Tuesday, September 8, 2015

That time we did all the kid things in Baltimore and loved life

This has certainly been a monumental week.

Here in Baltimore, everyone spends holidays going to the beach. Being out of staters, we never got into that tradition. Pre-parenthood, we probably would have spent the entire 3 day weekend watching movies and ordering pizza or something, but it's all hazy now. In our current life, we took advantage of the city practically being empty to do ALL THE KID THINGS. And it was the best.

We kicked off Friday happy hour at Storyville (Eric actually didn't make this one, he was still at work.) I promise Dalton wasn't completely angry, he was more just annoyed and confused because everything was awesome and he couldn't play with them all at once.

This place is confusingly wonderful
I know it's beating a dead horse but it still blows my mind that I used to think running for like 5 hours was a great way to spend a Saturday. I met up with the buggy brigade for 6 stroller miles on a flat trail and then kept it moving.

Are these kids adorable, or are these kids adorable??
Saturday night we had our newly betrothed friends over for a little baby mini barbecue. I made peach cobbler from scratch. It was heaven in my mouth.
Yeah, this picture is mostly ice cream and whipped cream, but trust me, it was good.

We ended the night watching Dating Naked. I hadn't even known the premise before, but it was weirdly addicting. We couldn't stop.

Sunday, we hit the Science Center.

They have an entire baby room of soft mats and baby toys, plus a gigantic water table, and Dalton was, once again, out of his mind with excitement.

Future mathematician?

Sometimes the most exciting exhibits have nothing on just looking back at daddy.
The fun didn't stop there. Monday, one of my best friends since middle school came up from Virginia with her family to meet us at Port Discovery, a children's museum. This is actually the one big kid place I haven't previously visited on a field trip, and it was unreal. We probably didn't even see a quarter of it. There were rope bridges up to the ceiling (several stories up), a Lego castle, a mystery house...I could go on and on. Obviously, we can't wait to bring Dalton a billion times as he grows up.

Lego Castle!

It doesn't take much to rock his world
These cuties, I can't stand it!
Dalton and his buddy Nate - born only 8 days apart! 
Former Alyssa probably would have read this post thinking life as a parent is awful, all you do is cart your kid around to kiddie places. But, it turns out, you get to indulge your own inner kid (especially Eric) while getting to see your kid freak out with happiness, which is pretty much the ultimate win.

Dalton's day at daycare today probably seemed a tad boring in comparison to such a kick ass labor day weekend.

"Where's the giant water table? Bounce house? ANYTHING?"

We did get out early due to heat today, so at least we got a little extra play time together. 

Kid places: pure bliss or pure hell? Our bliss this weekend was definitely brought on by the emptiness of every location. At full volume I'd probably feel somewhat differently. 


  1. We are taking Leif to the zoo this month and I can't wait to see the animals blow his mind like at the aquarium.

  2. We just bought a membership to the american museum of natural history, since it's pretty much my favorite place ever. I can't wait to take mini-C there to see the giant dinosaurs!

  3. Wait, your school let out early due to heat?! How flipping hot is it there?!

    1. We don't have AC so all last week and now this week the classrooms are all over 90 degrees. The heat index has been close to 100.

  4. I had no idea those places were deserted on labor day weekend! I guess it makes sense, especially with decent weather days (no rain, lots of sunshine). Everyone who stayed home from the beach was probably at the pool.


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