Thursday, April 24, 2014

Random thoughts Thursday

1. Something that's really hard is getting back to waking up at 5am and spending the day at work. Over spring break, I got really used to sleeping until 9 and then reading in bed for two hours, before making the shift to the couch.

2. I haven't sucked at working out this week. Running has been my mortal enemy lately, so I decided to try an every other day approach (5 outdoor miles and 3.6 treadmill). Now it's more like that annoying acquaintance that's somehow infiltrated your group of friends. In between running days, I've done Jillian Michael's DVDs, with hand weights and everything. I also made one of her soup recipes for lunch this week. I like when I go into full on fangirl mode.

3. Apparently this movie is coming out this weekend.

Aside from finding Cameron Diaz incredible annoying, I won't be seeing it. The premise appears to be women fighting over Jaime Lannister, which is really stupid because he's made it abundantly clear he only has eyes for his sister. None of the women are even crazy giant amazons, so they don't stand a chance.

He also got his hand back, evidently.
There we go.

4. I will be seeing this movie, from the much preferred location of my couch. With my BFF and Indian takeout. I read the book years ago, but I remember nothing about it (other than I liked it), so it will be a surprise.

This girl is adopted? Holocaust? Something like that.

5. People are asking my preference on boy or girl. I know everyone thinks it's a cop out, but I swear I don't care, as long as I have a healthy baby.

It wasn't always this way. I desperately wanted a baby girl in my life, from the time my mom was pregnant with my sister, when I was 6, up until recently.
I don't have any recollection of who those other kids are so I blurred out their faces because I feel wrong posting pictures of kids I don't know even though they are both clearly adults now and incredibly unlikely to read my blog.

Anyway, I got my wish and had a sister, but I still wanted a girl of my own, up until this happened.

In case you're new, my nephew was born in August 2012.
Then I realized boys are pretty awesome too. I also got a little older, and a (very) little wiser, and really just want everything to be healthy and on track. I am pretty excited to have this feel a little more real once we know the sex though (for the record, I still feel boy).

Eric said it felt like enough time had passed and we should start buying stuff. I told him no, because so far friends have been really generous with hand me downs, and the two things I've bought I've since been gifted. He said he was concerned that he should be doing something and wanted to know what he could do to help prepare. I'm not sure why he thought that was a good idea to say to me. Once I was finally done with the long list of things he could get started on, he probably regretted his actions too, but it was too late.

It should have been included on this hilarious list that Carolyn sent me.

Do you prefer to see movies in the theater or at home? Home is far superior in terms of comfort, food, bathroom opportunities, and most importantly, lack of people (I checked like almost every box on that buzzfeed quiz about hating people). I also really only like seeing movies that I've already seen, or have read the book. I don't like "new experiences".


  1. Definitely at home....or on an airplane. I watched like 10 movies on all of my flights so I feel sufficiently caught up. The Book Thief was next on my list but alas, we landed. I mean, you're a captive audience on a plane and no one can bug you other than to bring you meals. Pretty glorious.

  2. Most movies are better at home, except for those super-fancy theaters with reclining chairs that bring you food. Then it's always those!

  3. Definitely home. When we moved here, we bought the big tv and Patrick rigged up surround sound speakers in our living room...I have no reason to leave. And I think that movie looks hysterical, but I like Cameron Diaz.

  4. Shoot, I think I missed the bus on voting. Put me down for girl!!

    Also, I prefer to watch movies at home but it exponentially increases the likelihood that I'll fall asleep.


  5. I've gotten into the habit of going to the movies in the middle of the day over summer vacation. They're pretty empty, so it's like the best of both worlds. You get the big screen and surround sound, plus only maybe ten other people in the whole place.

  6. If I can see movies at the little independent theater, then I'm fine with the theater (non-sticky floors, clean bathrooms). If not, then definitely from the comfort of home. Especially because then I can yell at the screen as needed depending on how much the director/writer screwed up the book-made-movie (I'm looking at you Peter Jackson). The Book Thief movie is really good though...even if it did make me cry multiple times.

  7. I'd love it if you did an entire post of pictures of you when you were a child. :)

    I love going to the movies, but these days it's a big decision like "can I hold out not peeing that long? Will I be able to stay awake?, etc."

  8. Haha thank you for posting that Buzzfeed list! When my husband and I get around to having kids, he would make every one of those mistakes. Now I can show him that list (when I am actually with child...) and save our marriage in advance :)


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