Thursday, March 3, 2016

Updates on my kid

Really probably nobody who doesn't share DNA with this child cares, and not even probably  most of those people, but I'm obsessed with him, and I feel like writing about it.

Dalton will be 18 months old this month, so I SHOULD just be telling people he's a year and a half, because no one cares about anything more specific. But I can't bring myself to round up. I feel like he's already growing fast enough without me prematurely aging him. I need to just get my head around it. I want him to stay a baby!

In exciting mom news, which means in actuality incredibly mundane, boring news, we are now a pacifier free household! For the next 2-3 months, anyway. While this violates my "NO CHANGES OF ANY KIND BEFORE BABY" policy, once again, I forgot I'm not in control of things around here.

Dalton kept throwing his pacifier out of his crib (even though we clip it to his pjs, but he's strong enough to rip it off) in the middle of the night then crying for us to rescue it. Aka, for Eric, because if I ever go in in the middle of the night, it's GAME OVER. Forget him ever going back to sleep. It was kind of odd because he's obsessed with that thing. He's always sneaking to his crib during the day time and fishing it out, even though he knows he's not allowed to have it when he's awake. So finally we told him we are not going in to get it for him any more if he threw it out.

The next two nights, he threw it out before he fell asleep for the night, but we held strong and he eventually went to sleep without it. The past two nights we didn't even give it to him, and knock on wood, he seems fine! He still has it at daycare, but we plan to nip that in the bud too. I almost caved and gave him my emergency car pacifier when he threw such a big tantrum about having to leave a slide and go home yesterday. I honestly thought I was not going to be able to get him in his car seat, he was doing the classic toddler "make my body stiff as a board and refuse to sit" thing, and I haven't really been hitting the gym lately. Luckily, I eventually managed to somehow wrestle him down and strap him in, and two minutes later he was happily singing to me like nothing ever happened. Babies be cray.

I just got basically his whole summer wardrobe (from our local mom facebook exchange group, because buying baby clothes new is just insane, unless they are REALLY cute). It's size 2T. He's just so big, I can't stand it. 

Side note, I don't even know if 2T will fit for the summer. Fingers crossed.

He's kind of obsessed with imitating us, in a way that's simultaneously adorable, hilarious, and terrifying.

Always has to wear his dad's shoes.
If he gets a hold of a tissue box, he has to wipe his face, then run over to the nearest trash can to throw the tissue away. While I glanced down at a (work, totes important) text last night, I looked up to see this.

Oh, it's no big deal he's on the table. That's status quo in our house. The funny part (to me) was that he grabbed the bottle of cleaner and napkins and started wiping the table. And that's why we switched over to cleaning exclusively with white vinegar once he became mobile.

He's obsessed with sitting on the counter to help/watch me cook. I had him sitting up there when I was about to grate cheese, and handed him a slice to eat. Instead, he started "grating" it.

Yeah, he could have cut himself, but he didn't, we aren't raising no dummy. 
Dalton is pretty in to reading right now, which I'm thrilled with. He has a million books but only has maybe 5-6 that he chooses for us to read to him at night, including, but not limited to, Where's Spot?, Dear Zoo, and Click Clack Moo. He likes to turn the pages so sometimes "reading" means just flipping through for two seconds. This morning when I got him out he wouldn't let me change his diaper until we'd read two books. He picks up the book in one hand, picks up my hand in the other, thrusts the book into my hand then plops into my lap. It's the cutest. 

Wearing Eric's sweatshirt, because nothing of mine fits. 

He just makes me happy.


  1. Felix discovered the "stiff as a board and scream my head off" thing today. YAY.

  2. I thought that the shoe picture was my favorite, until I saw the cleaning one, until I saw the cheese grating one. I don't think the post is mundane at all! I also like the video Eric posted on FB with Dalton vacuuming. Amazing.

  3. 1) We love Dear Zoo over here. I'll take it over Brown Bear, Brown Bear any day.
    2) Good luck with the pacifier! Milo forgot about his after a week. We even went to visit friends and he found a pacifier and brought it right to me!
    3) Your kiddo is adorable. Keep up the good work :)

  4. two questions: 1) when did you start reading to dalton? our babe is 4 months, and I am considering reading a book at the very beginning of bedtime routine. IF we wait til right before he gets his bottle (which is the last step) he is in full meltdown mode by then.
    2) how does your facebook baby clothing exchange work? May want to try and implement my own locally!


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