Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The sweet life of winter break

Once I recovered from my Christmas plague, winter break was just as euphoric as I'd imagined it would be.

We all slept in, had lazy breakfasts, and went out and did fun stuff as a family. Perfection.

Ethiopian feast!
Eric is convinced that the reason Dalton is such a good eater is because I exposed him to all sorts of foods in the womb and while breastfeeding, and he's determined that we do the same with the new baby. Personally I think Lady Luck was behind it, but I'm not going to argue when he wants to go to a new Ethiopian restaurant.

Dalton was chowing down, as usual. This was one of many times where I've given him a food and then thought, hm, that was pretty spicy, maybe I shouldn't have. And he has no reaction, except possibly asking for more.
Glow in the dark golf

Thursday, everyone was healthy, the weather was good, so we decided, what the hell? And drove to New York. We started out in Syracuse, to meet our friends' two month old daughter. It was a big anniversary for us. Ten years ago, we spent our first New Year's Eve as grown ups all together in our first house in Baltimore (they flew in from Boston for that). It was wild. 

Welcome 2006!

Technically, Eric wasn't part of it, since I hadn't met him yet, but we all feel like he was since he's heard the stories so many times he can tell them just as well as we can.

This year, we celebrated in prime new/old/pregnant mom fashion. Talking about labor, diapers, and swaddles until around 11, then passing out.

Welcome 2016!
Dalton refused to sleep in their pack and play, so all three of us slept in bed together. I was SO HAPPY. We used to cosleep all the time, because it was the only way we could GET sleep. While I love having uninterrupted, quiet sleep where I'm not getting kicked in the face now, sometimes I really miss the middle of the night cuddles. I loved ringing in the new year by waking up next to that sweet little face.

He also fell asleep on me once before bed.
After that, we headed to my sister's house for some quality niece and nephew time.

Happiest chunkiest baby ever!

They love us.

Her house had snow! Dalton got to play in it for the first time. He was mainly completely confused.


Cousin time.
Harrison was really disappointed that Dalton wouldn't accept the snowball he was offering, but I think it was because he didn't know how to operate his hands in mittens.

We went to the Museum of Play in Rochester. Obligatory picture in front of the Sesame Street house.

Happiest kid ever!
We drove back Sunday and got home around 7pm Sunday night. It made going back to work Monday morning rough, but that was going to be rough anyway, so might as well enjoy ourselves during break.

Writing this is making me too eager for spring break to arrive, so I'll just leave off with this unbelievably adorable picture.

Matching pjs OMG. Ignore the M&Ms we had to bribe them with to get a picture with 0/3 crying.

Tell me about your wild New Year's Eve!


  1. Dalton's face in the snow picture is priceless! I'm glad your break got better and you were able to visit Darcy & family. In response to your question, we don't even have children and my husband was sleeping before midnight (we actually had to leave a low-key party because it was past his bedtime :p). So yeah... mid-30s :)

  2. Ok, first off the twinsies photo (your first one) is just too cute. Second, the matching jammies killed me because the level of adorable is off the charts.

    I think he's such a good eater because you guys didn't limit him to bland foods like many people believe you're supposed to. While a little pickiness is developmentally normal for toddlers, I'm a firm believer that it's up to us to teach our kids things like how to eat.

    Our New Years Eve involved everyone being in bed before the ball dropped (though I wasn't actually sleeping, I didn't realize that it was the new year until I glanced at the clock!). Glad you had a great trip :)

  3. The pj's photo is priceless. All of them are! So glad you get to visit NY so frequently.

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