10 things about me (but not the top ten)

1. I hate the cold and moved away from my hometown of Rochester, NY partly because I couldn't take one more day of shoveling snow.
2. The other reason was I was graduating from college and I jumped on the "let's get a job" bandwagon. Rochester didn't need teachers. Baltimore hired anyone with a pulse. Guess which one I choose?
3. I moved to Baltimore, MD with two of my besties espite the fact that I didn't know anyone there and I had been there exactly once before when I was 8 years old.d
4. I randomly joined the YMCA in high school to use the pool and saw the gym machines on the tour. I became a gym rat and never looked back.
5. I overheard a cute bouncer at a bar say he was a teacher and interrupted to talk about teaching because I was new in town and needed friends. Two and a half years later we got married.

6. 5 days after we moved to Baltimore our house got robbed and my wallet got stolen, as well as a bunch of other stuff. I almost packed the car up and went home, except that I had no license or money.  So I stayed.
7. I want to eliminate the state of PA so that I can see my family and in laws anytime I want - sorry Pennsylvanians but its the truth.

8. Most nights I would rather cook than go to a restaurant, catch up on the DVR than go to a movie, or open a bottle of wine instead of go to a bar.

9. Coffee is one of my main addictions in life. I drink it black and and I can't wait to take my first sip EVERY SINGLE MORNING. I also worked at Starbucks for six years to support this habit.
10.  Obviously my other addiction is chocolate.
I can't live without dessert every single night and my usual plan for refueling after long runs involves a brownie sundae.

I know, you're probably thinking, BUT I NEED TO KNOW MORE!! 
And you can. 

Just email me at alyssalindsey718@gmail.com.