Saturday, October 16, 2010

2 hours until my first MARATHON

I cannot believe that title is true! Here are some last minute thoughts as I have my coffee and banana toast. The event I have been training for/has taken over my life for the past 4 months is here! It seriously feels like a wedding - you put so much into one day. I have been picturing myself at the start line and the finish line on runs for months now, so I guess I finally get to find out what happens in between! I'm a little sad I didn't document the journey the way I intended, but what's done is done. I really expected to be a lot more nervous than I am. I truly feel as prepared as I could be, maybe I'll be laughing at that thought in a few hours but it's true right now! I am so glad I signed up for the running group and made the friends that I did. Accomplishing a life goal will be an amazing feeling, and having my family here to share it makes it perfect. I am so honored that so many people took time out of their busy lives to come stand outside downtown Baltimore for hours and hours just to see me run by a few times. I am truly so lucky. This day is what I gave up sleeping in Saturday mornings for. This day is why I ran double digit miles in nearly 100 degree temperatures. It's worth all the happy hours spent drinking water, early bedtimes, chafing marks, gross feet and stomachaches. It's almost time to leave, so this is my last post as a non marathoner! AHHH can't believe I am about to run 26.2 miles!!!

Feelings: Jittery, excited, emotional, nervous, disbelief
Motivation during running: homemade reese's cheesecake in the fridge, Mom's amazing mac and cheese in the fridge (we're a family that loves dairy), my medal, putting my 26.2 sticker on my car, bragging on facebook

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