Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jonas and BRAT

A spring baby is perfect, they said. Being pregnant in the summer is awful, they said. I'm becoming more and more skeptical of this. Just two posts ago, I complained about being horribly sick for Christmas. This week, I also basically died. I did not have this problem while super prego with Dalton in the summer. Sure, I was hot. You know who else was hot? EVERYBODY. Summer is hot, bun in the oven or not.

Unrelated, Dalton driving a tractor at Port Discovery.

Tuesday, I was too nauseous to eat all day, but, I chalked it up to weird pregnancy stuff, stress over work, GRRM announcing that he isn't finishing book six before the show comes out, whatever. (Seriously GRRM you had ONE JOB.)

Then I got home from work and started puking. Which lasted late into the night. Eventually, it got to the point where I couldn't even keep a little sip of Gatorade or water down and I was considering going to labor and delivery to ask for an IV. Dramatic? Absolutely. But crazy pregnancy hormones do that to you, especially when sick. Finally, I was able to keep down a tsp of Gatorade every five minutes (like, I was legit drinking it out of a measuring spoon) and fell asleep.

Also unrelated, Dalton having the time of his life in the foam pit at his BFF's (seriously, he claps when she arrives at daycare) gymnastics birthday party.

The next day, I could keep liquids down, but food was still not my friend. I thought I could pull it together, but I had to call Eric to leave basketball practice and go get Dalton from daycare because I could not function. That meant I didn't even see Dalton until it was time for him to go straight to bed, and if you've been paying even a little attention to this blog, you know that's a serious illness for me.

They have to come out eventually, right?

Thursday I managed to go to work, especially since we had a two hour delay, but I was on a crackers and Gatorade diet. Luckily, winter storm Jonas has shut down schools since then, and I've done all the sleeping.

Not a fan.

Last night I finally branched out from the BRATS diet to this amazing chicken pot pie my mom made for me (homemade pie crust and all). Yup, I'm snowed in with my parents, and they cook for me. Be jealous.

She had some help cooking.

And to anyone who wants to argue with me that I just have normal pregnancy sickness and not a stomach bug (because people START throwing up at 23 weeks of their second pregnancy? ok); Dalton projectile vomited all over me Friday morning, so, there. #babysfirstvomit

However, he wasn't too sick to eat snow.
He actually hasn't really seemed sick, at all, and resumed playing after the vomit like nothing happened. Kids are so weird, but I'll take it.

Right back to being a happy little blur.

The real tragedy here is that I thought the silver lining of me being sick was that I would finally get caught up with Making a Murderer. But then I was so busy puking, and after that, I mainly was sleeping. So I only watched one episode (#3), and I'm still way behind. School is already canceled for tomorrow though, so there is hope. 

Who else is snowed in, and what are you eating (and drinking)?


  1. I'm sorry you feel so awful. Colds/flu this year seems to be worse than the last few. People are really getting knocked all the way down instead of just being miserably functional. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Sadly, not snowed in here-- it was like 60 this weekend. I'm a bit envious of all your snow!

  3. Definitely a stomach bug- so much worse when you're pregnant! I'm sorry you're going through that! On a side note, please let your mom know she's always welcome to come over and make me that chicken pot pie- it looks amazing! Hope you feel better soon- enjoy snuggling with Mr. Handsome!

  4. E was vomiting like crazy for 4 days straight. ME? I was freaking out, and even took him to the ER on the third day bc he couldn't keep anything down. Him? He would smile after throwing up like it was no big deal..


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