Thursday, June 4, 2015

Baltimore Ten Miler - I'm ill prepared

The Baltimore Ten Miler is like 36 hours away. Actually less. Back when I started this blog, I worked really hard to follow training plans and prepare for races. And now...not.

Kara is coming to run with me. Our team name is "I used to be faster". We were going to make shirts or something. But we have things to do. So we didn't.

Ashley is coming for the race too. But she's super fast. Like, so fast I won't even see her. She's coming to stay over tomorrow night so we can actually talk and catch up.

I have done a few things to prepare for the race.

  • Long runs. 7-9 miles. LONG. In my mind, since I did maybe half of them with the stroller, the race will feel really easy, since I'll be on my own. Don't rob me of that fantasy, please. 
  • I picked up our race bibs. NAILED IT. 

  • Weekday runs. 2 miles at a time. Sometimes I get ambitious and do 3. I could do more...but I'm tired. And pumping. And work. And like this morning, I got my running shorts on...then Dalton was up and being all snuggly and cute and I HATE HATE HATE leaving him to go to work and I was just like...nah. 

    • Sometimes he wakes up in bed with me. Because cosleeping. Because I need sleep to not get fired.
    • Running will always be there. These sweet little baby cuddles will not. But then Eric texted me he was picking him up because he was doing errands near daycare so I ran after work today! That was not intended to be a separate bullet but these bullets are not working with me. 
    No running post is complete without a creepy selfie

    • Hydrate. I'm always all over that one.

    Whether it's with water...

    Or other beverages...

    What this post has been sponsored by.
    • Dalton has been working hard to get me down to race weight. By eating all my food. I get really excited to share my favorite foods with him but then he eats it all because he's so cute I can't deny him. And then I'm still hungry. But too lazy to make myself something else. I'm so screwed when the teenage years arrive.
    His daycare lady sent me this while I was at work - LOVE. 

    Long story short - I'll run slow, most likely suffer, and probably regret ever signing up. I don't have the motivation to exercise because it takes time away from my little love. But I've enjoyed some stroller training runs, some non stroller training runs with friends, and I'm looking forward to seeing my blogger friends. The end.


    1. I'm jealous but not since I'll be in bed when you head to the race.

    2. That kid has a serious cuteness overload issue. He's so cute!!
      Good luck with the army 10 miler :)

    3. I'm with Christy-- Dalton is seriously adorable :) Have fun running!

    4. Love your blog, especially your posts about new motherhood. Brings back fun memories,but also makes me thankful that my 4 kids are older!! Just you think about changing the title of your blog? Chocolate seems to have moved WAY down the priority list. Of course, maybe it's a reminder of when life was carefree and the chocolate barrier was important!!

    5. I agree, the blog clearly needs a new name :)

      I'm slightly terrified about tomorrow. Or maybe more than slightly...I hope it's not as hilly there as I remember.


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