and gown bc I love having those photos. I think the ceremony is stupid, but I like the concrete proof that I busted my butt for 2 years (my program is only 2 years) and gave up my summer weekends to freakin do hw. So when I gradaute in Feb, I sure as heck want something to show for it. I'm gonna tell everybody: Take pics of me in my gown, dammit! : D


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