Monday, April 21, 2014

How I get rid of money

As always, spring break flew by way too fast, and tomorrow we go back to work. But I don't tend to be terribly productive or motivated when I'm left to my own devices, so maybe it's a good thing. Also, now every day is one step closer to finding out the sex of our baby and my due date, so I'm not too mad about time off flying by.

I did accomplish some goals. They are all different, yet all related to making sure that the money we have (spoiler alert: two teachers, not much) goes to other people so we don't have it bothering us in our bank account any more.

Some ways we plan to get rid of it:
  • Daycare
  • Other baby stuff (turns out they need like....a lot)
  • Maternity leave
  • Grad school
  • Other graduate courses - a really fun thing about teaching is that even though we don't make very much, we have to get a master's degree to keep our jobs (did you think I was doing it for the love of learning? HA) but then even beyond that, I have to take, and pay for, OTHER graduate level courses to stay employed. Fun, right? Good thing my kids are cute and sweet and our baby will be too (biracial - it's a given).
I dealt with this annoyance in my usual way: baking. We had a girl's dinner Wednesday night, so I made slutty brownies.

3 layers: Blondie, Oreos, brownie

You can't really see just how tall and gooey they are in the pictures


Here, you can see that you had to stretch your hand to its maximum capacity just to hold it.
Friday, Carolyn and I did a little day trip to DC to see the Cherry Blossoms. Despite the fact that numerous DC residents warned us that they were all gone, we were undeterred.

It's still fun to ask strangers to take really touristy pictures.
Logan recommended The Good Stuff eatery, so naturally we started there. A line out the door seemed to be a pretty good sign. Not only did they have delicious burgers, I ordered the small fry and they gave me a large by mistake. I wasn't mad.

That's a turkey burger on a wheat bun, so, healthy.
They also had a dipping bar, and one thing I really, really love is condiments. Most people don't realize this since I hate the most popular ones (ketchup, mayo, sour cream, ranch) but I'm devoted to ones that actually taste good.

DC is only an hour or so from Baltimore, but for some reason most people almost never travel from one city to the other. My friend Cheryl has lived there for 3+ years, but we hadn't seen each other since we were both back home in upstate NY. We were Starbucks baristas together for back in the good old college days.

Here we are in 2005, when she came to visit just after we moved to Baltimore.
2014 - looking just as youthful!

My new life goal is to return to his exact spot with our babies in 2015 and recreate this picture.

After our little trip, Eric and I hung out at home and watched What to Expect When You're Expecting. I highly recommend it, it's hilarious (although warning, it's also kind of terrifying if you're pregnant).

I brushed my teeth when the movie was over and came out to find this - apparently someone was inspired.

What you can't see is a spaghetti squash under the champagne bottle.
We had a pretty amazing Easter celebration. Eric went to work, and I defied the first rule of being alive and ate leftover pizza that some drunk customer at the bar had given Eric the previous night (he's a bartender). I also binge watched The Office, and I don't appreciate Netflix judging me and constantly asking "Are you still watching, you lazy fatty?" Screw you Netflix, I'll do as I please.

Running: I had great 5 mile outdoor runs Wednesday and Thursday, which turned out to be a huge tease. Friday I had the worst ever 3.5 mile treadmill run, and Saturday and Sunday got progressively worse and I BARELY made it through a two mile "run" Sunday. Probably my body just got too used to being excessively lazy and going back to work will help. Hopefully.

What's the number one way you hate to spend your money (outside of obvious answers like mortgage, car payment, taxes and other typical bills)?



  1. I hate spending money on things like stamps and toiletries. Such a waste.

  2. I hate spending money on filling up the propane tank for our gas fireplace. I mean, we already pay for heat and then we get this lovely three digit cherry on top every 2 months?

  3. I'm going to have to stop reading your blog during the Whole30. I am salivating.

    I hate spending money on necessary things I get no enjoyment out of - like paper towels, TP, cleaning supplies. We probably have to buy a new pool pump this spring, but at least I love our pool so that seems worthwhile to me.

  4. Car repairs, they should always work and stop being annoying and needing mundane maintenance and repairs.
    I HATE spending money on my hair...Brazilian Blowouts should NOT cost $300+ tip making them too far out of my middle class reach. BOOOOO! Now that I'm no longer shopping at Lululemon I might be able to afford one again =) Super awesome!

  5. I hate spending money on credit card payments for things I bought whenever and now can't even remember. Horrible, with interest!

  6. Aside from the usual, I hate handing over cash for groceries. It's always so expensive and it's my least fave chore!

  7. I'm hungry and now all I want to eat are some of those brownies. I hate spending money on bottled water when Allan could drink filtered water from the fridge for free.

  8. I hate spending money on things we need to replace. For instance, our leaky garden hose technically works. Yeah, it sprays you in the face while it's also watering the lawn but is that so bad?


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