Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Stuff besides my fetus

Although you wouldn't know it from my recent posts, I have spent limited time doing non-baby things these past few weeks. Not much, and even that little bit isn't terribly exciting, but it has happened.

Friday night we watched Divergent (again). The first time we saw it, on opening night, I was pretty underwhelmed. But I was open to exploring my reaction without the experience of dozens of teen and pre-teen girls screaming throughout the entire movie.

Still not impressed. It kind of confuses me. Previously, I blamed the lead actress (Shailene Woolley), but I loved her in The Fault in my Stars. In fact, I wanted to turn off Divergent and go see that movie instead. As always though, the eye candy made the whole experience worth it.

I continue to contradict my usual love of all YA fiction novels and movies based on those novels. The 50 Shades of Grey trailer came out recently, so I heard. I haven't watched it, or read the books. Literally everyone I know has, even my grandma read the first one. They sound stupid as hell to me. One of my favorite podcasts (The Complete Guide to Everything, listen to it if you like hilarious things) read it as a joke and did an episode explaining it (it's done by two single guys in their early 30s). That gave me all the information I felt I needed. It sounded seriously creepy and disturbing, and that's coming from someone currently reading a book that details the true story of life in a Japanese POW camp during WWII.

Speaking of books, that's pretty much the only non-baby thing in my life now, except Divergent and Orange is the New Black. I would say movies and TV, but I really haven't watched anything else. I think I have a new favorite author, Kristin Hannah. First of all, I love kindred spirits who join me in the two first names club. Second, I've read two of her books now, and I finished both in less than 48 hours (probably) because I couldn't put them down. If you like Jodie Piccoult type novels, you'd be on board.

I'm finally reading Unbroken, it's only been recommended to me for years by every runner ever. It's about an Olympic runner, Louie Zamperini, who was in a plane crash and taken prisoner by the Japanese during World War II.  I was iffy because I'm an ignoramus who usually only likes fiction, and this is based on a true story. But I finally got on board, and now I can't put that one down, either. I highly recommend it if you like horrific tales of torture and abuse. It's good for me though, because it puts things in perspective. Sometimes I'll be like "my rib hurts, the baby keeps kicking me" or "it's going to suck having to start waking up at 5:30 again when school starts" but then I'll be like "well Louie Zamperini survived through prison camp" and stop my whining.

I think I've lost perspective on what life is like when not consumed by thoughts of "baby baby baby" 24/7. Probably work will help with that. I got an email from my good friend Rachel the other day. She isn't coming to my baby shower because she is significantly smarter than me and lives in San Francisco, where humidity does not exist. We experienced this glory first hand when we went to her wedding two years ago.

Apparently we were too busy dancing to take attractive pictures together, so you can just admire the beauty and the view in two separate pictures.

You can see Alcatraz in the background!

She said she couldn't handle looking at my registry because the first thing she saw was a picture of a woman with something hanging off both boobs. You mean everybody doesn't know what this is?? I had no idea prior to this year. Anyway, she went rogue and sent me an amazing gift.

I've wanted a food processor forever, and plus it doubled as a surface to take self timer bump photos for my post yesterday. Now I need to decide what to use my wonderful new kitchen gadget for - I'm thinking something with graham cracker crust, maybe? Anyway, the point of this is to ask what I should make, but really to direct you to her blog if you are missing an actual running/training blog. She just signed up for her first ironman this week, with her husband and friend, and they all post about their races and training.

FOOOOOOD. We had buffalo chicken enchiladas last night. Make them immediately. Yes, that is real, stinky blue cheese on top because the wonderful people at Wegmans cheese shop work with me to find a pasteurized version of whatever cheese I desire. If you are pregnant and a cheese lover, move near a Wegmans ASAP. Actually, just move near a Wegmans anyway and I promise your life will improve.

For dessert, we had brown butter caramel peanut butter cookies. I used Rolos instead of regular caramels to up the ante with some chocolate. I highly recommend this. I made brown butter chocolate chip cookies a while back, and was underwhelmed with the brown butter thing. I must have done it wrong or something because you can totally taste it in these cookies and it's amazing.

The only reason these are left is my decreased stomach space.




I feel this could be a polarizing topic. Are you for or against 50 Shades of Grey?


  1. Ugh. I read all of the Shades books and immediately regretted it. So, so stupid. And I can't even begin to consider going to the movie. I still haven't seen Divergent!

    1. I LEFT A COMMENT! I had to submit it three times, but it worked!

    2. Now that's two comments! (I'll let it go now. This could be never ending)

  2. I used the food processor to make a crust for quiche last night and it was awesome. I use it for everything. It's a real life improver.

    I've been baking lactation cookies lately. They are strangely not as gross as they sound. They are basically oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with a couple extra ingredients.

  3. 50 shades: Gag me. Haven't read it. Won't read it. But, I have a client who has jumped on the bandwagon by writing the most dreadful erotica ever that I am stuck editing. It's truly horrific. I'd almost rather be in a Japanese prison camp. Almost. Did they get any sushi or shumai dumplings or edamame?

  4. I have no desire to watch of read the 50 shades books.

  5. Seriously the food you blog about....just amazing. You should become a food cooking blog now. Maybe I'll start calling you one anyway. I see you must be on Pinterest a lot lately.

  6. my book club --we are like more of a wine club if that gives you an idea--chose 50 shades of grey, and i could only get through about 25% of it before I quit. I just found it so damn boring--i mean why would i read about s&m when I can just go have REAL fun with my husband? pshhh

  7. Here goes a bunch of randomly strung together comments: I usually like fiction, too, but maybe I'll give this 'Unbroken' a try! Those cookies look awesome! Thanks for posting my picture, now everyone knows what 'the girl who didn't know what breast pumps are' looks like :p Also, thanks for linking to our blog! I don't think anyone reads it, even half of the authors. But that's ok, because I'll continue to post for my own entertainment and if other people read it that's great too :) As for the food processor, graham cracker crust is a great choice. We also often make almond butter, and you can use it to chop vegetables for a sauce or a soup. Oh, and I guess to answer your question, I don't know if I'm for or against 50 shades because I haven't read it. Also, I have to submit comments multiple times to make them appear as well.

  8. Oh my god I am making those cookies this weekend. Or maybe even tonight.

    I honestly don't know very much about 50 Shades of Gray. My impression is that it's porny Twilight fanfic...right?

  9. I can't jump on the 50 Shades train either. I did watch the trailer but only because I knew it would fuel my hate, which it did. I'd rather watch porn. Not read it, because that's no fun.


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