Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Log your official prediction now

Thank you so much for all the awesome "help babies stay alive" reading suggestions! I can't believe how many people reached out to give suggestions, both in comments and on Facebook. It's SLIGHTLY less terrifying now that I know there's tons of people willing to help.

Sometimes I get really tired and unmotivated. This is far from a new development in my life, but now I have something to blame it on, and no one can argue with me.

On Saturday (edited to add: and Sunday), I originally intended to do things like move, or be a human, but that didn't work out. I just laid down and read various things: blogs, birth stories, my book, Facebook statuses, etc. My diet consisted of toast with jelly, cheese, and some chocolate. #fitpregnancy #eatingfortwo But Sunday I ate actual veggies, and almost no desserts. The sad part was I was too tired to carry out my genius plan of going to the store during Easter dinner time and get all sorts of discount Easter candy.

But one of the kinds of cheeses was havarti with dill, which is basically a vegetable. Plus, jelly = fruit.

This happened. A while ago. It was awkward. I hated it.

You know what else is a bad idea? Telling me I don't really need to eat for two. You don't really need to open your big fat mouth. I'm also not interested in how little weight you gained during your pregnancy. #rant

We toured some daycares over spring break. I would love to take care of my baby myself, at least for like the first year or so. But I'd also love a butler and a boat and a pretty outdoor tulip garden and chocolate not to have calories, but we don't always get what we want. It was a big relief to actually meet some people who might watch our kid, and see that they seem pretty cool with safe, clean centers. It was also weird being on the opposite end of things, after having other people entrusting me with their kid for the past 9 years.

ONE WEEK until we find out the sex. Here's what won't be happening:

  • Making a blue or pink cake
  • Releasing balloons
  • Pinatas with blue or pink confetti
  • Making blue or pink handprints on my belly (seriously, this was on pinterest under "gender reveal")

Actually, if you think gender reveal parties are dumb (no judgement, we just prefer to do things like Hunger Games parties or everyone comes dressed as a different holiday parties), look up "gender reveal" on pinterest so you can laugh.

Here's what will be happening:

  • You should ring in your guess now (I've felt 100% positive on boy since our 8 week ultrasound)
  • I'll chug water then try not to pee myself on the way to the ultrasound (the first part per instructions, the second part is my own preference)
  • We'll ask the tech to tell us and rejoice with "OMG A BOY" or "OMG A GIRL" if I'm wrong (unlikely)
  • We'll tell our families using outdated, pre-pinterest technology - calling or texting
  • We'll go to Target and each get to choose ONE cute gender specific outfit (we've been dying to buy clothes but are getting tons of hand-me-downs either way so we are enforcing this strict limit)
  • I'll probably post a picture of the final outfit choices on instagram, where if you really want to you can follow me under my incredible creative, unique username: http://instagram.com/alyssalindsey
Some old wives tales to consider when making your prediction (those in blue indicate boy, pink for girl):
  • No morning sickness
  • Hair/nails growing super fast
  • Acne 
  • Baby's heart rate above 140 bpm
  • Chinese lunar calendar prediction 
  • Ring test (dangling your wedding ring over your belly)
Here's something weird - I keep waking up starving but don't eat until mid-afternoon because everything I can think of to eat sounds repulsive. I was told that symptom, along with wanting to sleep for 23 hours a day, happened in the first trimester. But I was also told (promised, really, by multiple people) that pregnancy would clear up my skin, so obviously you can't believe everything you hear.

Boy or girl - what do you think?


What do people say to you that really irritates you and makes you want to slap them?


  1. I'm going with girl just because my skin was the worst it ever was during my pregnancies and both heart rates were above 140. I actually thought you'd have a boy until this post though.

  2. None of the old wives takes were really accurate for me, so it really was a surprise when they told us he's a boy.

    Right now, it's annoying when people feel the need to tell us all of their birth stories...thanks, not what I'm looking for.

    1. Oh, also, I'm team girl, but you already knew that.

  3. I'm going to say boy. I was certain by 6 weeks that C was a girl, so I put a lot of stock in mother's intuition.

  4. Boy, based on heart rate, ours were the opposite of what the heart rate would have predicted and that is what I am going with for you.

  5. Boy, based on heart rate, ours were the opposite of what the heart rate would have predicted and that is what I am going with for you.

  6. They also say stuff about heartburn. Apparently lots of heartburn is a girl?

    But then again, my wife had bad heartburn during both pregnancies, and we have a girl and a boy. So um, I'm not sure where i'm going with this thread.

    My guess is that you will have a midget ginger baby.

  7. I'm going with Team Girl. I have no idea why other than everyone else is saying boy and I wanted to rep the other option :)

  8. Girl, based on nothing at all. But there's a 50% chance I'm right anyway!

  9. I usually predict boy and am wrong, but I'm staying strong on this one. BOY. I have absolutely nothing to back up this prediction. I'm scientific like that.

  10. i'm getting a girl vibe but i put a lot of stock in a mother's intuition :)

  11. Little known fact, I am a baby sex whisperer. I've had about 90% accuracy with all my friends. With that said: Girl. And she's gonna be a super girly girl that likes gender reveal parties. Sorry. This is happening.

  12. I'm voting for girl....

    Most irritating thing recently? I ran before a conference and I saw a guy I work with. He mentioned it later and asked how far and how fast. Considering I had to run at 4am, it was neither...like 4 mi @ a 9min pace. He responded with "Oh you're not fast."

    WTF?? I was pretty furious...

  13. I think you're having a boy!
    Non-pregnancy related but I get super annoyed when people point out how red my face is or tell me I need to wear sunscreen because I'm sunburnt. Um, no... I just have a red complexion and am almost always red in the face. STFU already about it!

  14. I say boy. But I am NEVER right. Not even with my own kids.

  15. My skin was pristine when I was pregnant that was the only old wives tale that held true for me. My morning sickness/nausea was minimal, but I still had it. My theory on pregnancy cravings is that they aren't really cravings, it's that NOTHING sounds appetizing, so you really have to dig deep and think of all the things you've ever eaten to come up with something that seems edible, hence "cravings" for weird things like grape soda and asparagus.

  16. Girl. Only because as soon as I read you were pregnant I pictured an adorable biracial girl child,not sure why

  17. Haha I just wanted to say how much I am loving all your pregnancy posts - so extremely refreshing to be reading someone who is approaching things in such a normal, non-pintrest way! I predict it's a girl only because I am looking forward to reading your I was wrong post! I really hope you will be able to kept posting right up until you're due, reading your version of things is one of the few things making me think I might actually want to be pregnant one day too!

  18. I'm going with a girl.

    Good luck with no strangers touching your belly. I agree that it is super creepy and I'm looking forward to more stories about this.


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