Pregnancy and baby ramblings

One time I loved running, and blogged about it all the time. Then I decided to get knocked up and blogged about that instead, with the goal of not being a whiny jerk like most pregnant bloggers.

Dalton was born on September 23, 2014. If you like birth stories (especially long ones), here's his!

Then I got knocked up again! Royce was born on May 6, 2016. Here's his (slightly shorter) birth story.

Now have two kids. Maybe someday I'll run again. For now, here's some mommy posts. I didn't do weekly "bumpdates" (hate that word) but occasionally (and then frequently) I posted about my experience of being pregnant. (Edited to add - wow I posted a lot more than I realized! And now I'm back at work with no time to do anything and not enough time to stare at my kids, the worst.) I included how far along I was for some posts, because I like knowing that in my blog reading.


ZOMG announcement post (13 weeks)

ZOMG announcement post #2 (12 weeks)

Post announcement Q&A (13 weeks)

#motherrunner Q&A - my thoughts on running and racing during pregnancy and postpartum (14 weeks)

Pregnancy surprises at 17 weeks

Boy or girl? Prediction time! (19 weeks)

Pregnant running (spoiler - it's hard) (19 weeks)

It's a boy! (20 weeks)

Random pregnancy thoughts (21 weeks)

An incomplete list of how pregnant bloggers annoy me (25 weeks)

Pregnancy exercise (26 weeks)

Pregnancy contradictions (30 weeks)

Internet abstinence - why I'm not reading any more "life with a newborn" posts (31 weeks)

All baby, all the time (31 weeks)

32 week update, HLB style

Finding a daycare (and breastfeeding class) (33 weeks)

Why labor terrifies me (33 weeks)

My triumphant post partum plan to return to running. Spoiler alert -I'm not (34 weeks)

34 week ultrasound

My push present will be no more cankles (hopefully) (35 weeks)

My promise to not share anything gross in the 9th month (cexcept the birth story) (36 weeks)

Nursery reveal (37 weeks)

The final countdown (39 weeks)

Guide to pregnancy, when all was said and done.

Motherhood - new mom style:

First week thoughts

Mom report card

Parenthood - the unexpected (but no poop stories)

Day in the Life (5 weeks old)

Daycare and being a working mom

Working mom: myths and facts

Ways my baby is a jerk

Postpartum exercise

Mom cliches

That list of things that you plebians should do to help the ALMIGHTY NEW MOTHER

Pumping at work

Starting solids

Pumping at work - an update

My clogged duct nightmare

My clogged duct nightmare - part 2

Dalton's first birthday!

Breastfeeding: a year in review

Motherhood - been there done that style:

Baby stuff the second time


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