Thursday, June 18, 2015

One decade down


Ten years done, just twenty to go until I can retire, but who's counting?

No, sadly I'm not excited to get to spend the whole summer doing nothing but snuggling my gorgeous little man, because I'm working all summer, and totally not bitter about it. 
Ignore my weird expression
Sometimes I get tempted to whine but then I remember I'm an adult and we just bought a house and bills don't pay themselves, so I stop myself from being a whiny little bitch. I'm really lucky to have gotten a summer school position and I'm doing the Maryland Writing Project and is there any better way for a blogger to get paid? I guess posting about yogurt would be better. But this is an actual job and looks good on a resume. 

There will still be plenty of time for stuff like this!
The end of this school year was actually bittersweet for me. I started out with my class in third grade, and (by my request) moved up with them to fourth and then this year, fifth. Here in Baltimore that means they are moving on to middle school next year, and I've shed a lot of tears the past few weeks about them leaving me. 

We had their "graduation" this past Friday and I was a wreck. I cried all week every time I so much as thought about it and then I cried on stage while saying my little goodbye message and made all the parents cry. Imagine an elementary school gym with about 400 people while it's nearly 100 degrees with nearly 100% humidity and no AC and me on stage crying. It was awesome. 

To cheer myself up, I snuck a date in.

My friends were kind enough to let him join their (air conditioned) pre-K class while I was busy. 

I followed up all that excitement with a wild weekend. One of my favorite running buddies was in town from St. Louis!

It was hot as balls but we went for a run anyway. It was too hot for me to bring Dalton  in the stroller so I couldn't even take breaks pretending I needed to check on him. Somehow we survived 5.3 miles. And RIGHT at the 5k point in our run we ran by the finish line of a 5k. I can't even make this stuff up.

Yup, stopped for a photo op

Eric brought Dalton down for a lunch date afterwards.

Saturday night, I left after bedtime for the second time ever. I went out, downtown and everything, for my BFF Casi's birthday! 

We took an awkward selfie at a secret karaoke club.

I texted a friend who lives downtown to see if he wanted to meet up while I was actually out. He texted back around 11 saying he was leaving his house and I was like well I'm already home and in bed. Wild. 

We signed Dalton up for swimming lessons this summer! I'm so excited, I hope he loves it. It was like $30 more to just join the YMCA myself for the summer rather than sign up as a non-member, so I did. 

I tried out the child care for 20 minutes on Sunday and it was horrible. I could see Dalton crying and fussing the entire time and Kara and Kari had to talk me down from rushing in there to give him a real chance to try it.
Watching from the elliptical like a creeper

The people in there looked about 16 but they stayed strong and tried really hard to comfort him with moderate success. When I came back he grabbed me and held on so hard and I felt horrible and I haven't gotten over the guilt yet. 

My mom and stepfather arrive to visit tonight! My 32nd birthday is tomorrow. Tomorrow was supposed to be the last day of school (it got moved up). I can't think of a better way to spend a birthday than with my family, snuggling my little sweetie pie all day, in AIR CONDITIONING. 

There will be more chasing than snuggling.

Trying to contain his reign of destruction



  1. I read all your Dalton posts and I have the same thought every single time: Damn, that is the cutest kid on the planet. Seriously!

    1. I have to second this. I've never admired a stranger's kid as much as I do yours. And I've seen a lot of kids.
      (totally said in a non-creepy way)

    2. I will have to respectfully agree!

  2. First of all, Dalton is freakin' adorable and I can't wait to see you guys again now that our kids are on the move. Second, that polka dot dress you wore for graduation is fantastic! Third, Eric has guns!
    One time when I was in college, I wanted to cook eggs. I went into the fridge and saw a few eggs separate from the others but didn't think anything of it... I cracked it and it was super weird and I thought maybe it had gone bad. I tried another with the same result. It turns out my roomie had hard boiled some eggs without my knowledge. Not the same as flushing a cloth diaper but still extremely stupid. I also accidentally spilled a carton of eggs at the grocery store and they smashed everywhere... in my defense the carton wasn't closed when I picked it up and therefore was unstable! My friends do NOT trust me around eggs.

  3. Dalton and Leif would have so much fun destroying houses together. Then they could take water table breaks. You should just find a job here.

  4. I did the Rocky Mountain Writing Project a few years ago, and it was seriously the best professional development I've ever done. So maybe that makes you feel a little bit better about doing the Maryland one? :)

    1. That's awesome! I'm actually geekily excited for it - now watch me eat my words when it's tons of work haha.

  5. Hey - all moms are built different. At least, I read that on someone's blog. That's great that you got to loop with your students for three years! The stability probably did them a world of good. What grade are you teaching next year? They keep hiring people on temporary contracts around here, so I have no idea where I'll end up next year, or if I'll even get a contract. I wish I'd gone into teaching ten years ago! It would have made things much easier now.

    1. Jobs were so much more plentiful in 2005! I hope it works out for you! I'm moving down to fourth next year. It was an awesome experience to loop with them, as tough as it was to say goodbye.

      All moms are just built different. Some like their kids, and some want to get away from them at every opportunity. Most are the former.


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