Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Adventures with a one year old

I refuse to call him a toddler until he officially walks. Getting close doesn't count. Until then, he's still a baby.

We tried to get some fancy one year pictures Friday after work. We went to a really cute park.

Did not work out.
This little baby model was not a happy camper at all. Once we gave up and headed home, he screamed bloody murder the whole way and nothing would soothe him. That's so unlike him, he's usually the happiest kid ever. I was dying inside. Torture.

Saturday morning, I found the culprit - a new tooth had popped through. Teeth ruin everything. But I guess they are pretty necessary.

On Saturday, we were all out the door by 6am, and Eric and Dalton shared an important first together.
First train ride!
To the Big Apple! Of course, all we saw of Manhattan was Penn Station, but they have legit NYC bagels and cookies, so I was ok with that. Dalton loved the train and had the time of his life. It was all too exciting for him to possibly nap, but that was expected.

After we arrived in New York, we took the Long Island Railroad out to a super fancy house on Long Island for Emily's baby shower.

In one picture Eric's eyes were closed, in one picture my eyes were closed. I made the obvious choice. 

Woken up at 5:30, no nap, in a strange, non baby proofed house, and this kid could not have been more sweet and smiley. Naturally, he was the hit of the party. I met Emily through the internet, of course, that's where cool people meet friends these days. She's having a boy, and as we all know, I'm biased, so I'm extra excited for her.

After that, Nikki, one of my good friends from college came all the way out to pick us up so we could spend the night with her family.

Toy heaven!
I'd met her daughter several times, but neither of us had met each other's little boys yet.

I know I'm beating a dead horse here with the whole omg where does time go??? nonsense but seriously I swear we were in college 5 minutes ago. And now we have three kids between the two of us. HOW??

Teachers are known for their high salaries and deluxe accommodations. We got the princess suite.

Generally, if you are a teacher, you can either have one child and a guest room, or two children and no guest room. Not both. Unless you were wise enough to marry someone rich. We are enjoying that guest room while it lasts. 

While we were visiting Nikki, Dalton took FOUR STEPS! Everyone saw it and he's been doing it consistently since! He is definitely not officially walking yet, but he's getting more and more steady and choosing to move around by taking steps instead of crawling. 

Dalton's first birthday party is this weekend. Hurricane Joaquin is putting a bit of a damper on that, but at least Dalton was excited to check out the rain.
He looks so big. I can't handle it. 
I have done exactly zero things to prepare for his party. Should be awesome. 


  1. Yay walking baby!!! Leif is a toddler when I talk to other people but still a baby in my delusional mind.

  2. My best friend's new baby was teething at our wedding and it made her pretty frazzled. That whole "new teeth" thing looks brutal!

  3. I'm going to guess that Dalton won't care a bit that you haven't dropped everything to do a big overblown party. Give the kid a cupcake and a box and he'll be thrilled.

  4. Nora popped her first molar a couple of weeks age and is currently working on THREE MORE SIMULTANEOUSLY. She's pretty much had it with life right now.

  5. That sweater vest, tho. One of these days he's just going to take off and not stop. Likely sooner than later! It's so crazy how fast it goes! I can't wait to see photos from his birthday party!!

  6. It was so awesome that you guys came out for the shower! Everyone adored Dalton (including me, and with good reason).


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    Regalos con Peluches o Chocolates en familia y para todos.


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