Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Runner

Yesterday I kept bending my legs because I couldn't believe I ran a marathon just 4 days earlier! My legs felt totally normal! I could get up to my apartment on the third floor (no elevator) without even thinking about it. On Sunday when I was limping to the bathroom I thought it would be weeks before I'd see this day.

So I've read about 10 completely opposite opinions on post marathon recovery, varying from wait a whole month before running to don't wait more than 48 hours before running. Totally helpful. So basically, do what feels right to you. Since my legs felt great, I was ready to RUN. Other than my walk Sunday, I had done ZERO exercise since the marathon. This was pretty much the longest time in my adult life that I haven't worked out when I haven't been sick in bed. My BFF Hal Higdon says you are cleared for (EASY) running 4 days after your marathon, and at Happy Hour on Tuesday our marathon coach gave my friend and I the OK to meet for an easy, slow, short run Thursday morning. It felt so good to lay out my running clothes Wednesday night, like I was finally returning to normalcy! It's possible I have even been fantasizing about running the way I normally do about chocolate cake....but that's unconfirmed.

Considering less than a month ago I was banging out a 20 Miler and sprinting to the end, 3 miles was no big deal in my mind. Well, now I have a new appreciation for what Eric went through at his 5K. I had to ask my friend Lily to stop and walk when we got to a mile. My right hamstring was super tight and the rest of my legs just felt stiff and heavy. Wow - a little defeating. Luckily our coach had warned us this run would hurt, and so did the 20 million articles I read. I'm glad I got back on the horse but I might focus on some cross training until I really get back to running, although I do want to go for a short one in Ohio this weekend.

In other news, I ran UNPLUGGED! No Garmin! For those that run with me, they know I have a serious garmin addiction and will run around the parking lot while they are all stretching until the garmin says I have done the planned mileage for that day! But, I left it at home (not that this means much since I have all the mileage for the routes in my neighborhood memorized anyway). But I'm still proud!

Today's plan - 65 first graders, 3 teachers, and a pumpkin farm. Fingers crossed I survive. I apparently have to pay (teachers having to pay is unheard of!) so I better get my $6 worth of pumpkins and veggies.

Dear Running,

I miss you, but I'll be back soon! Be ready for 26.2 in the spring!


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