Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dalton's First Birthday

We've officially made it a whole year on this wild ride called parenthood.

I keep trying to think of something to say about it that's not ridiculously cliche, but I guess I'm not exactly the first person wishing their kid a happy birthday and lamenting about how time flew by. So many cheesy sentiments are flying through my head, but, as I've said before, no one wants to read that. I'll just say this: having this kid in my life is unbelievably amazing. I'm crazy about him (if you haven't noticed).

Fabulous first birthday shirt made just for him by his Aunt Darcy
I've spent the day reminiscing about everything that was happening a year ago at this time. I started yesterday, actually, since that's when I went into labor. Reflecting back, I definitely can't say his actual birth day was the best day of my life, since all but 44 minutes of it were spent in labor, and I didn't even get to hold him until the following day.

Last night, it was just blowing my mind that a year ago he didn't even exist outside my belly, and now here he was, sitting next to me, demanding that his father give him constant bites of his chicken sandwich.

As soon as his kid's meal was gone, he started in on Eric's dinner.
While the fact that my sweet little baby isn't technically a baby any more (or is he? he can't walk yet!) is breaking my heart, we had an amazing time celebrating today. Dalton is just so considerate. Not only did he come on his due date, but he planned ahead, and arrived on a day when we would have off from work the following year. Today is Yom Kippor, schools were closed, and we got to spend the whole day as a family.

Family picture after four shots and a cupcake. A miracle
To back up, we've actually been living the sweet life, finding out what things are like for the other half. Our daycare is on vacation this week, so my stepfather has generously been staying with us to take care of Dalton. Daycare moms - do you know how awesome it is having a live in nanny? For real, we are missing out. I haven't packed a diaper bag or done pick up all week.

What that means is, Eric and I could finally go on a date night. We had a wild night out to Friendly's to celebrate the fact that we made it a whole year with a living, breathing child.

I did not let him actually touch my Reese's sundae
Dalton was super excited about his birthday, so much so that he woke up at 5am today, which is truly unheard of for him. No matter though, just more time to celebrate together! After a morning of playing, he took an early nap, which was perfect since we had a 1pm pediatrician checkup.

Birthday naptime cuddles - be still my heart
That's right - for Dalton's birthday, we thoughtfully got him four shots and a blood draw! #parentsoftheyear Seriously though, he didn't know the difference, and otherwise we would have had to take off from work. I was basically a basket case because I heard the one year shots are pretty rough. So rough, in fact, that I went and waited on a bench outside until the needles were gone. #motheroftheyear. (To further ruin his life, we also put magnetic locks on all his favorite cabinets, since he figured out how to undo all the old child locks.)

I wasn't proud, but Dalton isn't nursing any more, so there's really nothing I have to offer him that Eric can't provide. I felt it would be easier on Eric to comfort only a baby, not a baby and a hysterical lady. It turns out I overreacted, as usual, he didn't care in the least, and only was pissed when he was being held down. His blood draw bandage (around his thumb) was gone by the time we got home and after some frantic searching through his mouth and then acceptance that he ate it, I found it in his car seat. He was definitely clingy and not his usual happy self the rest of the afternoon, but who could blame him?

Our friends Liz and Noah came over to play.

He always gets mad when food is gone. Noah tried to comfort him.

Dalton really rallied. He took his very first step without holding on to something! Step, singular, he's not walking. He's been sooooo close for weeks, we catch our breath at least once a day thinking he's going to do it. He's an insanely fast crawler, even the doctor was impressed. Walking just isn't appealing to him so far.

After playtime, it was time for the classic birthday treat - a cupcake. Chocolate with peanut butter frosting.

I even made the frosting look fancy!

While I am NOT at all restrictive with Dalton's diet, the one dessert I've denied him until now is cake. I wanted it to be special! It's not like he knows the difference, much like shots on his birthday.


I know some babies, like my nephew, can be very tentative with their first taste of cake and icing. We didn't expect that to be the case here, and we were right.

He dove right in with no reservations.

After devouring the entire cupcake, he screamed bloody murder when it was gone, which was no surprise, because that's how I generally react when I finish dessert as well. He consoled himself by eating the bottom part of the candle.

Since the doctor gave us the go ahead to introduce cow's milk, we jumped right in. Does anything go better with a nice rich cupcake than a nice cold sippy cup of milk? I think not. Again, I've heard some babies have trouble transitioning, but what can I say? This kid is just perfect. 

Chugged that milk without missing a beat. 
 Hands down, best year of my life.

What year was the best year of your life? I guess next year at this time, I'll have to reevaluate.


  1. When you said that pic was taken after four shots, I really thought you meant the fun kind.

    Happy birthday Dalton!

    1. I thought the same thing. I figured You're done breastfeeding why not have some shots to celebrate

  2. 2012 was a pretty good year, between graduating law school and getting married, but I think 2015 might have that beat... we'll have to wait until next month (hopefully not November) to find out haha

  3. Happy Birthday Dalton. I really can't believe it's already a year. And the best part, since I am halfway across the country, is this blog where you keep us all updated with all his antics and all your experiences and all the fab photos!

  4. We did the birthday doctor visit, too. Luckily babies have no concept of time.

  5. Obviously this past year was the best of my life as well. Babies are the greatest thing ever!
    We probably would have had Jude's shots on his birthday if it wasn't a Sunday! We went the very next day instead.

  6. When I read the "4 shots and a cupcake" caption, I thought you meant that you and Eric drank 4 shots and ate a cupcake. Then I thought, wow, you look great considering! Then I got down further and was disappointed.


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