Sunday, July 27, 2014

All baby, all the time

We are on a verge of a baby-tastic week over here. It all kicked off Thursday night.

We started newborn care class at the hospital. I've never been in a room with so many pregnant women before. So many hormones all in one place.

We have another baby event almost every day this week.

Monday: Doctor appointment in the morning for me, and then we begin our childbirth class that night. I'm simultaneously excited for the hospital tour (not sure if that will be tomorrow, it's a five week class) and concerned that my carefully crafted denial about labor and delivery will be blown to pieces.
Tuesday: Another daycare visit
Thursday: Newborn class, part 2 of 2
Saturday: Breastfeeding class

The breastfeeding class concludes the various types of classes we are taking. Just trying to be prepared and all.

Back to the newborn class. The L&D nurse who taught it was really nice. It had some good information. They showed "The Happiest Baby on the Block" video. I'm reading the book, and I'd actually just got the email that the DVD was ready for me at the library. It was all lecture format though. I've seen pictures on blogs of people with fake babies, so I was expecting a little more hands on practice. Also, it focused a lot on the time immediately after birth. I'd personally like to know less about what will happen when I'm surrounded by trained professionals willing to assist me, and more about what the hell I do with his kid once we get home. There's still one more session next week, but that's mainly safety and infant CPR. I'm CPR certified, but I really remember very little from the class, so I'm glad to be getting a refresher.

I was left with two options to practice the baby calming techniques presented, particularly swaddling. Get a life size baby doll, or find a real baby.

As those of you in your 20s will soon find out, once you hit your 30s, there will be no shortage of babies in your life (and currently for me, they are all boys!). My BFF Carolyn had her baby boy, Nathan, in May, so I was able to trade my babysitting services for swaddling practice.

Baby burrito "success:"
Don't let his expression in the swaddle fool you, this is how he looked when I was performing the swaddle.
I've spent years in professional developments where you watch a video of how to do something. The videos always promise that if you do this thing, your class will be nothing but quiet, well behaved children who are unfailingly eager to learn. In practice, it doesn't always shake out exactly like that. As a result, I wasn't exactly shocked when swaddling a real live baby wasn't quite as easy as the DVD made it appear. While he enjoyed being swaddled, he squirmed the whole time and broke out within minutes. The third time, he stayed in the longest (maybe like 45 minutes?) and that's when I took the picture. I guess I just need more practice?

That was the first time I'd ever taken care of a baby so young. You would think that the fact that I'm about to do that full time, very soon, I wouldn't have felt nervous about it. You'd be wrong. But his parents came home to a full, burped, dry, sleeping healthy baby, so I guess we both survived.

I furthered my immersion into baby culture by attending a "Tot Swap" on Saturday. It's a GIANT consignment sale (this one took place on the state fair grounds, that's how big it was). I went to one with friends when I was 7 weeks pregnant and nearly had to leave in a strait jacket, I was so overwhelmed.

I was relieved to find out that 24 weeks later, I felt I had a good handle on baby items, or I at least recognized the majority and knew what their function was. I went for two specific items: an Exersaucer and books. My stepfather has been combing garage sales all summer for the Exersaucer - an elusive piece of baby equipment that sources say is extremely useful for a very short period, therefore worth getting, but not getting new.

Books because the teacher in me was having a panic attack that the baby is now 3 lbs (according to my apps) and we don't have a single baby book yet. 

I was successful on both counts. I snagged one of only two unclaimed Exersaucers left, for only $15. I also got an unplanned workout carrying the Exersaucer to my car.

Exersaucer (I had to take it apart a bit to fit it in the car)

What's really shocking is that I got those things, and only those things. There was a lot of other temptation, but our baby shower is coming up in two weeks so I wanted to wait before buying more. I didn't even allow myself to look at the clothes, because we have so many hand-me-downs from wonderful, stylish mothers.

Well, this makes it sound like my life is all baby, all the time, and while it will be that way soon, I promise that isn't the case just yet. There's other stuff going on too.

Do you buy used stuff, or are you above all that? My favorite place to shop is amazon, but if I do actually have to leave the house, I am all about Ross Dress for Less (that's used stuff, right?). I also just ordered a bag to sell stuff back to Thred Up.


  1. I buy used stuff.

    Get the swaddle sacks that close with Velcro. They're cheating, but totally worth it. Baby can't break out of that swaddle.

    1. I registered for the Halo wrap! People say that one is good - hopefully they are right!

  2. We definitely go used so long as they are in good condition. Half of Leif's toys are hand me downs too.

  3. No baby over here yet so I'm reading blogs.. I'm 2 days overdue.
    For my baby shower I requested people get me books instead of cards so now we have a nice little collection if he'd ever arrive! I don't have an exersaucer thingy yet but a friend promised to let me borrow one. I guess I still have a few weeks/months before it's necessary.
    We bought our glider for the baby's room off Craigslist. It backfired a little because the one arm is kind of bad but it will work for now. It was super cheap so if we need to replace it at some point I will be ok with that.

  4. I used a lot of great used baby stuff, it really hardly gets used they grow so fast! so excited for you, although I will admit I thought it pretty shocking to go from having all the nurses around in the hospital and then they just turn you loose with that newborn! kinda scary. but eventually you get most of it figured out. My son loved being swaddled

  5. Ross Dress for Less stuff is used? I've actually never been there so I don't know I just thought it was like TJ Maxx and Marshal's and just had discounted stuff.

    My plan for baby stuff (because babies are a few years away for me yet) is to just get all of our friend's old baby stuff. Because I figure they will be done having babies by then and need to off-load there stuff. I think it will work great.

  6. You seem way more prepared that I would ever be. This seems like college all over again with all these classes.

    Also, I fully support buying books with bunnies on the cover.

  7. I totally buy used all the time, even now. I have a feeling though I'll go nuts when I get pregnant and buy way more than I need.

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